#253 – Lava

I had a Duke’s of Hazzard lunch box when I was a kid. Even though my lunch box was cool, I was always jealous of my friends Pigs in Space lunch box. I would frequently get an apple and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch. Somehow the sandwich would always end up under the apple and by lunch time it would only be a millimeter thick.


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  1. Rikapuppy says:

    Lol. Squished Much? 😡 First comment.

  2. Bunnyman says:

    Squished? ._o You confuse me, dog-beast… Lava is not squished.

  3. darkenedhalo says:

    I had that same problem, but it was PB + Honey, and a snack pack pudding cup. Mmmm Snack Packs.

  4. cyber95 says:

    Biff needs a better Thermos. A Thermos that cannot hold molten lava is not a very good one. I like my Thermos, which can store black holes and antimatter.

  5. RFPT says:

    a Dukes Of Hazzard lunchbox? awesome.
    My Thermos sucked. the glass broke on Day 9. needless to say, my soup was ruined.

  6. Squall says:

    You can eat glass filled soup if Biff can eat razorblade apples. I love the color of the lava and how it spirals out of the thermos instead of just falling. Plus, the thermos can’t have been all that bad if it kept the lava all molten.

  7. Lockyer says:

    I want a new Dukes of Hazzard lunch box…preferably showing Johnny Knoxville weilding a phonebook.

    I keep my lava samples in the extra big Wal-Mart bags. Those things are thick enough to do the job.

  8. dragonbrad says:

    What happened to his soup?

    Is he standing on the lava?

    Does everything of Biff’s have to be green like his shoes, his lunchbocks and thermos, his green invisible car, his huge sofa?

    Great comic Chris alot like the original comics. ^-^

  9. Marcus Dranz says:

    Why is everyone hooked on Dukes of Hazzard? Pigs in Space rocks, because they’re Muppets named after pork products.

    Also, it looks like he’s standing IN THE LAVA…

  10. dragonbrad says:

    geeklord, how can you make caffinated oat meal

  11. P. Reaper says:

    Mmmm, Lova.

  12. Eddie says:

    It’s interesting that he can stand in a lava field, as well as contain molten lava in his thermos without his fingernails melting again. Furthermore, how did he get it INTO the thermos? Dip it into the molten lava? And on another note, that’s a reeeeally tiny lunchbox. It’d hold probably one of your single-millimeter sandwiches and nothing else.

    Great comic, one of my new favorites.

  13. Rick says:

    He’s biff, he can just conveniently regenerate.

  14. KungKong says:

    I don’t understand why nobody makes a flask that can hold lava that doesn’t melt. It would make things alot easyier us. =/

  15. dragonbrad says:

    eddie, that lunch box is prolaby a lava tester thingy

  16. Kadro says:

    Oooh Biff you’ve done it again! I never use my thermos, because it smells like the old folks home. Shame.

  17. Reikon Ame says:

    With all the lava that he has collected then he doesn’t need a thermos worth it, he can merely make a volcano appear in his house and give him all he needs.

  18. Seraphine says:

    The lava samples being poured from Biff’s thermos aren’t the same color as the lava he is standing on. That suggests the lava samples have spoiled and the thermos is indeed faulty. Once again, Biff made the correct choice.

  19. Specialist290 says:

    This reminds me of the time I accidentally blew my thermos up in the microwave. The thing smelled like ramen noodles for a month.

    I’m guessing that Biff’s lunchbox has one of those spacetime compression field thingies that allows it to store more space than it takes up. Or maybe Biff just doesn’t eat big meals.

  20. Synchro says:

    Bunnyman, Rikapuppy means Chris’s sandwich. XD

  21. Jerowaka says:

    or maybe… biff is jsut a big guy? maybe his hand is the size of your head O_o

  22. Thermos : Keeps Hot things Hot and Cold things Hot.

    Also sometimes keeps Hot things Cold and Cold things Cold

  23. Spoot Knight says:

    Well I managed to catch this one before it hit 24 comments.
    This one is equally funny. I can see Biff put a quasar into a plastic baggy. 😀
    *Opens* *Riiiiip*
    Hmm…the Earth’s missing.

  24. geeklord says:

    Dragonbrad, to make caffeinated oatmeal, substitute coffee for the water, then prepare as normal. I just put the bowl right in the coffee machine and let the coffee drip into the oats.
    Mmmmmm…. caffeinated oatmeal…

  25. Daniel says:

    you really like the whole lava concept don’t you?

  26. Defiance says:

    Ah but the upside is, when you do have a sandwich like that, it becomes a deadly weapon.

  27. Oddly Frozen says:


  28. Rikapuppy says:

    Whoa. I dunno. o_o I think I was high on sugar or something when I commented. xD

  29. Radical Edward says:

    Well, another item that can’t be returned. Pity…

  30. Ben says:

    zOMG * points* *runs screaming* A yank using metric!!!!

  31. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I use metric, but it’s in the book I’m writing.

  32. Elkian says:

    Reminds me of the time my mom sent me carbonated water in a bottle formerly used for a liquid meal….which says on the label, ‘Shake well.’

  33. emthegreat says:

    why are you complaining about flat sandwiches? I do that to my sand wiches on purpose. yummy, flat salami sandwich…

  34. the walrus says:

    My thermos conatins a naked singularity on the inside, so i can store as much as i want and still get it back.

  35. the walrus says:

    My thermos contains a naked singularity on the inside, so i can store as much as i want and still get it back.

  36. Soltueur says:

    I don’t use a thermos, I bring a coffee/choko machine and a car battery with me – for maximum freshness!

  37. MrD says:

    Doesn’t Biff’s have enough lava already?

  38. -2! says:

    Have to old comic comment because I love the fact that you used metric because there is no good imperial measurement name for something about that thick 😛

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