#330 – Sunblock

I went whale watching one day with my mom and sister. It was a very memorable experience on a number of levels. It was very windy out there on the boat which made it easy to forget how hot and sunny it really was that day. After coming back to land the three of us went out for dinner. While waiting for our meals to arrive I reached up to grab my glass of water and felt a tingle in my arm. I felt it with my other hand and could feel the heat emanating from it. This is when it dawned on me that I didn’t put on any sunblock that day. As the meal went on my arms got hotter and hotter and then started to hurt. I spent the rest of the night spooning ice out of my water and rubbing it on my arms. The resulting tan I had on my arms lasted about 8 months.


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  1. SEA says:

    Ouch…but you do wonder why biff uses tuna flavoured sunblock, lol

  2. cyber95 says:

    SEA: Because he’s Biff. Logic and rationality does not go into his decision making.

    The REAL question is why somebody made tuna flavoured sublock in the first place.

  3. Seraphine says:

    Ouch! I get those side stitches sometimes too. Stretching seems to help.
    Going on a boat without sunblock is crazy! SPF 40 minimum, or I burn. I prefer coconut to tuna.
    *You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish* (Sorry I had to say that, sorry sorry).

  4. SEA says:

    95: True..so true
    Sera: Yup you can’t tuna fish

    There are probably people who like to smell like tuna where biff lives
    (so there will be tuna flavoured sunblock..)

    Anyone notice he is not in blinding pain or bleeding ? Lol, that’s biff…

    1. Rik says:

      yeah, he just looks mildly annoyed

  5. Heinrich says:

    i wonder if that stuff would make good substitute on a sandwich… most of the time ppl just worry about the smell…

  6. Dareon says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Biff is made of cookie dough.

  7. RFPT says:

    what is up with Biff? is he made of cheese? why does he never bleed?

    1. Rik says:

      he’s bled black in a few strips, mostly from his fingers

  8. Elli says:

    The world may never know.

  9. Ben says:

    RFPT: Now that you mentioned it…he COULD be made of Cheese.

    I hate cheese, but I luv Biff 😀

  10. Biff seems to be in pain alot the last few weeks

    Am I not human? If you cut me will I not bleed?
    Biff: Nope

  11. guest says:

    I’m guessing Biff made the sunblock, he is pretty smart.

  12. Dr. Doom says:

    Me and anyone that has ever gotten that stuff in their mouth knows exactly why Biff made/bought it.

    I think Biff doesn’t bleed because his cellular structure is more advanced than ours and has evolved beyond the need for blood. Dr. Doom must attain this power… Dr. Doom away!

  13. Khasa says:

    Biff doesn’t bleed for a simple reason- he rocks too much to bleed.
    a bit like Chuck Norris.

  14. Kanki-chan says:

    Or, we could just use the logic that the old cartoonists of Tom and Jerry/Bugs Bunny:

    He isn’t ABLE to bleed

  15. Sam says:

    Classic Biff, I love it!

  16. trueblaze says:

    I always used to get sunburned everytime I went fishing when I was a kid. The problem was, if I tried to put on sun block then the fish could smell it on the bait and I’d end up not catching all day long. So after a while I just started wearing a jacket evertime I went out to keep my skin covered. Mind you I no longer got sun burns, but those ninty degree days tended to suck even worse.

  17. Trip Hazard says:

    Neither cheese nor cookie dough…I think he’s made of tofu!

  18. pieman says:

    Cyber95: biff made it.

  19. Aaron says:

    Yo I was just about to say that he was made of tofu!


    if you want to be nerdy, maybe his entire dna body structure is contained in his every cell, so if he loses a limb he can just regrow it back with no side effects.

    And of course he doesnt bleed cause he doesnt need blood. He’s too cool for that.

  20. Chuck says:

    Hazard, so does that mean eating him is okay by vegan standards?

  21. Gobbledegook says:

    Chuck… are those YOUR bite marks?

  22. ThatChickOverThere says:

    Poor Biff would also get the same results wearing that same sunscreen while standing downwind from me. 😀

  23. thewho says:

    maybe Biff is made from plastic and is interchangeable – if he damages a piece of himself he just replaces it. Or he’s a wizzard.

  24. Sleepingorange says:

    It seems that every-one has forgotten that Biff DOES in fact bleed. I can remember at least one such instance. Number 25, any-one?

  25. nikie says:

    is that the same bottle as the hair growth formula? methinks that it is…

  26. Kamorth says:

    I used to wish I could tan. I’d go out an put up with the sunburn so that I’d hopefully have some kind of colour when it faded.. but the red would fade to pink, and then from pink back to my usual transparent, in a few days.

    In the end, I decided to become a goth.

  27. Ela says:

    Does he have no blood?

  28. Kozo the Kid says:

    … Biff’s a hammerspace of things. Face it. You can’t kill Biff. He’s some sort of atomically massed being. Blow his head off and it’ll come right back. Someone tell biff that he really should watch what buys, though.

  29. Damascus says:

    @Seraphine: Actually I believe that after SPF 30, there really isn’t much of a difference…. Wait I just checked, it doesn’t provide any SIGNIFIGANT difference.

  30. dragonbrad says:

    there hs been edible sunblock in germany that taste like fish an chips ( im not european) and sunblock that tste like baklava

  31. dragonbrad says:

    by the way his body is shaped, he is as flat as a pnkake

  32. Radical Edward says:

    This reminds me of an early Garfield comic.

    “Although this collar repels fleas, it attracts sharks”

  33. Terashell says:

    The strange and mysterious Biff… I propose Biff is, in fact, some form of deity, who chooses what and when he is damaged, as a method to experience the, admittedly strange and illogical (then again, when aren’t we?) human condition.

    yes… I am deep after work and a Baconator.

  34. Flump Pod says:

    He has to be made of marshmallow, though tofu was a good guess.
    Great comic! I just found it a few hours ago.

  35. emthegreat says:

    looks like clay to me.
    possibly ice cream.

  36. Pom Rania says:

    Aaron: EVERYBODY’s entire body structure is contained in the DNA of every cell (except red blood cells, I think): we just can’t regenerate.

    Now for a SWEET example of regeneration, watch ‘The Christmas Invasion’ episode of Doctor Who.

  37. 1 wolffan says:

    I only just started reading Biff today, but this one got me laughing the hardest so far. He just has this look on his face of “This isn’t the flavor I ordered”…

    “I clearly ordered the mackerel flavor!”

  38. Amake says:

    “The REAL question is why somebody made tuna flavoured sublock in the first place.”

    There’s no evidence that there’s any other people in the world, so probably Biff made it. :I

  39. Alice Love says:

    It’s clear that Biff is:

    Part amphibian/fish
    Is also part android
    Is made out of tofu.
    Is mute.
    Has secret super powers that are activated randomly.
    Is immortal. Possibly some kind of deity.
    In my eyes 😛

  40. femax says:

    You guys! it just came to me Biff is immortal!

  41. Random McPerson says:

    Biff forgets his anti-shark underwear

  42. Kyle says:

    Sorry but Chris you did a no so good job on the beach and sea, but the bite was a bit large for a tuna no?

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