#444 – Hazy

Have you ever watched a movie that you used to love as a kid and then realized that it was really bad? What is the biggest disappointment you have had where reality didn’t measure up to your memory?


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  1. Khalid says:

    Pokemons.. I thought the show was great.. It wasn’t

  2. Tsuteto says:

    I remember Samurai Pizza Cats. That show was awesome, yet if I remember things correctly, it really wasn’t that awesome. I still want to see it though XP


  3. TwitchyHug says:

    That has happened to me so many times, trying to play on monkeybars only to find that I’m too big. It doesn’t help having two primary schools (and their myriad playgrounds) in walking distance of my house, just to rub it in that I can’t play there anymore.

  4. bizzybody says:

    Cool. The way this is drawn, it’s like one of those Escher eye-teasers that are something impossible.

    Look how Biff’s feet aren’t in line between the end supports of the monkey bars. He’d have to be really tall and leaning way back to have his feet where they are. 🙂

  5. LazerWulf says:

    I seem to remember that going to the beach was an exciting adventure when I was younger, but nowadays, the prospect doesn’t seem too inviting to me.

  6. Kitsunie says:

    Power Rangers. And Dragon Ball Z. And YuGiOh.

    And Neopets.

  7. Imaginary says:

    Disney movies… Every new piece of information on the behind the scenes stuff or things that were really going around big when I was to young to understand or not yet around at all… It makes me die a little inside to think that disney could warp some stories so horridly… Learning the real ending to the little mermaid through Fairytale Theater was not a pleasant way to learn I’d been lied to…

  8. Fred says:

    Hey I have monkey bars in my garden
    And it’s exactly as with Biff XD

  9. Mark says:

    Speed Racer. Watching it as a kid in the seventies, it was hands down the coolest possible cartoon. Now, many old TV shows are available on DVD. Remembering Speed Racer to be action packed like 24, Speed Racer heroic like Indiana Jones and Racer X more sinister than the Dark Night Batman I bought a two volume set and watched.

    I was literally shocked by the experience. The animation wasn’t simply bad, it interfered somewhat with making out what was happening. The plots were simple and formulaic and the characters were flat. What I actually struggled with was how I could have strongly remembered it to be so excellent and deep.

    On the other hand, the original Wild Wild West series from the sixties holds up great today, but I was a little older when I saw it in syndication than I was for Speed Racer.

  10. Taz says:

    Ah, monkey bars…

    They need to invent playgrounds that grow with age. That would be great.

  11. MOD says:

    @ Kitsunie

    i used to love the same things! now me and my friends just laugh at how stupid power rangers is now.
    since when to people blow up when hit with a sword?

    but anyway, neopets isnt that old for me. it was only…..4 years ago i think when i discovered it 🙂 im actually younger than most of you probably think 😛

    go on, guess my age 😛 i dare you

  12. trueblaze says:

    Let’s see: Dragon Ball Z, Captain Planet, the Ninja Turtle’s cartoon, Transformers, and a whole list of other cartoons I used to watch as a kid are like that. They were good back when I was a mindless kid, but nowadays they just plane suck. Oddly enough, if there’s nothing good on I’ll still watch Power Rangers but that’s mainly for background noise while on the computer.

  13. Shadow Rose says:

    The Dark Crystal. That movie was so freakin awesome when I was a kid. Now?? Have you LISTENED to the dialect?!?! (*shudder*) LOL

  14. ghostmaiden says:

    Is Captain Planet even on anymore? I never went on the monkey bars. I was scared of heights. I still am.

  15. theonlyjohnson says:

    WILLOW…you know what…no. I still love that movie. That and Flight of the Navigator. I still like Thundercats too, but some of the messages portrayed are things I would never tell my kids.

  16. dan j says:

    spagettios… i went from age 5 or 6 until 18 not ever having them. my memories of them were amazing. then i actually bought and ate a can. it was aweful.

  17. Nick Steele says:

    bizzybody’s right! This drawing’s like one of those pictures that are secretly from another dimension, and turn your brain into lumpy cottage cheese if you look at them for too long!

  18. Bobs says:

    @dan j:
    Actually, the factory changed the sauce they put on all of thier things, even the ravaolis, they used to rock, now they suck, and make me sick. ill never buy a can again.

  19. Mike says:

    I loved the John Carter of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs when I was a kid, but I recently went back and reread A Princess of Mars and was amazed by how badly written it really is. However, in spite of that, I still have fond memories of them and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

  20. Amy says:

    I used to love the Ewok movies. I loved them as much as the Star Wars movies, if not a bit more. My siblings and I would build star cruisers out of cushions and imitate Wicket. Then about 10 years went by where I hardly thought about them. They popped up on an internet quiz, and all my fond memories came back. I hyped them to my friends and excitedly brought them out for a birthday party. Sadly, they were really dated, and childish, and episodic (a bad thing for a movie). *sigh* For that reason, I now hesitate to rewatch any old favorites.

