I wasn’t sure I was going to be posting a comic tonight. On the way home from work I think I may have driven through a tornado… or at least something really close to one. The drive started out nice and clear and then my wife called to say that the power went out and the tornado sirens were going off. Just then I came to the top of a hill and I could see ominous black clouds in the distance. It started to drizzle a little so I put on my wipers and seconds later it turned to hail that quickly turned into full on fire hose in your face rain. I was shocked at how violent it was and thought that maybe I should get off the highway. As soon as I made that decision I realized that it was raining so hard I had no idea where I was or which way the car was pointing. The highway had become a parking lot. All the cars had stopped. My car felt like it was surrounded by a bunch of guys that were joking around trying to see if they could flip it over. I was gripping the wheel tightly, bracing for what I thought was the inevitable road sign or street light to come smashing through my windshield.

But it never came. The rain let up and was reduced to a trickle. The weird part was that the cars were all still stopped. A few minutes went by and then 3 police cars, 1 fire truck and 4 tow trucks squeezed by in the emergency lane. It took me about an hour to go the quarter mile from where I stopped to where the accident occured and all I saw when I passed was a semi being lifted up by one of the huge tow trucks. The cab of the semi was blackened and charred from some sort of fire.

The rest of the trip home was pretty uneventful until I got a few blocks from my house. I had been running on an almost empty tank of gas for the past hour and successfully made it to the gas station only to find out that the power was out. Dang fancy electric gas pumps!. So I decided to just go home. The last block leading up to my street was littered with leaves and branches. There was a tree almost split in half, a pair of gorgeous weeping willows that were now missing their top halves and 2 full grown trees completely uprooted. Luckily my actual neighborhood was spared the major damage and only had to suffer a few hours without power. Hopefully I’ll make it to the gas station on my way to work in the morning. Maybe I’ll bring an empty gas can with me in case I have to walk that last block

Thanks to everyone that has bid on the Biff art auction so far. I’m getting excited that it’s almost time to send the files to the book printer.