#248 – Kite

I think I went through 2 or 3 kites a year as a kid. Many were eaten by trees or telephone wires. Sometimes the crossbar would snap after a few too many nose dives into the ground. A kid down the road would get one kite up almost to the end of the roll of string and then tie it to a stick he stuck in the ground. He would then start up a second kite and keep going. I think I remember him having up to 4 flying at once. It was kind of an inverse image of someone fishing with multiple fishing poles.


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  1. KeYYeK says:

    man eating trees!! those are fun to draw 😀

  2. Arctic Fox says:

    lol so thats where my science project went, looks like my tree/venues fly trap hybrid got a good home ^^

  3. random guy says:

    reminds me of those man eating stumps on maplestory…….

  4. cyber95 says:

    I can see that used as an excuse…
    “My tree ate my homework.”

  5. Zalora says:

    Haha, MapleStory… That was addicting.
    Yeah, I’ve had many a kite get caught in the telephone wires around the neighborhood.

  6. Bob says:

    haha, that tree had teeth for a reason, and it aint for photosynthsis…

  7. Andy says:

    To hell with Charlie Brown’s kite-eating tree…we got something worse here.

  8. Synchro says:

    What if the kid down the road WAS fishing…?

  9. cyber69 says:

    fishing? for clouds of course.

  10. For the last couple of years I have had such a desire to go out kite flying. Of course, I’d need to go out and get something a little more than those plastic ones (a 24 year old flying a kite is strange enough with out it being a crappy plastic one with Spiderman on it…). Perhaps this year I will do it.

  11. CojoinedCows says:

    Looks like Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity with his kite, while Biff discovered… well, biff-eating trees.

  12. Looks like the tree from Ocarina of Time, except without the mustache

  13. Squarehead says:

    Good luck being covered with tree sap. Biff-eating trees tend to do that.

  14. Marcus Dranz says:

    You know, I wonder if there really ARE any gigantic, parasitic, armor-plated, two-legged BUGS down there. Seriously, Gohma only had two or three legs.

  15. dragonbrad says:

    matbe the tree likes the the scent of chocolate and rueben sandwiches, i just saw the wizard of oz lately,and this totally reminded me about it

  16. Oh noes! It’s Wispy Woods gone psycho!

    Yeah, overly-hungry trees are a problem. They almost justfy defoestation. it’s them or us, after all…

  17. shashani says:

    glad to see I’m not the only one reminded of the great deku tree. Those were some days well spent, saving the world with Link…

  18. Dr. Wily's Techno Man says:

    *sees comic*
    Biff might have a bit of trouble finding himself in that tree is he’s not careful. Just hope they don’t have teeth inside too.

  19. Gobbledegook says:

    Hopefully Biff has some type of squirrel or beaver forefather on the non-amphibian side of his family; then he could chew his way out.

  20. Reikon Ame says:

    Sometimes, it’s best to just try and distract the tree with a sexy twig, or branch. Causing it to for a moment let down it’s gaurd and allow biff to get the kite. Or if he waited he could let his gravity bill expire and the kite float out.

  21. Seraphine says:

    If Biff wiggles his ears, maybe he could trigger the Tree’s gag reflex?

  22. kenshin620 says:

    Charlie Brown’s tree’s back. With an even bigger appetite

  23. Natester says:

    Nice, Kind of remonds me of the Great Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time

  24. DomanickX says:

    I wonder how biff tastes…

  25. Random Person 1 says:

    I hate kites. I could never get one to fly. I would be running for as long as my little legs could, and even then, I still couldn’t get it to fly. My dad always got the kite to fly for me, and then he would give me the string. But as soon as the string touched my hand, the kite would go kamikaze on me and make a beeline for my head. I guess kites hate me.

  26. Hmm Maybe this is one of those comics with a hidden inspiration that we’re supposed to guess. Wispy Woods, Great Deku from ocarina of Time and Alice in Wonderland all popped in my head 😀

  27. Chunky says:

    I’m liking how the majority of you are thinking of the Great Deku Tree instead of Charlie Brown.

    For shame.

  28. Ela says:

    Holy snap! That tree has teeth!

  29. Lucretiel says:

    Eyebrows and Mouths must be unconfortable going down…

  30. P. Reaper says:

    The ents think they can do what ever they want. It sickings me.

  31. dragonbrad says:

    is that he same tree that he got good cell phone reception in

  32. Haragorn says:

    Its bark is NOT worse than its bite!

  33. Nova Namina Riff says:

    I feel I’ve missed something out in my early childhood. I’ve never flyed a kite in my life. The only problem I’ve had with tree’s were falling out of them or being attacked by them on Maplestory. Good times : )

  34. Hyshinara says:

    If the Deku Tree is in Biff’s garden, then his home is in the Kikori Forrest…
    That makes Biff a Kikori… or at least part Kikori…

    I’ve discovered the other side of Biff’s family 😀

    Biff is a frogXKikori freak of nature 😛

  35. Nikanaiko says:

    Hyshinara, that’s very close to what I was thinking. xD

  36. MetMan.EXE says:

    The Deku giant seed-thingy has grown into the age of Biff! Let us rejoice!

  37. Nate says:

    charlie brown! kite eating tree!

  38. Vince says:

    Biff prolly has loads more heritage than just amphibian and whatever else he is…He may be a giant melting pot of…well, everything for all we know.

  39. ChanWo says:

    “Friends don’t let friends get eaten by trees without then snaping the tree off and casting it into the sun.”

  40. Knife Knut says:

    Looks like he needs to get an axe!

  41. Miranda says:

    My grandmother has a huge field that is perfect for kites. I have several fond memories of kite flying. I wish more kids would do it today.

  42. Rachel says:


  43. Super Llama says:

    Uh oh! The Kite-Eating Tree eats people now! Run!

  44. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I have yet to play maple story.

  45. Three of Nineteen says:

    Can anyone say Xanth tangle tree? 😀

  46. the walrus says:

    If you set your kite on fire you do not have the problems with trees that others do, or if you do it is removed very fast.

  47. Xanth Fan says:

    Yay, finally I see someone who appreciates Xanth! 🙂 I love both Biff and Piers’s novels, though there’s only one store in n. California that sells them. 🙁

  48. Random McPerson says:

    Space Treeeeeeeeee!

  49. wertsir says:

    lol this happened to me

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