  21. PlutoBum says:

    there are 3 movies i used to love…thorougly modern milly, land before time (the first one not the million sequels they’ve made), and start the revolution without me. i watched them recently and wondered at my sense lol

  22. Jackson says:

    Solution: adult-size monkey bars.

  23. Simon says:

    I loved Bob Morane (Franco-Canadian Bondstyle cartoon) as a kid. I still love it, but I can’t take it as serious anymore because … because it’s really bad.

  24. YeahYeah says:

    The Mighty Ducks. I remember thinking how awesome those movies were when I first saw them. Then, I remember one night after a hockey game in college, my roommate and I forced everyone to stay up really late to watch all 3 in a row (we might have had a few drinks).

    I remember noticing that a lot of the footage in the movies was actually recycled, and realizing that half these kids probably couldn’t really even skate. In a way, it was a bit of a disappointment to realize that what I thought was awesome was really totally mediocre. I now feel for the parents who have to sit through those movies with their kids.

    Goonies still rocks like new socks though.

  25. Chris says:

    Dang, bizzy is right. I totally messed that up! It looks kinda cool though… yeah… I meant to do that! 😉

  26. MaskedMan says:

    The Flintstones. Just a cheap knock-off of The Honeymooners, only animated. Come to think of it, the *real* Honeymooners didn’t stand the test of time too well, either.

    Pretty much *everything * that Hanna-Barbera ever put out.

    And don’t even get me started on Gilligan’s Island.

  27. Megatron says:

    A lot of things I use to love when I was younger are not as cool as they use to be…The Surprise Inside, When it was ok to rip open a billion ceral boxes for a piece of plastic that could kill…Or going to the movies, if it had explosives and people dying for no reason I was there, but now I need stories to make a little sense…Then theres Sneakers…My god I won’t even describe how sad that made me…I guess thats it then

  28. AJ says:

    I’m at my full height and I still don’t have a problem with kid’s monkey bars…it kind of sucks.
    Archie comics really disappoint me now. I hadn’t read any in ages and when I did, it turned out it was just lame jokes and badly written plots surrounded by stereotypical and overexaggerated characters.

  29. Graceofbass says:

    Hey Mike, I totally read those too! Although I was in college when I read them… mostly because I loved the impossible but kinda cool action sequences. For me, the Dark Crystal was a little bit of a letdown, although I still lurv Fizgig (the furry guy with the massive mouth). I think that muppets are waaaay better than any kind of digital imaging.

  30. David says:

    The only thing I ever went back to from my childhood was Voltron, and you know what? It’s still the best animated show in the world.

  31. John Gardner says:

    A huge letdown for me was a movie with John Candy called THE LAST POLKA. HBO made it in the 80’s, where John Candy and Eugene Levy reprised their role as “The Shmenge Brothers” from Second City. I remembered falling off the couch laughing during their tour sequence, when I saw their crew invoking an old show business tradition of cancelling a show when there are more people on the stage than in the audience.

    About 20 years later my wife and I saw a copy on E-bay, and we picked it up for way too much… and we watched it… and put it back and haven’t watched it since.

  32. tom says:

    I used to love the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I mean we all know the last two Turtles movies sucked (Vanilla Ice? Really?) But I thought I remembered that the first one still rocked. Yeah…no. I still love Willow even though it’s a lot more uneven then I remembered.
    Oh and The Muppets Take Manhattan. I love the Muppets more than just about anything but I rewatched that movie a couple of weeks ago and it was a complete letdown- give me The Muppet Movie anyday. I’ve still never seen The Dark Crystal- is it really that bad?

  33. kenshin620 says:

    power rangerts, definitly.

    I saw the original japanese version and thought it was better.

  34. Sciuridae says:

    I’m with YeahYeah: The Goonies still is an awesome movie and I still watch it again and again

  35. Brian says:

    The Real Ghostbusters, I used to love that cartoon but it does not hold up. Contrast with Scooby Doo, old eps of which are still awesome.

    Complete opposite phenomenon: The movie “The Monster Squad” is now better than it was when I was young. I think it may be Oscar worthy by the time I’m old enough to retire.

  36. Jacob says:

    Definately the Thundercats. I loved that show as a kid but I’ve watched it recently and it is HORRIBLE. Not only are the dialogue and stories written badly, half the time the actors sound like they’re reading the script for the first time….and they can barely read. “You’ve……got…..to….stop….Mum….Ra……Lion….O”
    However, if you can find them, the THundercats outtakes are still frickin hysterical. Hearing Lion-O and Mum-Ra curse gets me every time.

  37. MagicParakeet says:

    The Super Mario Bros. movie. As a kid I thought that was cool but we all know that is was terrible. A shame to the name.

  38. Lord451 says:

    I’d have to go with the original Transformers series. The old cartoon movie is still pretty cool, but the series was just terrible.

  39. Chris says:

    two words: Red. Dawn.

