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On more than one occasion I woke up with gum in my hair. My mom would always try a few things to get it out but she always had to resort to scissors. My hair was pretty crazy back then so it wasn’t too noticeable. After a few weeks it would blend in with the rest of the mess.

Thanks for all the shirt orders that have come in! I’m happy to see that the preorder special is the most popular. I’ll take orders for one more week and then get them printed up.


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  1. Dan says:

    I would assume the sugar would keep Biff awake at least enough to eat candy.

    Oh, and thanks for totally answering my request to see more of Biff’s invisible cars. It’s nice to see good old fashion fan service.

  2. Your Metal Lord says:

    I never had that happen to me personally, but I used to share a room with my brother and I had top bunk. I would toss and turn, and fall out of the top bunk all the time, but remain asleep. I would wake up and wonder why the ceiling was so far away. It worried my folks but they learned to keep a landing area clear and I would be fine.

  3. Andrew says:

    Wow, it’s tangled up in the eyebrow too. He’s lucky he didn’t choke on that.

  4. Bunnyman says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever had gum in my hair, but I did wake up one Christmas morn to my arm stuck to my sheet due to a half-eaten candy cane. Those things are like GLUE, man!

    Also, I wasn’t aware non-natural occurrences could interfere with his eyebrows. You learn something new every day, doncha.

  5. ale says:

    This reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons when Lisa gets gum in her hair. Baby oil works. It doesn’t take too long to brush out.

    I shaved my head for a while and it was great to wake up with gum squished on my head and not have any hair to tangle it in :]

  6. Charlotte says:

    I once got gum in my hair (I think someone threw it at me, but not sure) we found that massagin olive oil into it managed to get it out really easily- of course I needed several hair washs after that!

  7. Eleanor says:

    I’ve never had gum in my hair, or slept on a lolly, but I once left a bit of chocolate on my brother’s pillow, ’cause he asked me for a piece, and he didn’t notice, slept on it, and woke up with melted chocolate in his ear.

  8. dragonbrad says:

    i assume biff was dropped on his head under a pile-driver as a child

  9. Gobbledegook says:

    I got gum stuck in my hair in third grade… Unfortunately my dad found me before my mom did, and he shaved my head before he thought to try anything else. I was the only kid in school with no hair, but I got really lucky… everyone thought it was cool.

  10. Envious Luna says:

    I have really, really long hair, so before I learned to not fall asleep eating, I got every kind of confectionery possible tangled in my hair.
    Other things too.
    I have been known to put pencils behind my ears and then find them again as I take down my hair for bed….they get lost and tangled up in my hair.

  11. MaskedMan says:

    Getting his eyebrow untangled from the stickiness… Ow!

  12. Hanii Puppy says:

    how do so many people even get gum in there hair? o.o;; traditionally, gum doesn’t go anywhere near their hair X__X

  13. Seraphine says:

    One time I fell asleep while eating sugar babies.
    When I woke up, I had caramel drool down my
    cheek and onto my pillow. It’s embarrassing!

  14. Nicki says:

    gum in the hair was always a phobia for me. I would always spit it out before going to bed because i had seen the damage that stuff does and it isnt pretty. i think biff’s cheek might have gotten a little hungry during the night, eh?

  15. PsychoDuck says:

    Biff should just be thankful it wasn’t a cheeseburger 😐

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  16. Joe says:

    Peanut butter…i know it sounds crazy, but you can use peanut butter to get the bubble gum out of you hair….not sure if you can use chunky or creamy??? Go biff…to the supermarket now!!!

  17. Opalin says:

    You use creamy peanut butter. Just about anything with natural oils will do the trick though
    What’s really bad is getting gum stuck to your glasses. It took ages to clean off.

  18. Garrett says:

    I find it surprising that people would go to sleep while chewing gum and sucking on suckers. Big choking hazard. I don’t even go to sleep with headphones on for phear of strangling myself with them.

  19. jonatham says:

    wow, i just did that the other night, and i got it everywhere, i woke up with it in my hand and all over the place
    crazy coincidence

  20. steam punk says:

    One time I was really tired and had a jawbreaker in my mouth. I fell asleep with it still there. Just as a reference it was about the size of Nintendo DS cartridge except in spherical shape. When I woke up my lips were all powdery and dry because of the jawbreaker, but it was nowhere in site. I looked every for it, and it turned out I swallowed it in my sleep. I was as surprised as you are reading this.

