#335 – Allergies

I have a crazy dust allergy. If I want to go up in the attic and look for something in one of the storage boxes, I have to wear a dust mask. If I don’t, then my eyes and nose start to run, my throat starts to close up and I have a sneeze attack for the next hour. It’s about the same reaction I have to cats.


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  1. Lord 13 says:

    Allergies suck, I went to Canada and had my first experience with allergies, and couldn’t breath right for a week.

  2. Sleepingorange says:

    Man, hundreds of horrible thongs have happened to BIff, and I haven’t batted an eye. But this… Eeew.
    Probably just because it’s closer to home than razor-bushes and horizontal gravity.

  3. Seraphine says:

    At first I thought it was blood.
    It’s worse! It’s plaid!!! Gaaaa.

  4. Envious Luna says:

    I’m allergic to perfume- it’s really bad in my high school locker rooms. The girls around me use GALLONS of cheap, cotton-candy scented body spray. I end up with a migraine every day.

  5. SEA says:

    Urgh…thank god i haven’t found any item that i react violently to…

  6. Hominyjibjib says:

    I once woke up with a cat on my face. My eyes were puffed up to the size of tennis balls (Or so it felt) and I couldn’t even blink. Nor could I swallow, my throat was so swollen

  7. CojoinedCows says:

    Don’t get me started on allergies… 🙁

  8. Dan says:

    I have a cat that I genuinely wonder if it’s allergic to cats. That would be the kind of thing you would rationally assume just can’t happen, but apparently it can.

  9. Bob says:

    I woke up to a whte longhaired cat, obese, on my chest, i freaked out, and he clawed me up D:
    Im alergect to soviet invasions and bullets tho

  10. LavaBall says:

    Looks kinda like blood…Sick blood :X

  11. I believe scientists refer to this codition as ‘Plaid-Pox’

  12. Adam_Y says:

    I’m deathly allergic to cats, they really screw me up… I’m not the only one though, my sister has a cat that is apparently allergic to cat fur too.

  13. Lucretiel says:

    yes! my first good laugh of the week

  14. Avel says:

    at least he didn’t get plaid boxers 8D

  15. Gobbledegook says:

    I used to be allergic to cats, but I got over it. In the very beginning, though, I once had my entire face swell up and get puffy. It wasn’t fun.

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything resembling blood on Biff… poor guy.

  16. Gobbledegook says:

    Boxers… hehehe

  17. Ralf says:

    The same reaction as to cat dander? Perhaps you have a secret coven of cats in your attic. Plotting. Waiting.

  18. fluffy says:

    I guess Biff should stay away from my website, then.

  19. Shiloh says:

    Herm……I just had several allergic reactions this weekend to my bf’s mom’s toy Chihuahua. That thing is tiny but man it had me stuffed up, sneezing, coughing and having to take medicine just so I could breath. It turning fall doesn’t help either. >.

  20. Danicus says:

    My girlfriend is allergic to dust, so i have to go into a whirlwind of cleaning every time she comes over.

  21. Kanki-chan says:

    Hehe, no allergies, but too bad for Biff. Now the question is: did Biff find the shirt, or did someone give it to him in the hopes that it’d give him a severe allergic reaction >_>?

  22. Matthew says:

    I’m a super human that has no allergies what so ever. Good for me.

  23. Yakboy says:

    Chlorene. I went to one of those hotel pools without my goggles and my eyes turned red and started watering like crazy. Pain.

  24. Fashion sense now comes in pill form.
    Doctors will pescribe it for you material well being.

  25. Eleanor says:

    I thought that was blood to start too.

    I have an allergy to grass, some clovers, and several types of plant that flower at different points all through summer. This basically means I spend half the year in my room (a sealed environment until a parent opens a window) and half the year in school. I once ran through a field of wild grass that was taller than me, we had to to get to the car. By the time I got home I couldn’t open my eyes.

  26. Bullet Fiend says:

    Here’s a sad one. I had (and possibly still do if I don’t prevent facial contact) violent reactions to cats. A family friend couldn’t keep hers for a while and now he belongs to me. Great huh?

  27. Bullet Fiend says:

    To Matthew:


    Ahhh! But can you widthstand the Bullet Fist of Doom??!!!?!?!

    …sorry…randomness moment.

  28. Hanii Puppy says:

    The only thing I’ve found myself to be allergic to is Insect Repellant 😐

    Yokboy: That isn’t an allergic reaction, that is either an effect of there being too much Chlorine in the pool or you going in too early (as in before the Chlorine has had a chance to dissipate.

  29. Ela says:


    You remind me of my brother (no offense). He has crazy mad allergies. If I could exaggerate, he is allergic to EVERYTHING!!! He can’t touch fur, and he’s horrible with dust. Biff also reminds me of him, because my brother scratches himself all the time (he has long nails, so that’s both good and bad for him), so he has red and very pink skin all over.