  40. Devi says:

    DEFINITELY the Felix the Cat movie…the original shows (even the one from the 80’s) are still classic to me, but i recently rewatched the movie from 1990 which i remember falling in love with (i was like, 4 when i saw it), and i could not get over how crappy/INSANELY TRIPPY it was. i think if i ever do watch it again or make my friends watch it, we’ll have to get seriously stoned…thats the kind of movie that would only make sense with a crapload of marijuana.

  41. Seraphine says:

    erectile dysfunction?

  42. SGrahambo says:

    “Erectile dysfunction”? ha ha! I suppose we all had that as a kid (us males at least) and didn’t care a wit.
    But one thing that comes to mind for me would be large cardboard boxes. I would have a blast with just an apple box and a refrigerator box would be like Christmas all over again. Oh, and that’s another thing. Christmas. The most wonderful and exciting time of the year as a kid, and a whole lot of trouble and bother when you’re older.

  43. kiwi dragon says:

    I love bologna when i was 5, but know it tasye like salty gel. I used to eat chef boyardi but know its like eating ketchup and processed noodles

  44. DJ says:

    Wow, I remember watching most of these shows and movies as a kid. It’s kinda funny/sad because I’m only 18, most of these were twice, if not 3 times my age when I watched them. Let’s see, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Yugioh, Speed Racer, Captain Planet, The Flintsones, The Jetsons, Johnny Quest, Scooby Doo(the old stuff, and even a Pup Named Scooby, but nothing after), Talespin, Chip & Dale(Rescue Rangers), Bonkers, Jackie Chan Adventures, Sonic(all series lol), Megaman, Pinky & The Brain, The Maniacs, Dexter’s Lab, Smurfs, Muppets, Sesame Street, Arthur, Zoom!, Cyberchase, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, and Loony Tunes.

    I was smart enough to avoid Power Rangers Tho, it always looked like stop motion photograhy slideshows. It was funny when I got older and read the original mangas for the animes, I saw just how much television had convoluted/cleaned up my favorite characters. The DB manga had stuff that would have gotten the show kicked off the air. Thankfully, I also watched a lot of TV land, so my cheezy Tv diet was well balanced with Bonanza, Get Smart!(still rocks), Charlie’s Angel’s(you all know why), Andy Griffith, Happy Days, I love Lucy, The Honeymooners(You could see the Flintstones ripping them off, but I didn’t care), A-team(I still love it), Mission Impossible, Lost in Space, The Munsters, The Adams Family, Dick Van Dyke, the Beverly Hillbillies, The three Stooges(every new years to this day on amc) and Leave it to Beaver.

    Thankfully I was one of those kids who spent most of his time outside playing with real people, so since I can’t relive those memories, they’ll always stay idyllic and beautiful. But I guess it doesn’t really matter whether or not the shows or experiences live up to your memory, what matters is that at the time you enjoyed it for what it was, and you’ll always hold those memories in your heart.

    Sry for the long post, it’s the memories man, the memories. Peace!

  45. fluffy says:

    Bakshi’s “Wizards.”

  46. Lekonua says:

    Definitely Dragon Ball Z. I watched that show every day when I was…6…and it was the most unbelievably awesome thing ever.

    Now I see how lame and repetitive it was. Bad guy appears, beats the good guys, good guys get stronger, beat the bad guy, bad guy turns into super form, Goku pwns him with a Spirit Bomb. Every. Single. Story arc.

    Dragon Ball was, and still is great though.

  47. Gobbledegook says:

    I once chipped a tooth on the monkey bars in second grade. No matter what they do in cartoons, it’s very hard to jump through a narrow space.

  48. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Lekonua:

    Same here, word for word.

    A lot of my favourite shows from childhood are still good, but the new episodes of some of them are crap. For example, any Thomas the Tank Engine episode narrated by Ringo Star or George Carlin is still pure gold, but the new ones with Alec Baldwin are total crap.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  49. Gobbledegook says:

    P.S. – In answer to Chris’ question: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whenever that show came on I reacted like a crackhead that just found a $20 bill.

  50. R.A. says:

    Wow. You know, before we’re done with this, I think we’ll have every single TV show or movie that we could have possibly seen as children covered.

    Personally, my most glaring disappointment was the second Never Ending Story movie. I was really little when it came out, and for a while I was in love with both Never Ending Story movies. I never saw the third one, though I couldn’t have been any older than five or six when it came out. Then, not too long ago, I went back and watched both again. The first one is still pretty cool. But the second? Man was I disappointed.

    There’s also this park near me that I loved as a kid, and thought it was absolutely huge and just awesome to run around in and explore. Last year a friend had her graduation party in one of the shelters in the park, so I got a chance to walk around in it again and I was so disappointed at how small the place seemed.

  51. Trevor says:

    I was pretty darn excited when I got a 9v cord so I could play my snes again, but when I loaded up mario kart, bleh. Cpus use their own items whenever they want, green shells don’t hit anything even if they touch someone (seriously? Luigi can jump over them?) and the tracks aren’t too good.

