#291 – Clock

I’ve never owned a grandfather clock but I’ve always admired them. I have had a few friends and relatives with them in their houses. I love to watch the hypnotic movement of the pendulum. I can spend long stretches of time exploring the intricate carvings of the cabinet and the details of the face. I think the most interesting time keeper I have is an indiglo alarm clock :/


32 thoughts on “#291 – Clock”

  1. DomanickX says:

    Woo I have done that before

  2. Jay says:

    That looks like it would sting a little bit…
    😉 and damn but i love this comic… been reading it for a week str8 just to get from the first one till the newest one

  3. geeklord says:

    Ooh… Splinters… Painful…

    By the way, this is the second post… I think… Eh… Ill find out when I refresh…

  4. Sax says:

    Today’s comic is pretty funny! Love the shrapnel.

  5. Kaoss says:

    I have a indiglo alarm clock too!

  6. Macabelle says:

    The thing that makes this funny is the look on Biff’s face. Not angry, not upset, just annoyed.

    And congratulations to Biff on getting back to earth without gas.

  7. Elli says:

    *whimpers* That looks painful. x.o

  8. Giga says:

    Ah… Biff got pwned, like nearly every day.

  9. I’m sorry for such a nice clock being destroyed.

  10. Biff will eventually heal. He always does.
    Clocks can’t do that.

  11. trueblaze says:

    Lol, the look on Biff’s face looks like it’s saying “Sigh, not again.”

  12. Bobs says:

    good news, Biff is Nintendo DS WiFi Opera Browser friendly!
    Now i get Biff on the go.
    Yeah, my gradmother had one, the mechanics look awesome.

  13. x__wasabi says:

    Haha. When I was younger when I lived in New Zealand, which wasn’t long since my parents divorced and my mom moved to asia (here) and brought me along. Anyway, when I was younger in New Zealand we had a grandfather clock, and a grandmother clock. The really loud gong sound gets pretty annoying if you’re trying to sleep. Especially in my old house in NZ, the walls were so thin you could hear someone whisper on the other side.

  14. That looks incredibly painful.. plus, he was just minding his own business and then BLAM!!

  15. Seraphine says:

    I’m glad Biff made it home from space.
    He shouldn’t have powered his grandfather
    clock with nuclear components, however.
    Time was not meant to glow.

  16. fluffy says:

    The comic is funny but the people saying this has happened to them aren’t – grandfather clocks don’t work based on tension. (They work using gravity, with weights and chains on a ratchet, which is easy to regulate as long as the local gravity doesn’t change. That’s why they’re so tall, as they need room for the weights to drop.)

  17. Squall says:

    My family does have a grandfather clock, actually. It’s kind of cool, but the novelty definitely wears off when you find out you’ve got to pull those weights back up every day; sorry to burst you’re bubble. It’s too bad the pendulum didn’t actually hit Biff, he sort of got the better end of this deal im my opinion. Also, I really like the color of Biff’s wall.

  18. Gobbledegook says:

    My parents’ grandfather clock was always a gamble whenever I was trying to go to sleep. Sometimes I’d just listen to the ticking and be lulled to sleep in a few minutes, other times I’d be kept awake for hours. Twice I actually got up and sabotaged the dang thing so I could get some peace and quiet.

  19. ninjarat says:

    I love how no matter how bad whatever happens to him is, he’s always just got the mild “oh… crap.” type of look on him.

  20. Pieman says:

    you should really do a ‘Biff realised that underpants don’t work as a decent parachute.’ or something along those lines.

    fliggoo giggoo!

  21. Macabelle says:

    I think it should be a heat seaking oven slowly falling in on itself.

    I can actually see the newspaper raised up covering Biff’s face, then this happens, he lowers it, glares, and raises the paper back up and keeps reading.

  22. Kozo the Kid says:

    A Biff VS the Wii comic oughta be done just for kicks. With a line with the effect of:
    Biff now realizes that the Wii Nunchaku attachment wasn’t an actual nunchaku.

  23. 3686 says:

    He still looks like he’s in shock to be honest

  24. C4Pottery says:

    My most interesting time keeper is my pocket watch. No batteries, I just wind it every morning and it keeps perfect time. It also has a window on the back so you can see all the little springs and cogs. But my grandparents have a glass clock, a grandfather clock, a cuckoo clock, and all manner of others, which they have to wind all the time. it’s impossible to sleep unless you go to bed just after all the clocks are done. Cuckoo clocks are only fun until you live with one.

  25. Jameson says:

    Oooh…ouch. Hilarious, though. I love the expression as he’s just sitting there with all that crud stuck in him.

  26. Radical Edward says:

    That shrapnel looks very painful…All I can say about that.

  27. Laje Kahr says:

    I think this qualifies as Biff’s most expensive mistake.

  28. Jenny says:

    I just hope he got the Elixir from the clock first. Those are priceless.

  29. Elkian says:

    Just that one side.

  30. Bakelite says:

    I knew a bloke who had a whole collection of old clocks, all of which worked and he kept wound up. At precisely 12 o’clock each day his house sounded like the beginning of Pink Floyd’s Time.

  31. SurveySays says:

    i can imagine that. “hmm there’s an artical about that time I hit the side of the house on my tire swing. looks like the weather is-‘ BAM!!! ‘-…crap.’

  32. Pix says:

    :D……. I don’t know what to say, it’s just that funny.

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