#290 – Gas

A few days ago I paid $3.09 a gallon for gas and the next morning it was $3.49. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that big of a jump before overnight. Leaving the gas cap off isn’t as bad as it used to be. A girlfriend of mine lost the gas cap to my camaro when she left it on the trunk at the gas station and then drove away. Now they come with the little cord so they can bounce around and bang into the side of your car as you drive down the highway with people laughing and pointing at you.

I did a guest comic for Diesel Sweeties that went up on Saturday. You can check it out here: clicky

Thanks to everyone who preordered the book last week. I spent most of my free time working on it over the weekend. I should have something exciting to show for it tomorrow or wednesday. 🙂 Speaking of orders, I don’t have any orders from Biff’s home state of Illinois yet! Let’s see how many local readers can get on the board today!


0 thoughts on “#290 – Gas”

  1. Jeff says:

    Oops… seems like something I’d do. lol

  2. Jameson says:

    Haha, that would suck, I’m not gonna lie.

  3. Chuck says:

    Oo, where is he going? Visiting his parents?

    Nice job on the guest strip, too.

  4. Macabelle says:

    Isn’t it obvious? He’s going… Umm… Okay, it’s not obvious.

    See? Told you he’d make something silly with the rest of the marshmallows. A rocket!

  5. Matthew says:

    $3.49 per galloon?
    A gallon is about 3.7 litres, so let’s say a dollar a litre.
    A dollar is about 70 cents (euro cents).
    I wish we would be paying those prices… we pay about twice as much

  6. Jack says:

    Matthew, that’s why America is better than Europe. 😉 Just playing man.

    That’s a good comic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that with my car.

  7. Synchro says:

    Biff must really like his cereal.

  8. Elli says:

    We haven’t gone over three bucks yet, but I’m certain it’ll happen soon. :/

    The guest comic brought back many bad memories. I hate frozen yoghurt now. 🙁

  9. ElGeFe says:

    Reader from Venezuela here.
    Love the webcomic, looking for money to buy the book.

    Leaving the gascap off must really suck, but very few gas stations here are self pump, so little to no chance of that happening to us.

    On another note, gas is at about 97 bolívares per litre (for 95 octane), 2150 bolívares is a dollar, using the above 3.7 litres to a gallon that would put the cost of gas in venezuela to about 17 cents a gallon. These prices are government regulated so they are the same all over the country. One of the few good things left about living in venezuela.

  10. Seraphine says:

    Biff is cooler than that MacGyver guy. He’s not afraid to drop a match into the gas tank or to use his thumb to score an alternative ride.

  11. I think he’s going to some other planet to learn about alien technology so he can use that in his gadgets.

    Or he just wanted to use his gravity boots.

  12. Man Biff must have been going crazy on the super bran lately

  13. T.S. says:

    My computer has been on the fritz for a long time and I was too busy/lazy to fix it… So, it’s been a while since my last Biff fix… Good to see you’re finally putting the book together… Wonder if you’ll include any of the comments we’ve posted about them… (hint hint nudge nudge)

  14. Nocturnal says:

    I calculated this (using Google as a calculator, very fun :)) and seems like you pay €0.67 per liter of gas. Here (in Belgium) at the pump you’d pay €1.43 per liter of gas. So that’s more than two times as much.

    Though most of the cars here run on diesel, which is around €1.1 per liter of gas.

  15. 3686 says:

    I love the way he looks disgruntled in this one.

  16. Lucretiel says:

    The guest comic is pretty epic, clango even has Biff’s shoes… thus confirming the theory that Biff has his grav boots

  17. Lucretiel says:

    P.S. I’m surprised Biff remembered his helmet

  18. Zelly_Fangirl says:

    hmmm…maybe if Biff’s lucky he brought along a copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy….cause it looks like he’s going to be thumbing a ride home…

  19. Jameson says:

    Oh, I wasn’t first comment earlier…..I thought I was….oh well. This comic rules!

  20. Darkr0nin says:

    How unfortunate. Poor Biff! D=

  21. Woosh says:

    You know what always makes me smile. Really short first post comments. Then equally short second post comments that claim first post.

  22. Plumpy says:

    I hate it when you’re driving down the road, and you have the feeling that something is wrong, especially when the feeling is amplified by laughing passer-by.

    I love your comic, man.

  23. Frank says:

    Biff’s getting a tan..>Definatley not as pale as he used to be.

  24. Flaros says:

    He’ll just have to fire it up on whatever planet he’s going to’s unique gases. I think it should run on peanut butter though.

  25. Dave says:

    …Isn’t this the same rocket that Biff got in his Super Noodle Bran?
    Nice comics by the way. Just started reading them yesterday 🙂

  26. Manji says:

    That sucks…. well… at least his current momentum might carry him to a planet with breathable air… (note: there is no wind resistance in space, so he would keep going until he runs into a planet or something, just so everyone knows)

  27. speearr says:

    It’s only bad in a gravity-free environment……!

  28. Dzelda says:

    Hey look its the rocket Biff got from the cereal box! XD

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