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Back in high school I worked at an ice cream shop. We had a bunch of different toppings available for sundaes including butterscotch and caramel. The interesting part was that those two flavors were actually the same thing. It even said butterscotch/caramel on the package. Nobody ever complained. If they were expecting caramel, they tasted caramel. If they expected butterscotch, they tasted butterscotch.

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12 thoughts on “#1860 – Inside”

  1. Mighty Bob says:

    Heh, we had something similar at this bakery I worked at. All year round we’d sell pumpkin pies, but around the fall season we’d label half of them as squash ( which isn’t really a lie, pumpkins are a -kind- of squash iirc ). And we’d get people coming in telling us about how our squash pies were SO much better than the pumpkin and we should sell it year round. People are weird.

  2. Miles says:

    Interesting. I like Butterscotch, but I don’t like caramel… then again, I don’t like ice cream, so maybe I will never be in a situation like that.

    1. Octothorp says:

      Actually, butterscotch isn’t caramel, What he was saying was that THEIR butterscotch is the same as their caramel. But the packaging said “butterscotch and caramel” so there is a difference.

  3. fluffy says:

    Butterscotch and caramel have the exact same ingredients in them. The primary difference is the cooking process – in butterscotch, the sugar and cream are brought to a boil at the same time, whereas in caramel the cream is added later.

  4. That reminds me of those two “different” chocolate bars we have here in Sweden, they’re called Center and Plopp, and they’re both just simple chocolate bars that are filled with some soft caramel stuff. There are many people who say that these two chocolate bars are exactly the same, but I’ve heard that there is some slight difference. Maybe one of them tastes slightly sweeter than the other, I don’t really know…

    Funny thing is, Center and Plopp are actually made by the very same manufacturer!

  5. hayabusa says:

    i was just thinking about a caramel injected apple earlier today. did you read my mind Chris?

    1. Chris says:

      No, this comic is from yesterday.

  6. kingklash says:

    “Now, this will just sting a little bit….”

  7. i.half4 says:

    Sounds like kingklash read my mind, because was just thinking about the way they price car parts. There’s actually a special catalogue that lists equivalent parts, so when two cars use the same part, you can ask for the one for the cheaper car.

    But then a long rant about money and transportation would be more of a dull thud to anyone stuck waiting for the bus, so…

  8. Drakey says:

    I got to the page and at first it looked like he was holding a bong. I realize the stress of being Biff is pretty intense, but I didn’t know he’d turned to narcotics!

  9. Lee Most says:

    I like combining real food with candy to make it sweeter. Try a raspberry with a piece of candy corn in it, or one of those “baby-cut” carrots with some marzipan wrapped around it (The carrots are great that way, but I discovered the hard way that they fail when made ahead of time. The carrots kept emitting moisture that the marzipan dissolved in so when I got to the party it was a Biff-like gooey fail.)

  10. Marscaleb says:

    I had to go look it up. The biggest difference between butterscotch and caramel is butterscotch uses BROWN sugar.

    So, yeah, as an ice cream topping, there’s really not a noticeable difference.

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