#54 – Road Signs


32 thoughts on “#54 – Road Signs”

  1. Otacon says:

    Yet again staying within the vehicle ^_^

  2. Chryssta says:

    Ok, I give, what sign is that shape?

    1. Skunkape says:

      no i think that was a ‘keep all body parts inside the vehicle at all times’ sign. LOL

  3. Calthin says:

    Apparently, he failed to do what the sign said…

  4. JoeSchmoe says:

    The yield sign isn’t that shape… that is the crosswalk sign. Yield is an actual triangle. Crosswalks are pentagular. That, my friends, is a pentagon.

  5. Warcrime says:

    Looks more like someone put a home plate on a post just for him to do that, see if he could read it, hehe.

  6. Jinuku says:

    Either that’s a very small sign of Biff has one massive head.

  7. mic says:

    Why didn’t he use his glasses?

  8. Kiche says:

    Because the shards from the coffee mug he smashed into his face scratched them beyond repair.

  9. colin says:

    crosswalk sign UPSIDE-DOWN

  10. zantarath says:

    That is a good piece of wisdom.

  11. The Hebrew Hammer says:

    I thought his car was invisible.

  12. Dark Pheonix XIII says:

    His car is only invisible on the outside.

  13. fruglemonkey says:

    Very nice, the pentagon/triangle has an enlarged version of itself around biff.

    Impression on shirt/seatbelt is the bottom, and there is, for some reason, a line above him. Also, the triangle shape is cut off, so the border finishes it into the pentagon.

    Very nice.

  14. DemonRex says:

    Huh. It almost looks like it’s still stuck on there.

  15. TomCC says:

    i think it is the yield sight, but even Biff’s face isnt big enuf to actually fit in the upper corners.

  16. werdo66 says:

    anyway, it still hurts.

  17. Malachite Dragon says:

    *sticks head out of car*

  18. Zod says:

    Maybe the signs invisible too…

  19. Viccica says:

    JoeSchmoe, Chris says it’s Yield. And what Chris says goes.


  20. Chuck says:

    Signs signs, everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.

  21. robert says:

    I thought it was panties at first…

  22. Elkian says:

    Warcrime – does that mean he got a home run?

  23. Elkian says:

    Actually, Biff and his car are part of a larger triangle, if you count the back window on the lines on his shirt.

  24. EMC says:

    perhaps he needs glasses?

  25. Moriarty Matherson says:

    I thought it was a Give Way sign, the top corners of the upside down triangle was too big for his head…

  26. steve-o says:

    It looks kinda like Biff has stubble.

  27. Deteramot says:

    Y’know, you would think he’d learned not to stick appendages out the window when he got pulled out of the bus….

  28. faeriian says:

    mic he didnt use his glasses cuss he drank em after he slammed the coffee mug in his eyes (43)

  29. ArthurHusky says:

    @ Kiche XD That is all.

  30. Nobody says:

    What does this sign say? *SMACK*

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