#260 – ATM

I remember when they first put an ATM into my local grocery store. My mom called it the magic money machine. I didn’t really start using them myself until college. Back then you still had to use cash for most everything. I had a weird experience one day while going to school in Savannah. There was an ATM that I went to a lot that was built into the outside wall of a bank. It was right on the sidewalk. I walked up to it and was surprised to find the screen shattered and little round dents all over the metal casing. I saw on the news that night that someone unsuccessfully tried to break into it by shooting it with a shotgun.


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  1. Heinrich says:

    i guess biff’s just cool like that. when he goes to withdraw money, does he just have it emailed to him? or faxed?

  2. ratboy says:

    ya where does the money come from? Wait. on second thought I don’t want to know.

  3. random person says:

    duz biff eat the money…
    and where duz he put his lungs and heart

  4. Andy says:

    I don’t think I could ever do that. I’d probly end up spending money about twice as fast as I do now. Not a bad idea, though.

  5. LavaBall says:

    Now this makes Biff a Cyborg/Android/Robot Funny one tough.

  6. I wonder if he had to take banking classes…

  7. Hyshinara says:

    man, i sure hope they’re not gonna try and break into Biff with a shotgun to get the cash out 😛

  8. RFPT says:

    well, that takes Biff to a whole new level of creepy.

  9. Sax says:

    Biff has no bellybutton! Although it’s rather obvious he’s not human, I guess.

  10. dragonbrad says:

    chris you lived in the burbs of chicago, you went to school in georgia, you just keep me guessein were you live,im just kiddin i sounded like a stalker there, great comic, is biff gaining weieght

  11. KarmaScar says:

    AWESOME comic, my younger brother referred the site and i absolutely LOVE IT! This is my first post, and i had to, because I live in savannah, and went to SCAD here in town. I assume you went there also? What years? That’s awesome, I love to see quality work coming out of that school. [I finished my Master’s of Architecture degree there]

    Keep up the awesome work.

  12. Tinned Moron says:

    Honey! My chest just called me an a**hole!

  13. Chris says:

    I went to SCAD for my first year of art school 1991/1992

  14. P. Reaper says:

    OMG, Biff is a so smart! That would save so much gas!

    On another note, this is probably the earliest I have ever posted here. Now I feel kool. xD

  15. Eddie says:

    Apparently he’s upset because he just realized he can’t read the screen to follow the directions, and is most likely already questioning his decision to have such a heavy item planted inside his chest. He’s probably thinking he’ll have to ask a friend to tell him what’s on the screen, not even thinking about using a mirror.

    Another great comic, and the extra time to find and go to an ATM would probably make something like that worth it if not for the invention of the Debit card.

    As stated before, who puts the money in, and more importantly, where?

  16. isana says:

    i sorta wish i could do that.

  17. Oddly Frozen says:

    wow, this is going to give me nightmares =P

  18. DomanickX says:

    Lol I like this one
    All the pretty women could use it and biff would be happy

  19. Bullet Fiend says:

    I think his expression looks almost like it’s saying “My ATM!”
    Cool comic, Chris

  20. APic says:

    It almost looks like he’s flashing.

  21. Seraphine says:

    One unexpected complication: Biff will have to give his secret pin code to his doctor in case of emergency, and you’re not supposed to give that pin code to *anybody!

  22. Brett says:


  23. bilbo says:


  24. Calleh says:

    “OMG, Biff is a so smart! That would save so much gas!

    On another note, this is probably the earliest I have ever posted here. Now I feel kool. xD

    Next he’ll have a gas pump installed.
    …I don’t want to know what the nozzle would be, DX

  25. Squall says:

    this is the first time I’ve ever seen Biff with pupils, or maybe I just haven’t been paying enough attention. In regards to all the wondering of where Biff put his organs; obviously, the bank has them, duh and duh. Also, hasn’t biff already had a couple machines put in his chest? Maybe I’m just thinking of the umbrella implant.

  26. Garrett says:

    Thank you for not saying “ATM machine” 🙂

  27. P. Reaper says:

    Calleh, thats an easy one. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

    …I’m talking about replacing his spin with the gas hose just so you know. xD

  28. Mac says:

    Someone shot it with a shotgun? Freaky… and to think you were just there, too.

