#193 – Meatloaf

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  1. Elli says:

    Oh dear. Looks like he forgot to tenderize it. Great comic. XD

  2. Wiggle says:

    When Eddie said he didn’t like his teddy…

  3. Iethloc says:

    NOW Biff uses a chainsaw! He should have used it to threaten the objects in his living room to not attract dust!

  4. Elli says:

    Very true, Iethloc. Unfortunately, the furniture isn’t fooled by a RE4 Doctor Salvador Chainsaw controller. D:

  5. MrPriest says:

    Great comics, but it seems sadly the art style is being changed 🙁 I mean, today’s face seemed sorta off for me – his mouth and his eyes…

  6. Jeff says:

    nope your crazy mrpriest

  7. Leon says:

    Keep it up, Chris, and some stupid teen somewhere in the states will blame you when they do something stupid. I can’t promise it won’t be me… But think of all the attention to the site!

  8. dragonbrad says:

    i know meat loaf is hard but th chainsaw would cut it but there will be a mess

  9. Roy_vf1s says:

    Wow… some of the observations on this page are so clear, they might make it to ‘stagnant water.’

    Iethloc: If we blame Biff for the stupidity in our lives that causes trouble, won’t we, in effect, begin living like Biff and thus have really cool stuff (like anti-grav potions, icebergs for water coolers, and pennies that have been crushed by glaciers?)

  10. AG says:

    Huh, at first I thought he’d managed to go through the table without touching the meatloaf. I missed that tiny little slice on the other end.

  11. DMC_Run says:

    For the NEXT pic, I envision the meatloaf buried DEEPLY into the wall (flung there by the chainsaw), because there’s NOTHING that anchors it to the table!

  12. DMC_Run says:

    “Biff wonders how he managed to avoid this mishap with the previous slice…”

  13. To Biffs credit, I would have expected him to pick up the chainsaw by the business end.
    So the loss of only a table is pretty good going.

  14. Iethloc says:

    Pretty odd way that he sliced it. The cut part of the table is so far away from the meatloaf! It’s like…a divine fumble! Good job, Biff! You continue to entertain us with your bizarre antics!

  15. dragonbrad says:

    i was just lookin at the comic where biff is try to catch rats with a mouse-trap game, i was never patient with that game,so i put it together, and launched the trap. (for this comic) Biff would be perfect for an add for a chainsaw company it, would say ” Our chainsaws are so sharp it can cut through meat loaf”,do you think he would be perfect for an add.

  16. Malicor says:

    Actually, if you think of all the ways the table could fall and the meatloaf lands/slides after the table falls that should be about right, with the way the table is sitting.

  17. jo says:

    teh funy thing is that ive actually tried this

  18. Rikapuppy says:

    That’s a sturdy piece of meatloaf.

  19. Iethloc says:

    This would make an awesome animation…seeing Biff cut meatloaf with a chainsaw…and not just a comic of the result.

  20. Cheez says:

    What’s meatloaf? I’ve heard of it before, but have no idea what it is, other than edible. Is it bread made of meat or something?

  21. Haragorn says:

    Meatloaf is basically a slab of ground meat, often with cheese and onions in it.

  22. Cheez says:

    Oh, ok, thanks!

  23. CynicalSavant says:

    Isn’t that always the case with Biff?

  24. Phantom Blade says:

    should have gone with the lightsaber

  25. chocolate_covered_kitty says:

    im reading some of these to my friend over the phone and he is laughing his a– off

  26. monoXcide says:

    Doesn’t it always? With the exception of zombies of course.

  27. Lisa says:

    Hahah, Remindes me of Rocky Horror Picture….

  28. APic says:

    That’s some tough loaf.

  29. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    My spaghetti turned to rubber. that caused a problem. though, now the car’s tires look pretty interesting.

  30. Josef says:

    When I was in grade school, we read this poem called “My Mother’s Meatloaf” I think. It was from a kid talking about the indestructibility of his mother’s meatloaf. I can’t remember who it’s by, and it’s frustrating not being able to find it.

  31. Elkian says:

    He should have tried a torch the first time around – to soften it….but don’t caramalize it.

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