#1876 – Watery

I was never allergic to cats until I was in my twenties. I was really confused the first few times I had a reaction. “What is happening to me?!” After awhile a pattern emerged and I was prepared for it with some allergy drugs. Unfortunately my actions of trying to avoid cats at people’s houses seems to make me very attractive to cats.

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12 thoughts on “#1876 – Watery”

  1. CaptXpendable says:

    There is actually a reason for that. If you look up “Why does a cat go to the visitor who doesn’t like cats?”, you’ll get the following answer.

    “When one cat is threatening another, it stares boldly, sometimes hisses, and frequently moves in toward the other cat. Usually, the person who doesn’t like cats avoids looking at it, doesn’t talk to it, and sits quietly, hoping to be ignored by the cat. The cat, therefore, sees the person’s behavior as “cat-friendly” and practically inviting.”

    1. Sheherazahde says:

      Yup, that is what I was going to say. The things people do to signal “go away I don’t want to talk to you” are what cats do to signal “I’m friendly and would totally like to be your friend”. And the things people do to signal “I’m friendly and want to be friends with you” are cat for “I will kill you and eat you!”

  2. It would be terrible for me if I’d develop some kind of allergy to cats now, because I’ve been a crazy cat person since the dawn of time.

    Also, you can actually be more allergic to one kind of cats than another. My mom is allergic to short-haired cats, but not long-haired or semi long-haired ones (like the ones we have).

  3. ZackDark says:

    Really? No one will mention Biff’s eyes?

    1. boog says:

      I know, right? His eyebrows are so long.

    2. Falos says:

      Well, it’s the third time around according to the tag. You could even say #39 counted.


      1. Octothorp says:

        I was sure there was another one showing his eyes though… I remember that when people saw it, it made them freak out because Biff’s eyes were so big.

    3. Roborat says:

      Well, now I know why we never see his eyes.

  4. kingklash says:

    When I was a teen, I had someone offer me a job tending to her cats while she went away on family business for about a month. She lived in the country, and had about 25 cats , fifteen of whom were indoor cats. I politely refused, but I’m sure my face looked similar to Biff, just from contemplating the dander.

  5. reynard61 says:

    “hey this is the first time we’ve seen biff’s eyes”

    *Inside* their sockets, anyway…

  6. I’m not allergic, but I’m not a fan of animal hair. I got to people’s houses, and they ask me if I’m okay with cats AFTER the cat has jumped at me. At this point, the hair is already on me so I force a smile and say yes.

  7. Pix says:

    Yea, actually it is the fourth time he has shown his eyes

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