#1817 – Write

I sometimes write comics while I’m out taking a walk. I have a pen and paper in my pocket to jot them down. Writing like that without a hard surface renders my horrible handwriting to almost unretrievable levels. If I don’t use those ideas within a few days I may never decipher the squiggly code.

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5 thoughts on “#1817 – Write”

  1. ZeoViolet says:

    This takes me back. I often saw letters backwards and wrote some of them backwards until I got glasses as a kid, even though my reading level was far ahead of the other kids my age. (My teacher figured that, since my older sibs had made a game of teaching me to read so early, I’d learned to compensate.)

    I don’t know why this is, or was, but it still happens once in a while visually to me, even as an adult. It is only momentary so it has never gotten in my way. Wearing glasses (I’m severely nearsighted) really cut out most of the problem.

    1. ZeoViolet says:

      PS, Chris, why don’t you carry a spiral notebook with a firm back (they have those) or something with you as you walk? Those are good for little doodles.

  2. My handwriting is weird. It can be either very easy or very difficult to read, depending on how fast I’m writing and if I’m writing in all-caps or not. It’s almost like I can change back and forth between two completely different handwritings, one in all-caps that is easy to read, and one that looks like squiggly autographs all the way (or like any doctor’s handwriting, even though I’m not a doctor).

  3. chaosshade says:

    I know what you mean about the bad handwriting. I sometimes need a police forensic investigator to decipher mine. Too bad they charge by the hour…

  4. kingklash says:

    I have a Nintendo DSi XL, and downloaded a Notebook program for it. It comes in handy, but writing notes on the touchscreen still really feels odd. There’s just not the resistance that writing on paper has, you know?

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