  52. Johel says:

    Old T.v. shows I used to think were unequaled. This was only a few of them though, and even those are better than the trash called Saturday morning cartoons these days.

  53. Kitsunie says:

    Pinky and the Brain was actually BETTER than I remembered it being, which was awesome.

    Tang was dissapointing,

    I still love Bill Nye the Science Guy! 8D He’s my hero.

    Tamagotchi and Furbies are saddening. Also scooters, though I don’t know that those were ever popular outside of my city.

    And the macarena and also the band Aqua.

  54. Alex says:

    One of my disappointments was Metal Gear Solid 1 when I first played after 5-6 years since I last played it, I remember the graphics being so good…

  55. Rocketeer says:

    Me and my friends the other day watched Space Jam. We all remember watching it..what, 10 years ago? And we remembered how awesome it was. Too bad it wasn’t. I died on the inside. And then we played Pokemon Snap….man, I can’t believe how much i played that as a kid…

  56. YeahYeah says:

    I think it’s funny to bring up video games, because even though I own a computer that could power a small city AND a PS3, I still think for my video game money it doesn’t get any better than MarioKart 64. Hands down the best video game ever made and here is why: EVERYONE loves it. Never has the question “Hey, you wanna hit up some ‘Kart” been answered with a negative.

    Also, as much as I try to deny its existence, there is such a thing as The Sandlot 2. To this day, The Sandlot is my all-time favorite movie and it is always a guaranteed 90 minutes of happiness, but imagine my disappointment when I saw it’s “sequel”. My stomach churns even acknowledging it.

  57. Reina Sweet says:

    I still have a NES in the main room hooked to a 40 inch TV. I also believe the SNES gets the most attention here (connected to the same TV). In fact, I recently did a 12 hour gaming spree going through Chrono Trigger again.
    Just can’t beat those older classics…
    And I would love to get a hold of an atari again with River Raid.

    Actual disappointments from going back… Wolfenstein 3D.
    Rereading the The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.
    The Super Mario Bros. Cartoon series.
    The 2nd Aladdin Movie. (I question how I ever liked it…)
    Rugrats. Unless the new rugrats are just horrible in comparison. They are disheartening to watch.

  58. Aridane says:

    I distinctly remember getting an SNES for my 13th birthday, it was one of the ones that came with Legend of Zelda in the box.
    We hooked it up right away and I can vividly remember my whole family gathered around the TV watching the intro to Legend of Zelda with mouths agape. We were so amazed at the graphics, we were just completely blown away.
    Legend of Zelda for SNES is still frigging awesome to play, but the graphics…they aren’t so amazing anymore. It is sort of bittersweet, looking back at how relatively easy it was to amaze us with 16-bit graphics. Nowadays the graphics can be almost a little too perfect, you know?

    Thanks for the memories!

  59. speearr says:

    Well, at least he’s not stuck!!!

  60. StrplingWarror says:

    I’m right with Mark. Speed Racer… I asked for the first two season on DVD for my last birthday, and I couldn’t wait to get them (This was after not seeing it for years). Then when I did get them, I ran to the TV, threw it in, and within 5 mins, was utterly disappointed. But oh well, now I just keep them as collectors items.

    And then I thought they might redeem my disapointment with the upcoming movie. I saw some clips… I have to say, not to exicted. But I’ll give it chance, maybe I’ll like it. I can’t let a good memory die.

  61. Reynard says:

    For me it would be “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”. I’ve always been a bit of a techno-geek, and I always thought that the technology used in the show (especially the Flying Sub) was so cool. But after getting the DVDs, I’ve come to realize that most of the technology seen on the show was actually off-the-shelf stuff dressed up to look futuristic. Also, a lot of the Cold War-era plots don’t stand up to close scrutiny, nor does some of the acting. (Although it is interesting to see some now-well-known actors (i.e. a pre-“Star Trek” James Doohan) before they became famous.)

  62. Nikanaiko says:

    …The Neverending Story. Yeah, loved it when I was little. Watched it again a few years back and I was like “…This is a piece of crap. >>”

    Swamps of Sadness is still creepy, though.

  63. Snail says:

    Used to love Dragon Ball Z… I haven’t watched it since, because I know I’d hate it; I’m not killing the memory, damn it! XD

  64. roy_vf1s says:

    My Goodness, Khalid… Samurai Pizza Cats! That show… Wow. Thanks for reminding me of that, I’d actually let it slip my mind.

    Chris, as always, your artistic genius has reminded me of so many fun times, that are tainted with so few bad bits. How in the world are you pulling all the good out, and making fun of it without bringing in the bad?

  65. Kyle says:

    Nostalgia Bomb!

