#430 – Expansion

We have a friend that really loves dessert. Whenever we would go over there for dinner he would try to carefully balance his dinner to dessert ratio. He would investigate all the dessert options before sitting down to eat the main course. Depending on how interesting the dessert looked he would eat more or less of the actual dinner. There was noting more disappointing to him than filling up on a second helping of pasta right before some sort of fabulous cake was unveiled.


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  1. Emu Legs says:

    That one took me a second to get, unless i’m still stupid……..he’s dressing up the dessert right?

  2. Ben says:

    potatoes and cream… yum yum…
    I always love those chocolate lava cakes, the kind that’s chocolate cake with the gooey chocolate syrup center that gushes out when you cut into it

  3. Mike says:

    No… he needs a bigger belt because the large dessert will make him fatter.

  4. Saideki says:

    Yeah, I’m fat, lol. Some meals you just have to learn back and loosen your belt so you can fit some more.

  5. Seraphine says:

    There’s a mens pant for that.
    Sansabelt. I think that’s funny.

  6. I rarely have dessert. I really should do it more often. However, I do often have a candy bar as a snack later on anyway.

  7. SEA says:

    I don’t get it at first ^_^’
    Oh wait…he’s doing that because he will get fat? Lol.

  8. dragonbrad says:

    that looks like cotton balls with whipped cream

  9. Alcadeius says:

    or his modification is that he simply has to remove the belt to eat…. you overthink things… i blame the media

  10. MaskedMan says:

    Heh! Good one, Chris.

    My wife and I share deserts – That way we can eat even a large slice of fabulous cake between us, no matter how large the meal.

  11. the Scarf says:

    I love dessert, but it’s for special occasions usually…
    eh…whatever, I like food but sometimes there is too much of a good thing, y’know?

  12. kenshin620 says:

    I remember going to retuarant where one of the deserts was mile high ice cream cake. Me and my family never finished a whole one, and there’s five of us.

  13. Graceofbass says:

    I must admit, dessert is my favorite. I’m always making cookies, cake, chocolate trifle, something to share with our friends when they come over for dinner or games. Plus my husband is an ice cream-a-holic. Needless to say, we’d be obese if we didn’t work it off.

  14. EnviousLuna says:

    The worst thing in a foodie’s life is having two desserts to choose from, knowing you’ll only be able to eat one.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  15. apoch says:


    I just found your website this morning. Having read the entire archives, thank you for the laughs. In the immortal words of the govenator, I’ll be back.

  16. Hanii Puppy says:

    “or his modification is that he simply has to remove the belt to eat…. you overthink things… i blame the media”

    Unless that’s the belt he was wearing on the table =p dunno what the table’s doing wearing a belt though o.o =p

  17. Heh, my dad says that our family has two stomachs: one for the main meal, the second for dessert. Seeing how not fat our family is, you’d almost believe it.

    It’s really just insane metabolism.

  18. pieman says:

    PUDDING!! *starts druelling*

    the best ones are homemade. and if ur lucky, home grown too. we have a couple of apple trees (one of which is hollow, and god knows how we still get massive cooking apples from it) and some rhubarb. crumble, pie, and chockolate are the 3 greatest puddings there are. yummy!

  19. Chris says:

    @apoch – Thanks! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for 3 seconds more of entertainment!

  20. Kevin says:

    The belt looks like it wouldn’t fit Biff now, but it might fit him after he’s done with the dessert. So I think it’s the belt Biff puts on in preparation for dessert, not a belt Biff removes for dessert.

    I don’t save room for dessert. I make room for dessert.
    Just because I’m full doesn’t mean I can’t squeeze more in.

    Yes, I’m fat, and proud of it.

  21. PsychoDuck says:

    I get more than three seconds of entertainment out of these comics, Chris. The one with Biff’s overripe pear made me laugh for days.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  22. birdie says:

    im a baking and pastry major. ’nuff said.

  23. Noodles says:

    I love dessert.

    And I always have room…
    well most of the time anyway.

    And Chris! I get months of enjoyment out of your comics!
    Nevermind just 3 seconds *Pshhtt!*
    I quote episodes or go “Hah, like in the book of Biff when..”
    and stuff

    So yeah 😀 They’re worth more to us than you first anticipated 🙂

    Keep up the awesome job dude,
    Noodles x

  24. dragonbrad says:

    apoch, would you happen to be arnold shwartsanegger, and if so sorry if i spelled your name wrong.

  25. Kitty says:

    Biff should come over to my house sometime. He would love the desserts we have here. My roommate likes to pile 5-6 scoops of delicious ice cream, slather it with whipped cream, cherries, chocolate, sprinkles, coconuts, the works! And then once hes its down to eat it, he somehow only manages to gobble up 1-2 scoops and all the toppings. So every morning I wake up and there’s this depressing bowl of chocolately goo with some drowning cherries in it left in the sink.

    Its very depressing.

  26. Garrett says:

    @Kitty: Quick tip… never invite Biff over to your house. It just isn’t safe.

  27. Krulle says:

    I really miss a smile. Bill looks very unhappy about his dessert. how comes?

  28. Zach Light says:

    <__>*steals biffs desert* sorry biff but this looks like something for me!

  29. BrainpanSonata says:

    *steals it from Zach Light* Get yer own.

  30. DaemonThanatos says:

    now THAT is a desert! Biff, you get props for that one…and nobody else has to feel bad about it…I have to loosen my belt when i eat a big meal, too.

  31. Jenny Creed says:

    Fun fact: Thin people can eat bigger meals than fat people. Your stomach has more room to expand without layers of fat around it.

    Kind of like a Paladin’s immunity to sexually transmitted diseases, but it’s still fun while it lasts. . .

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