#456 – Bother

Sometimes I think the hardest part of my day job is the constant interruptions. The phone calls and emails are easy to ignore when needed. But people like to just walk into my cubicle and sit next to me. It takes awhile to get back in the groove of a project when interrupted like that. Maybe I need to get a less comfortable guest chair.


40 thoughts on “#456 – Bother”

  1. Erik says:

    Oh no, did he install crocodiles as well?

  2. Schulzy says:

    That moat is like Windows XP. That moat with crocodiles is like windows Vista. I hope he didn’t install Vist…I mean, crocodiles.

  3. SEA says:

    Piranha would work finely as well =p

    1. fatemaster1 says:

      Only if you remember to install the razor blade traps as well pihrannas are much like sharks in that regard, they will only attack you if you’re bleeding.

  4. Sleepingorange says:

    Or just remove said chair entirely.

  5. pieman says:

    i’d be surprised if biff hasn’t put an electric charge through it.

  6. nic says:

    i suggest embedding needles in the chair

  7. Bobs says:

    I second pieman’s suggestion. The removal of the guest chair would mean that the guest would have to stand. The longer he stays, the longer he stands. Not very comfortable if you ask me.

  8. Dave says:

    That moat is nowhere NEAR big enough.

    And it definitely needs crocodiles.

  9. Micah says:

    I’m kind of wanting to know why Biff needs a moat.

    Also…I’m guessing the theme for this week is Biff’s job.

  10. Gobbledegook says:

    Good lord, I could use one of those at my job!
    I like Pieman’s idea, but Biff should add electrtic eels for better effect.
    Same effect, more creepy.

  11. Joe says:

    You could just leave stuff stacked in the chair, like a briefcase or something. Then when someone comes in and you want to talk to them, you say “excuse me let me move that for you” and if you don’t, then…

  12. GK says:

    Another good way to get people to leave you alone is to be random and weird. They often just smile and nod when I’m around.

  13. MaskedMan says:


    It’s Business Efficiency week! Fast travel, keeping annoying cow-orkers at bay…

    I could use that moat…

  14. Arctic_fox says:

    you could always attach a biff invention to your guest chair someone sits down and it eather A. launches them out of your cubical or B. an rather large hammer swings down from the roof and kicks then out of the building

  15. PsychoDuck says:

    I need one of these around my PC. Not to keep people out, but to help me concentrate!

    And fill it with sharks with laser beams mounted on their heads πŸ™‚

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  16. kenshin620 says:

    so I guess it should be inferred that Biff works on the ground floor…

  17. Seraphine says:

    I’d like to have a dummy desk and
    a body double. Then I can get a
    paycheck, and not even be here.

  18. Reg says:

    Hmm, I wonder if Biff’s other co-workers will get jealous and have their own moats!

  19. Chivalrybean says:

    Get a chair like Biff’s As Seen On TV Pillow.

  20. Eric says:

    By cubicle you mean lush, posh office right? I can’t imagine a cubicle having much space for two chairs.

  21. Adam222 says:

    # kenshin620 Says:

    so I guess it should be inferred that Biff works on the ground floor…

    You have no clearance to make such an inferrence! It has been shown that biff is crazy enough to fill the entire lower floor with water.

  22. Chris says:

    @Adam222 – Nice!

  23. Dr-Pie says:

    I think I see what the theme for this week will be πŸ˜€

    Medieval FTW!

  24. Simon says:

    I’d just go swimming if I had a moat.
    Then again, at the university my moat would probably be filled with female psychology students in their bathing suits. (Psychology students are mostly female.)

  25. Simon says:

    Did I mention that I LOVE studying psychology?

  26. Reynard says:

    Simple solution: Saw two inches off of the front legs of the “guest” chair. I *guarantee* that people won’t bother you after a few sessions in your cubicle…

  27. saundra says:

    The theme this week is office week or something like that right?

  28. Hyshinara says:

    try the Vista Chair Tim Buckley draw in Ctrl+Alt+Del hehe πŸ˜›

    oh, they won’t visit you anymore, mark my words πŸ˜›

  29. bAT L. says:

    I like the fact that Biff’s computer does not appear to be plugged into anything, unless it’s all under the table. Sure, he keeps visitors away, and if he could get work done he’d be making great efficiency!

  30. Some days, I need that…

  31. Reg says:

    When Biff’s not throwing pencils into the ceiling, he’s making a moat around his desk…

  32. Psymon says:

    Trivia bit: As moats were used for the medieval castle’s sewage system, I think large, carnivorous reptiles would be unnecessary to keep out most intruders.

    If not for the thought that the nearby villages would have similar lack of sanitation measures, the moat would probably keep me a good 1/4 mile (is that .4 km?) away from the castle. (darn my sometimes-hypersensitive sense of smell.) The moat is an inside-out outhouse! >_< Now what do we use for disinfectant/deodorizer? The fumes are affecting my ability to think clearly (@.@)

  33. Torg says:

    Judging from the image you just gave me of a moat, all you need to do for a deodorizer is burn incenses…or maybe hair…

  34. ///.o Emo Ferret says:

    Or maybe remove the guest chair. ///.o

  35. marr965 says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I looked at that and thought “Oh my god, Biff’s actually had a good idea.” Chris, you have failed us! πŸ™

  36. maxsteele2 says:

    “Oh hey Biff, I noticed you didn’t use the new cover sheets for the TPS reports…”

  37. Raven Gold says:

    This is something I need to look into…

  38. BrainpanSonata says:

    Piranha? Electric eels? They both sound nice but my moat would be stocked with hagfish. Mainly because anyone who fell into the moat would not only end up wet, but also covered in slime. At it’d take was one, then nobody’d come near me again.

  39. Marscaleb says:

    Oh… My… Hell…


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