    Attack of the killer Tomatoes.
    Creepy Crawlers (The toy and the show)
    Beetleborgs (still good actually)
    Gargoyles (also still good)
    Project G.E.E.K.e.R. ( Fan-tastic)
    Cowboys of Moo Mesa
    Street Sharks
    Freakazoid (Need I even say it?)
    Animaniacs (Goddamn there were some good cartoons back in the day)
    Earthworm Jim (The game, however is an abomination)
    Rocko’s Modern Life (oh the puns)
    VR Troopers
    Where’s Waldo
    Eye Spy books
    Ghost Stories
    Knock Knock Jokes ( I can only remember three for some reason )
    Goosebumps books
    And Old computer games like that one with all the dinosaurs that you had to save, and the one where you had to perform surgery…..and Kings Quest Five.

  66. Blarghish says:

    I remember absolutely loving the original ninja turtles cartoons i was an avid collector of the action figures too, i actually had taped several episodes like six or seven tapes full, so when i was cleaning out my old tv console in my basement that had all my old tapes i popped them in and watched a few. i was laughing at how bad they were it was just sad. I will say though that i found the old Pirates of Dark Water cartoons that i had taped and i still love those and to this day am annoyed that they never finished it. i also remember the x-men cartoon being better then it is now.

  67. nikie says:

    yes. i watched Dragonheart one day a few years ago after thinking fondly back on it. the end still brings me to tears, but i can’t help but laugh at how bad the rest of the movie is.

  68. Morgan says:

    Happy Gilmore. I watched that when I was around eight, and thought it was the best thing. Then I watched again a couple of years later, and thought it was funny, but not that great. Then I watched it again recently, and I thought it was crap.

  69. PsychoDuck says:

    You know, I think this is the most posts ever in any Biff comment section.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  70. SEA says:

    Yes, i think you are right PsychoDuck =p

    Lol at biff stuck at the monkey bar ^_^

  71. TheWrongFenderson says:

    A friend of mine recorded the entire Gargoyles series for my birthday. I was afraid to watch it a little, because I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to my memories. Surprise, It did, and may have been even better. I never expected fantastic, but I think its way better than some of the crap they show now. I really don’t get the “Hi, its INSANE CARTOON TIME” stuff they show currently. “He’s an Otter in the Arctic, with his best friend a Tapeworm and his girlfriend Used Bubble Gum!” I think they are trying to emulate old Warner Brothers stuff, and failing.. badly. Cartoons anymore are like a look into Gogo’s brain. (a show about a meatball and fast food?? that makes power rangers look realistic)

  72. Matthew says:

    @YeahYeah: Pfft, those movies are still awesome.

    However, Biker Mice from Mars is not. It just makes no sense.
    Or how about ProStars. I mean, stuff just appears in that cartoon. It was so random.

  73. Anton T says:

    dinosaur-shaped,chocolate covered biscuits we had here in Switzerland.I remember loving them as a kid,bought a box for nostalgia’s sake a few weeks ago…
    They just tasted like cheap chocolate and hard biscuits….Dissapointment of my teatime it was

  74. MOD says:

    @ RFPT

    im not THAT young lol!

  75. Kaikuro says:

    I remember the old SNES games, and how many memories they bring back when I dig them up again. Sure, they aren’t as cool anymore, but when I play them again, they really bring back those good times.

    Nowadays we’re all spoiled on this new technology that some people can’t appreciate the classics.

    Even the N64 is also classified as ‘old school’, in my book. But I still play that one too, especially Paper Mario, that game never gets old!

    As for big disappointments, I think most of the disappointments I have are from *food* that I used to like as a kid, then try after a long time, and find out that I’m completely disgusted by it. Tell me its not dissapointing when you used to like that nasty pink medicine you’d get at the doctor’s office, then one day, you hate it so much you can barely drink it?

    Actually there was this experience I had recently with an old Disney movie, that I used to hate as a kid, then I watched it again and found that I enjoyed it? It was Tarzan. I like that movie a lot now, but back then, I didn’t.

    Anyway, that was probably really long and boring.

  76. Chris 2.0 says:

    What is this, “school week?”

  77. Hyshinara says:

    We have this animated movie called “Gobots”, which is in facts some sort of Transformers rip-off…
    The movie is in french and for some reason, my brother and i could understand it when we were young and now that we actually know french, the movie got a loooot harder to understand XD

    haha, your own fantasy is your best translator 😉

  78. Haydi says:

    I read this comic first without the word “monkey” and I think I liked it better like that.. kinda like two interpretations, and at least I can relate to both of the meanings. But yeah, sometimes growing up isn’t fun at all.

  79. Fop says:

    butterscotch dipped soft ice cream. when i was a kid, I thought it was awesome. I had a butterscotch dip cone this past summer. it was not as delicious as anticipated.

  80. Rachael says:

    That American Godzilla movie that came out a while back… what, almost ten years ago now? I thought it was the coolest ever when I saw it in theater.


    My dad bought the DVD for $5 at Wal Mart. It certainly wasn’t as good as I remember.

  81. Someone from a location says:

    Look at how much the comics improved.

  82. Clangers says:

    I was excited that the Last Unicorn was released on DVD.
    I watched it and was beyond disappointed. The plot actually made no sense.

    Ferngully had the same effect.

