#1818 – Training

“Why am I still gaining weight when all I have been eating is salad?”

“Listen, a bunch of tiny cheese burgers on a bed of lettuce is not a salad.”

“But I used a salad bowl!”

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8 thoughts on “#1818 – Training”

  1. hayabusa says:

    now i’m hungry. thanks Biff. share the love, and by love i mean giant tacos

  2. caffiend says:

    Reminds me of how I love watching people order 2 bigmacs and a large fries, then they’ll get a diet coke… I mean really, at that point you may as well go all out and get the regular coke.

  3. He looks thin, but if he would stand up and walk away from the table, we would see that his legs are super duper fat now…

  4. kingklash says:





  5. Peter Wolff says:

    How does that taco stay fresh for a week?

    1. Utuy says:

      It doesn’t have to stay fresh for a week. He told his doctor that he would eat a taco a day, a WHOLE taco.

  6. ZeoViolet says:

    This is too funny. My SIL informed us on Facebook this very day that she and my brother were having walking tacos tonight night and I couldn’t resist quipping, “So how do you sew feet on tacos?”

  7. Marscaleb says:

    I want that taco so bad!!
    Now I’m gonna eat tacos tomorrow!

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