    Interesting comic, not sure what to make of it, though. I mean…. does this mean that Biff’s a robot now?

  29. Rikapuppy says:

    Lol. I dunno. Biff is alot of things, Mac. :] (Also, I finally commented again)

  30. Heinrich says:

    i think, at the very best, this would make biff cyborg – not full on robot. n i think that biff would probly have the readout backwards n large enough that he could read it in a mirror.

  31. smashpro says:

    that is THE (2nd) greatest idea ever

  32. Toshmate! says:

    yeah most of the ATM’s on the east coast of Australia are on the outside walls of the bank like the one you mentioned.. but when i went to live on the west coast.. i thought they didnt have them.. i was quite confused about this untill i noticed they were all in a little ‘pre-bank room’.. it was open all hours but you had to go inside the automatic doors and it was really quiet and creepy.. i was still confused about this trend.. it turns out it is because people used to drive up on the foot path, chain the ATM to the bull-bar and rip it out of the wall, NOT JUST A ONE OFF.. who does that? hahaha.. so now they are all semi inside, wtf, ha!!

  33. Marcus Dranz says:

    You know, I think Biff’s whole biological structure is redundant. It would explain a lot.
    Like how he constantly SURVIVES.

    Also, this way, massive gaping chest wounds won’t be a serious thing anymore.

  34. dragonbrad says:

    were is the forehead-vcr the head umbrella hole and how did biff

  35. DMC_Run says:

    “Heinrich”: NOT backwards, upside-down! Then he could read the screen, & it would slow down anyone else from using him “just for the money”…

  36. Malachite Dragon says:

    (Calleh Says:
    June 4th, 2007 at 1:46 pm
    “OMG, Biff is a so smart! That would save so much gas!
    On another note, this is probably the earliest I have ever posted here. Now I feel kool. xD”
    Next he’ll have a gas pump installed.
    …I don’t want to know what the nozzle would be, DX )


  37. Sergeant Major says:

    Body implants of various machines we normally see on the sidewalk may not be too far away. But I’m talking about 50 years.

    I saw a picture of a guy wearing a computer. It had the screen in a little projector monocle infront of his eye, a keyboard on his arm, the mouse on his other hand, DVD and CD drives on his shoulder, and the CPU and battery in a backpack. It looked like some advanced infantry combat system. Not suprisingly, the military is developing and almost ready to field something simliar, just more suited for combat needs.

  38. Adam M says:

    Feed me a stray cat.

  39. pip says:

    The ones who do his autopsy will be rich.(if he ever dies)

  40. Radical Edward says:

    I hate dealing with ATMs. They give me nothing but trouble.

  41. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    There’s always a slight chance that it could go haywire and spew Biff’s internal organs all over.

  42. Elkian says:

    How can he see the screen? I bet he’s chosen Mandarin C

  43. Elkian says:

    Chinese more than once.

  44. bghvgjdh says:

    That’ll go well with the VCR in his forehead!

  45. Crazy Chucky says:

    Wow, here I am sitting here reading through your archives, and had no idea you were a former SCAD student. I probably know the ATM you mean, too. (Well, I assume it’s been replaced with newer models over the years, but the location, anyway.) Never knew someone took a shotgun to it… That’s pretty nuts.

  46. Chris says:

    @Crazy Chucky – I can’t remember where it was anymore… I think it was on one of the north/south streets with the square in it every few blocks. Bull or Abercorn maybe? It would have been the East side of the street.

  47. Nokore says:

    A VCR in the forehead. Now an ATM in the chest. This guy is going to make metal detectors go nuts at airports…. >>

  48. the walrus says:

    When I rob ATM’s I use a grenade launcher.

  49. Voyager says:

    People do very stupid for chump change. My mom worked a paper route for a while. People would do the stupidest things trying to get into the newpaper machines. One person towed one with a truck for miles. Absolutely wreaked the box. It had three dollars in change in it.

    Then there was the box with Shelob. I would almost pity the poor fool that tried to steal that one, but I don’t.

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