  83. Bluedukky says:

    @ Kyle
    Wow someone else who watched VR Troopers 😀
    ‘ We are! VR! ‘

    I’ll never grow out of watching Hook though, the foodfight is priceless hehe

  84. Brendan says:

    No one mentioned Cadillacs and Dinosaurs!

    I loved that show, even though I was never clever enough to figure out when it was on, so I’d usually catch only parts of it or random episodes. I’d love to see that show again, or the old Hercules cartoon. Anyone else remember that? HERCULES! this is the song and story! HERCULES! he was an ancient glory! :]

    I used to get up sometimes in the wee hours of the morning when I was just 5 or 6 and watch the Munsters and the Beverley Hillbillies

    I doubt that any of those would stand up to my memories of them though, with the possible exception of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (guns, suped up cars, dinosaurs and mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? YES PLEASE)

  85. RFPT says:

    alright MOD, 15.

  86. pieman says:


    when i was a kid, it seemed so exciting and amazing.
    now i realise how stupid it is:
    in some episodes, there are people that are about twice the size as the main characters, that want to attack them. instead of beating the hell out of them, they decide to play a game.
    a very boring one at that

  87. Draq says:

    The old Sonic the Hedgehog TV shows. Though they aren’t BAD, they aren’t as good as I remembered. But at least Pirates of Dark Water is still awesome.

    And the SNES will always be cool. In my opinion, games are just now starting to reach that level of cool again.

  88. FriskyF says:

    I remember those……Fun times….Bruised body parts….Sprained ankles, wrists, and necks…Ahhh….Fun times….

  89. Reg says:

    I started watching Pokemon again when it came out again on Cartoon Network a long while back and I quickly stopped. I had NO idea how I could stand that show…
    And Kaikuro, yes, Paper Mario never gets old!! 😀 I got it on my Wii off Virtual Console.

  90. althea says:


    It used to be a family night, sitting together watching Maguyver. I guess back then I had the imagination and faith to believe. But revisiting it… the world has made me cynical as I’ve gotten older and I guess I just can’t believe that will without means can perform miracles. *Sigh*

  91. Thor says:

    I’m betting that you didn’t think of the fact that the squares might actually be parallelograms, thusly the picture makes sense
    (IE: The monkybars ARE scewed)

  92. TheKholdOne says:

    Disappointments where reality doesn’t measure up to memories? I have a million of them, but the main disappointment has to be Kid Kool for the NES. Most disappointing movie would be Tremors. Yeah, it’s an alright movie, but when I was younger, that was my favorite movie EVER.

  93. Laje Kahr says:

    The Labrynth. David Bowie in tights! UGH!
    My buddy and I still do the “Did you hear about the babe?” routine. It’s better in our memories though than in the movie. I totally forgot that it turns into a song routine in the movie.

    I do still like Dark Crystal. But watching all these old “kid” movies made me realize it was no wonder I had nightmares as a kid. These things are creepy as all get out. (Not to mention Ogra’s nipples! Yike!)

  94. Hiaki says:

    Does anyone remember that weird cyber-space, power rangers rip off that was on some ten or so years ago? Like…a virus would be attacking…a watch, and then the “team” literally jumped into a computer, or something along those lines, battled the virus, and saved the day. I mean…they literally got digitized, and yet…it was all live-action.

    Honestly, the concept behind the thing is still kinda cool, but I’m afraid to hunt that series down and actually watch it for fear of inner-child abuse.

    Also, it’s only the EARLY Power Rangers seasons that suck. The ones where they’re still trying to enstill ethical values in some weird plot line. Seriously…a racism gun? Finster was cool, though. Good Ol’ Finster. XD

  95. Jangalian says:

    Biker Mice from Mars…as crappy as the show seems, there is definetely adult-themed shows in there! Come on, “White as an Osmond in a snowstorm?” That’s an actual line, and if I have to explain it, then you need to get out more. It blantantly made fun of the TMNT, which it was created to be snarky against. I still love that show…I wish they’d release it on DVD.

    Apparently so many people like that show that they released a new season in Europe.

    It’s singularly aweful. I’d rather carve my eyeballs out with a rusted spork.

  96. Kat says:

    disappointments would be he-man, she-ra, rainbow bright, sailor moon, and the original space ghost cartoons.

    there are a few things however that will always be amazing, such as, princess bride, the goonies, the animaniacs, cartoon planet, space ghost coast to coast, the simpsons, and labyrinth. i actually watched a lot of mel brookes movies when i was young because of my older brother. robin hood: men in tights is still my favorite movie.

    @ imaginary: i die a little everyday because of disney. i work in the magic kingdom

  97. knight_blazer2004 says:

    Who Framed Roger Rabbitt was one of my favorite movies of all time when I was a kid (probably around 5 or so when I first saw it) and I still have the three casettes I destroyed watching it too many times to prove it. Then about six months ago I saw it again on HBO and I thought: What in the world was my parents thinking when they let me watch that thing? Were they on drugs or something? I actually got up the nerve to ask my mom and this is what she told me (and I quote):

    ” It shut you up for a couple of hours so I could get some peace and quiet around the house.”

