#532 – Hypnotic

When I am really tired, there are some things that my brain just can’t handle. Anything with math or creativity just drops away. I can do manual labor tasks such as putting away the laundry but I sure can’t do my taxes. I can ink a comic that is already drawn but I can’t think of a new one to draw. I especially can’t think of a new comic if I lay down on the couch to clear my head. Suddenly it’s the next day and I have to go to work again. 🙂


46 thoughts on “#532 – Hypnotic”

  1. 3davideo says:

    Yep, it’s “doing things that make it worse” week.

  2. Torg says:

    Looks like “Making It Worse” Week, but that might as well be Biff Week.

  3. LazerWulf says:

    When I can’t sleep, I don’t count anything specific, I just count as high as I can… in Japanese.

    Ichi… ni… san… yon… go… roku… nana… hachi… kyu… jyu… zzz…

  4. trevor says:

    And that’s how biff has hired as orange counter. Biff wasn’t sure what the point of the job was or if orange counter was a fitting name. But biff was glad he got paid for a job where he can eat to make things go faster.

  5. Chris says:

    My partner is like that, he can sleep anywhere anytime. I’ve seen him fall asleep typing on his keyboard. He’s proud of the fact that he could fall asleep while writing on the blackboard during high school, crazy.

  6. SEA says:

    Tired? I just don’t focus on anything anymore.

  7. Graeme says:

    Totally called it yesterday!

    Gloating aside, I’m quite enjoying this week’s theme. I’m amazed that after 500 comics, Chris is still keeping it fresh and original. Keep it up, man!

  8. Pieman says:

    That looks so comfy…

    I wish I could sleep that well.

  9. trevor says:

    Did biff actually climb into the the oranges, and then go to sleep? I doubt you could fall asleep in that position involuntarily.

  10. DracoZereul says:

    I’m a lot like that, but in some ways more than others. For some reason, when the lights are off, the music’s playing (I listen to the radio to help fall asleep; don’t ask) and I’m under the covers with my head on the pillow, I could be dead tired, but my mind will still play through the events of the day and psuedo-plan the next day out. I’ve even debated controversial subjects right before bed. Unfortunately, I never come to a conclusion in my arguements; they’re always suddenly interrupted by the alarm

  11. I bet the position Biff’s in is because we stretched over the counter to count the oranges in the back.

  12. Chris says:

    I’m enjoying seeing all of the avatars next to the comments now. 🙂

  13. Bob says:

    Just found this comic today and already read them all from the start.
    Love your work and will definitely keep reading :>

  14. jeremy says:

    It’s like when you put your whole hand in those barrels of seeds, and wish there was a giant tub of them you could crawl into. This is completely normal.

    Next cartoon: Biffjuice

  15. Chris says:

    @Bob – Thanks for reading!

  16. Sepezz says:

    I know that feeling – Even 2 minutes ago I just stared at the screen with blank page on the browser and just thought something that i can’t remember now
    Very hypnotic feeling

    (Just came from work = TIRED)

  17. lost260 says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list, but still in response to LazerWulf, the numbers you used are what you say when you are counting something. Why not just count the numbers themselves? With Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Roku, Shichi, Hachi, Kyu, Jyu.

  18. Jackson says:

    Man, those oranges are worse than sheep.

    I too lose certain basic functionalities when I’m tired. For me, I’m more likely to make typos and transposition errors. The problem is, when I’m tired, I forget that tiredness makes me more error-prone! I’ll go back and read over something I wrote or transcribed or whatever, and marvel that I didn’t catch such blatant mistakes. Fact is, I didn’t catch them because I was running on four hours of sleep…

  19. Flashback says:

    Funny comic, but I still don’t get the Orange Juice/Yeast/Bagels one. 🙁

  20. fwtrump says:

    I wish I could sleep that easily… There are times where I can’t fall asleep till 2 or 3 am…

  21. Fwtrump says:

    Odd… My Avatar thing didn’t work…..

  22. 3davideo says:

    Yours does, but mine does not. Odd.

  23. Shanchan says:

    Awww, he’s so cute!

  24. starseedjenny says:

    He really is just soooooo adorable in this one.

    People who are so tired they just pass out = ♥

    I have no choice. I now forever have to think of Biff as some kind of tiny, voiceless, subhuman pet I keep in a little glass case.
    It means he’s all mine =)
    SO cute

  25. starseedjenny says:

    I mean…
    Biff is INVINCIBLE. He gets cut in half, burned, invents fantastical devices all day. Then you see something like this and he’s so exhausted that he falls asleep curled up in a pile of oranges. It’s like human vulnerability all packaged up in a little frame for me to look at on my monitor.
    I’ve officially overanalyzed and romanticized Biff.
    I guess that probably means I need to get out more.

  26. trevor says:

    Starseedjenny…I really hope your female, otherwise i’d be very creeped out.
    Even still, I’m a bit creeped out though.
    Also, there a green orange in there?

  27. starseedjenny says:

    yeah, yeah, I’m a girl.
    I’m not usually this weird, pinky promise. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.

  28. Nobrain says:

    Jeez, when I go to bed I end up thinking of how I could’ve done things differently and then think about different possible plot lines and events for my stories, so it takes me forever to sleep, but biff can even sleep at the store!

    Also… ya, it looks a green orange is in there, but wouldn’t that be just called a green =P corny I know =

    Have you already done “literal” week (meaning things taken literally, I’ve had a comic stuck in my mind forever)

  29. Zaffa says:

    I’ve always wanted to do that…

  30. Reynard says:

    …Or, “Oranges: Nature’s Comfort Food.”

  31. starseedjenny says:

    I see four greens, not just one.

    =D I win!

  32. Heinrich says:

    @fwtrump (& everyone who doesn’t have a gravatar) – apparently it takes a little while for the gravatars to work after you’ve posted them.

    oh and i can fall asleep just about anywhere if i really want to. i’ve slept in a gravel parking lot before. and in the bed of a pick up truck.

  33. starseedjenny says:

    And of course immediately after I claim there are four I find an additional green!

    Five! Five green oranges! Ah-ah-ah-ah!

  34. 3davideo says:

    Well, I counted six.

  35. Chris says:

    Almost as fun as counting graham crackers!

  36. MaskedMan says:

    I’m not good at fine detail repetitive tasks – It looks like Biff lasted longer than I would’ve.

  37. court says:

    it looks like there’s alot of tiny, grape sized oranges in that pile. ha. LOVE YOUR COMICS AS ALWAYS

  38. QwertySanchez says:

    when I’m really sleepy at work. The serial numbers on people’s accounts starts to look like words and I try to read them….

  39. Torg says:

    I can’t get my picture to show up. Do I need to post under my Gravatar account name?

  40. Haywire says:

    That looks comfortable. And hey, you get frsh-squeezed orange juice when you wake up!

  41. Amake says:

    Biff often swims in orange juice, even sleeps in it sometimes I recall. That must be superbly comforting for him.

  42. Radical Edward says:

    I can’t watch anime when I’m getting tired. Especially if there is a long storyline attached to it.

    So I watch Powerpuff Girls.

  43. Froggy says:

    Biff looks adorable curled up in the oranges.

  44. Kyle says:

    Funny referance to the gram chracher on the wall

  45. YukiSnowflake says:

    haha, that looks REALLY COMFY!
    I want a big bathtub full of oranges for a bed…
    to bad i dont like ornages…
    would lemons work?

  46. SurveySays says:

    at least it wasnt the bananas…?

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