  21. KayRis says:

    @ Hanii Puppy- you get gum in your hair by going to sleep with it in your mouth. When you sleep it falls out of your mouth and gets into your hair when you move.

    When I was little I would sleep with gum in my mouth a lot, but it only got in my hair about 80% of the time.

  22. Tinned Moron says:

    I once super glued my hand to my face, it took three hours to get it off.

  23. Dark Jaguar says:

    “My hair was pretty crazy back then”

    This explains a lot…

  24. drachekonig says:

    should that ever happen again, with you or anyone else you may know, i would recommend freezing the gum before resorting to scissors. ice cubes work great. gum is sticky because the water and the sugar create a electrolyte solution that bonds with things, same thing with glue and tape, due to the free electrons wanting to find a home. when the solution gets cold, the reaction slows to a stop almost, allowing the bonds to be broken and the gum/tape/glue to literally crack or break off because it stops sticking to itself well also. this little trick also works great with sticky things on carpet or clothing as well. not completely perfect, but it does work none the less. and as for the dude with the crazy glue hands, it doesn’t work on that kind of bonding because that is a different kind of bonding that in reality “melts” the two polymers together, which is why it works so great on plastic/rubber/skin but not metal/wood. anyways, sorry for the science lesson, but i hope this tip helps anyone who reads this.


  25. Unigirl says:

    I once found out I had slept on my pencil and eraser..
    And just today I woke up to see the book I was reading lying in my bed closed and the bookmark was on the floor.

  26. MoonWolf says:

    This happend to me and gum. I fell asleep with it in my mouth. It ended up in my hair. This happend about 2 months ago.

  27. Elli says:

    I got gum in my my hair once. Took Nana forever to comb it out.

  28. dragonbrad says:

    joe, peanut butter doesn’t really help, first you have some thing sticky in your hair, then you have all that oil in your hair. What really helps is ice, just put an ice cube in the gum, let it freeze, and scrape of with a dull knife.:)

  29. Cronyne says:

    I fall asleep chewing gum all the time. When I wake up I find the gum has spread to fill my entire mouth.

  30. Yakboy says:

    A friend of mine got gum in her hair because she tried to store it behind her ear. We used scissors.

  31. AG says:

    I can definately understand Biff’s predicament.

    I donate my hair once a year so I only get it cut in July. Its also incredibly thick. Because of that, the last time my girlfriend was playing around with my hair she got distracted and left the hair brush in my hair. It stuck and stayed there the entire day. I didn’t notice until late that night when finally someone in one of my classes grabbed it and pulled it out for me.

  32. Rakala says:

    I got gum stuck in my hair once because I was blowing a bubble. It ended up being the size of my face and then popped. I felt awesome for doing it, but sad because there was gum in my har.

  33. Ben says:

    Metal Lord, I used to do the same thing, except, we had concrete floors and my bunk was over a recessed walk way, so an extra 2foot to the ground.
    The hospital knew me well enough to not need to ask for details.
    I only get crap like silicone glue and arildite in my hair.
    Tho I don’t mind shaving my head, ppl like licking it for some reason….

  34. Malachite Dragon says:

    *Lick’s Ben’s head* =D

  35. Radical Edward says:

    I like lollipops, but I hate getting hair on them…Ick!

  36. aan00b says:

    AG, what exactly do you mean by distracted? 😉

    I’ve never gotten stuff in my hair (probably cus when I used to go to sleep eating stuff I had really short hair and cus I always ended up swallowing it) but I used to spit my gum out into a cup and start on it again in the morning…I think I managed to keep one wad for like, three days…yeah, gross, right?

  37. Crow Blaise Xenix says:

    One time, my Dad woke up in the middle of the night and decided to have a snack. So, he grabbed a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and took it back to the bed with him. The next morning my Mom wakes up and finds the Reese’s smeared all over the bed, her and my Dad.

  38. August says:

    I sleep with gum in my mouth almost routinely, and not only has it never gotten in my hair, it’s never even gotten out of my mouth! Perhaps I’m just lucky.

  39. Lia says:

    one time when i was younger i woke up in the morning and there was something in my mouth. i thought i had fallen asleep with chewing gum in my mouth, and somehow overnight it had turned hard. but it just turned out to be one of my baby teeth. lucky i didn’t choke on it, eh?

  40. Alice Love says:

    I too have slept with gum in my mouth. Then it gets all soggy and falls apart everywhere. I slept with gum in my mouth whilst studying and gum got all on my history book!

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