    Fair enough.

    Other things I loved as a kid:
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (first RPG I ever played. FF ten years or so: not as good as I remembered, but still fun for nostalgia’s sake)
    Super Mario Bros. Movie— One sick, sad dissapointment
    Swat Kats: Does anybody remember this one? I have’nt seen this one in, what, ten, fifteen years? Probably for the best.
    Donkey Kong Country: first was a blast, second just as good. Everything after that starring the damned gorilla, bleeech.
    Barney: Ohdearlordkillmenow. How on earth did I EVER like that disease on humanity?

  98. MailMan says:

    I have yet to be dissappointed by anyhting I’ve revisisted. Except for Pokemon. Watching the Seaside Pikachu episode on tape, then watching one of the new Diamond/Pearl episodes and I wondered: “Pokemon, what happened to yooouuuu….”

    Biggest letdown ever. And hey, don’t bash Pokemon Snap. Friggin’ awsome game, got it on mah Wii.

  99. grtdrgn says:

    Been reading through the archives after clicking on the ad from Dominic Deegan. Love the comic, found this thread and had to post.

    Thankfully at 27 years old, I haven’t had too many things that I loved as a kid that I don’t still like. Not to say that I haven’t grown out of some things. There are several things that I didn’t like when I first experienced them that I still don’t like, but most of the things I’ve revisited, I still like.

    Here are some of the things I’ve grown out of:
    Power Rangers (I used to be in love with the Pink Ranger, and the show reminded me of Voltron but they’ve overdone the series)
    Pokemon (I still play the original Red, Yellow and Pokemon Stadium on occasion, but all the rehashing of it has broken me)
    Home Alone (’nuff said)

    I never liked Never Ending Story II. I loved (and still do) the original Never Ending Story.

    Now, for a list of some cartoons that I haven’t seen since I was a kid, and wonder if they would still be as I remember them:

    And now for a list of movies that I loved as a kid and still do love today:
    The Princess Bride
    The Pirate Movie
    The Wizard

    This has been an interesting trip down memory lane. I thank you all for the sharing of your memories, whether they be happy or sad for it is our individual experiences which enrich our world and the sharing of which enriches our souls.

  100. KZero says:

    I had always hated the really little kid shows, even when I was little I just coudln’t stand them. Most shows I watched have gotten a bit better now that I’m older if anything. Probably a combination of nostalgia and understanding a few things better. Power Rangers definately got worse though… at least the early seasons. As for movies… hmm… I can’t think of any right now.

  101. Ruarke says:

    This must be what it feels like to be mugged on memory lane.

    I made the great mistake of watching two shows I used to watch as a kid, roughly 6-7, they were M.A.S.K. and Dinoriders. I could see where they could keep the attention of a kid, but not something you watch when you’ve grown up, the concepts/plots/technology used in the old shows are laughable now, so the best place to have those memories is in your mind.

    One movie I did enjoy watching, although if my mom ever found out that I’d watched it then she would have had a fit (being 10 and having an over-protective mother), was Brainscan. That actually got better for me, since I wasn’t focusing on the action, and started paying more attention to the actual storyline (Still find the computer Igor funny though, since my cell phone has more processing power than that thing had 😛 ).

  102. Bacos666 says:

    Any ‘Ace Ventura’ movie. Dear god.

    Actually… come to think of it: ANYTHING with Jim Carrey.

    I just recently started re-watching the original Battlestar Galactica on NBC.com, and I have to say it has actually gotten better–since it now feels more like a B-movie.

  103. Flood says:

    “Shame of the Jungle”

    I saw it a year or so before I could do so legally, and thought it was full of more awesome than should be allowed anywhere. Watching it years later, it failed to hold the same shine for me.

    The original He-Man was much the same way. I was an avid fan as a child, but watching an episode a year or two ago made me wonder who turned up the Suck knob on my childhood delights.

  104. Torg says:

    And I will never have such problems with monkey bars. I always have and always will climb on top.

  105. Torg says:

    And yes, I know that’s a relatively new show. I’m not that old physically, but you grow up fast after reading something like Ghost (hint: I learned what that whip was for).

  106. Paintball Preacher says:

    I like most of the things I liked as a kid. When we’re kids shows don’t have to mean something, have a plot, or be significant and “speak” to say something. When I revisit the memories, I step out of my degrees, out of my adult head, and move back into that “this doesn’t have to mean much, but I love it anyway” mode.

    It’s sometimes fun to step out of being literal, and what not.

    Too bad I can’t do that with some of the modern shows…which explains why I don’t like TV…

  107. Sydney says:

    beakman’s world was a science show for kids featuring a crazy scientic a guy in a rat suit and some Brooklyn chick. There were puppet penguins too that would watch Beakman’s show on their tv. I loved the science thing and I thought the wacky antics were hilarious. Ieven bout a dress upgreen beakman lab coat

    About a year ago I happened upon it while surfing and put it on. The script was cheesy, acting bad, and antics just weird. The woman looked less than enthusiastic about her job. All I could think was, ‘this is the show I watched faithfully every week?