  30. catfriedrice says:

    Boy it would suck if I was allergic to plaid. I bleed plaid.

    Go MC!

  31. Youma says:

    I’m allergic to long-haired chihuahua dogs called Freddy. The other ones are ok. Please don’t name your dog Freddy.

  32. Radical Edward says:

    I’m allergic to dust, dander, Sudafed and tomato. The last one is a surprise because I’m Portuguese and the Portuguese made that type of clam chowder that uses tomato.

  33. Andrew says:

    Dust Mites and Roaches for me. Two things that are hard to avoid.

  34. Malachite Dragon says:

    I have no allergies whatsoever. I am Super-Antihistamine-Man!

  35. bizzybody says:

    Allergic to plaid? Nuh-uh. Biff is allergic to tartan. A plaid is an article of traditional Scottish clothing. The *patterns* used on plaids and kilts are called tartans.

    It’d be interesting to know how the tartan patterns used on plaids came to be called plaid. (I’ve some Scottish ancestry, so I tend to be a bit pedantic about this.)

  36. Maniac says:

    The only allergy I have is boredom.

  37. Kain Hunt says:

    The things I am allergic to are apples and inapsine (http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/droperidol_ids.htm). The first one gives me hives in my throat and is a little hard to avoid when working at Starbucks, THE FUMES REEK OF PAIN. The second I found out when I had to go to the emergency room and they put it in me, good thing I don’t remember it, my parents said I was in great pain.

  38. Takanero says:

    *holds up a long haired chiwawa* His naem is Freddy.

  39. snakeadelic says:

    I’m allergic to a weird assortment of things: whiskey, green bell peppers, neoprene rubber, codeine, and most annoying of all, smoke. So I spent last summer living with an indoor smoker while half of central Idaho burned down just west of me (in easterly winds of course). And when we were done smoking Idaho for a month, it was time to fire up the wood stove. Urgh. Allergies do suck.

  40. Tuesday says:

    so wait, is that first guy allergic to Canada?

  41. Elkian says:

    Too bad – it’s a good look for him.

  42. Testocules says:

    plaid is my favorate color

  43. Angela says:

    Ah, the comic that got me to find this place.
    Well dang…I think he looks good in plaid ;D

  44. emthegreat says:

    i’m allergic to dogs hair and rodents

  45. August says:

    Three words: Gain. Fabric. Softner.

    Three more words: Dial. Lavender. Soap.

    I was all excited when mom bought the ‘fancy stuff’, untill I broke out in rashes that hurt so much I actually cried. Of course it took weeks to find out what two things it was that was making me do so because once I isolated what was different in my environment, I did so one at a time, so while I stopped using the dryer sheets, the soap got me, when I stopped using the soap, it was the dryer sheets.

    Those weeks _sucked_.

  46. Bug says:

    Replying to Ralf:
    Secret cats in the attic post.

    I had the same thought…. hiding up there, breeding, plotting the day they come crashing through your ceiling and on to your bed late one night…

    That happened to me once. Although, it was just on cat. A big British blue, whom came down from the ceiling and lived in our home.

    Hmmm, I wonder, twas he the Son of Ceiling Cat?

  47. Pom Rania says:

    I’m allergic to government forms. When I look at them, I get a headache and my eyes start to unfocus.

  48. Mosog says:

    I’m allergic to patchouli (common incense) and my sophomore English teacher once said I was allergic to writing.

  49. Kenji the Ninja says:

    What does he look like UNDER the shirt?

  50. Alice Love says:

    I have severe allergic reactions to spray perfumes/scents, certain lotions, cats, dust, pollen, some shampoo and eye makeups. I also have moderate to severe asthma, and I have to get a breathing treatment on a breathing machine everyday because of my asthma/allergy combo. =/

    Red look smexy on Biff 😉

  51. Twigs says:

    Surely Biff is at least partly Scottish, with those eyebrows.

  52. This guy says:

    how the hell is no one remembering Cow & Chicken!?!?!?
    the Halloween episode? C’mon!!!

  53. Zero says:

    I swear the first I thought of when I saw this was “Is Biff turning into a watermelon?”

  54. Mags says:

    September 17th, 2007 at 7:02 am

    at least he didn’t get plaid boxers 8D

    True dat, Avel, true dat.

    Allergies… guhhh. I’d rather not go on a huge hunt to find mine. The closest I’ve gotten was whenever I see a large group of tiny, red ants, I start itching everywhere even though they haven’t touched me yet. Large red ones just make me run away.

  55. SurveySays says:

    holy crap i thought he was bleeding and his shirt was trying to kill him until i scrolled down 0.o

  56. Dorten says:

    I have the same reaction as you on apples (except for green ones), pears, carrots, peaches, and some raw nuts.
    And I love all of it.
    At least I can eat green apples…

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