  108. BanzaiRabbit says:

    Mary Poppins and Bedknobs & Broomsticks do NOT hold up well to adult viewing 20+ years after having last seen them as a kid.

    And all those Sunday nights I lost forever as a kid spending them watching CHiPs.. *shudder* Not to mention Popeye.. Spiderman cartoons.. the heck was I thinking?

    At least I had some sense as a kid. I loathed Scooby Doo and all it’s insipid Hanna-Barbera clones back then, and even moreso now. And Tom & Jerry continues to rule the world, even now on its run on cable [either Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, forget which].

  109. Monkei says:

    Dogtanian. I used to love it but the animation is really poor quality, the voice actors are poorly matched and there’s no real storyline to speak of. But I used to sit and watch it hypnotised when I was little. I wish it still had that attraction.

  110. jykcor says:

    Super soakers. My original had like a 3 gallon tank and could knock a 12 year old off his feet.
    the new ones can barely make a plastic cup tip over.

    im exaggerating, but im mad. stupid child saftey laws. im 16, and that gun’s from the late 80’s. the other ones i had were from around 95-ish. guess which one’s stronger.

  111. Vidja says:

    Titanic, I watched when I was like…6 or 7, I’m 16, saw it again the other week and cried.


  112. The ill mannered M says:

    Nothing specific comes to mind really. Things I liked as a kid, I typically like even more now. Things I hated as a kid… well, they still suck.

    Honestly though, the biggest disappointment is the fact that cartoons just don’t seem to match up with the quality I enjoyed as a kid. Okay, sure, animation is leagues above what it was when I was younger, but as with most movies now a days, I find that increased graphic and artwork is typically a sign of decreased plot.

  113. lduke1990 says:


    I believe you are referring to Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad (I have no idea if it is actually spelled that way)

  114. Jenn says:

    Voltron. I had such wonderful memories of Voltron. When my husband and I got our DVR I suddenly discovered some TV station or other was playing old episodes of Voltron. Voltron was the first show I recorded with the DVR. I was so disappointed when I watched an episode, I just can’t even tell you. Same with Beetlejuice the cartoon. I found an episode of that on YouTube and marveled at the fact that I had once snuck out and to my friend’s house to watch Beetlejuice because my mom didn’t want me to watch it lol.

  115. Alice Love says:

    Wow, is anyone even reading these anymore?
    My two cents would be captain planet. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that show, but then I went back and watched a few episodes and found it preachy and annoying. We will go to hell if you drop a soda can on accident. Really?

    I thought freakazoid would be the same way but it’s still as awesome as I remember. :3 I love freakazoid, I’m glad it survived my test of time.

  116. Shadow says:

    70% of the characters I made before I was 10… And the fact that I’ve seen most, if not all, of “Where are you? Scooby Doo”.

  117. jpic89 says:

    …Am I really the only one who still likes pretty much ALL of his childhood interests. I still think Pokemon, Power Rangers, DBZ, YuGiOh, and all the old cartoons are still total win. Just because they may have been horrible, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them still. Hell, half of what made those enjoyable was the laughable dialogue and overly used story tropes.

  118. steve says:

    Probably all the Disney movies…. I can’t stand any of them now.

  119. Raven Gold says:

    Power Rangers.

  120. YukiSnowflake says:

    Going to the beach.
    But that might be because I now live on the coast.


    The Book Of Biff.

  121. YukiSnowflake says:

    Oh yeah!
    Does that count?

  122. Valdrec says:

    Yeah I did that yesterday with a film called Titan A.E. It has everything that I hate in films now.

  123. Thorax says:

    Too late I’m sure but to go ahead and add my own: Silverhawks, Centurions, G. I. Joe (can’t believe I didn’t see anyone mention that one), Thundercats, Captain N: the Gamemaster, C.O.P.S., EXO Squad, Captain Bucky O’Hare, Insectoids, Rock Lords. Tales from the Cryptkeeper (cartoon), X-Men, Tiny-Toons adventures (the theme song is still 75% rooted in my mind), Animaniacs… the list goes on.

  124. SurveySays says:

    I manly watched looney toons as a kid. i STILL think there awesome. the origonals not the new ones they try to do..altho now that i think about it popeye the salior isn’t nearly as entertaining as it was when i was younger.

  125. SurveySays says:

    what was that show about the green clay guy and his clay horse and they all had really weird eyeballs?…that too.

  126. Quinn says:

    I purchased Season 1 of ‘Airwolf’ and was quite disappointed with it.

    However, I purchased Season 1 of ‘Knight Rider’, and it was better than I remembered.

  127. Tech says:

    Actually, quite the opposite. A lot of kids shows from the ’80s appeal to me, and I’m a grown man >_>

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