#1815 – Emptied

Mosquitos mostly leave me alone when I’m out walking around or doing yard work. The problem is when I take the dog out. As soon as she picks her spot and I need to stop moving I’m bombarded. It must look hilarious to my neighbors as I apparently wiggle and wave for no apparent reason.

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4 thoughts on “#1815 – Emptied”

  1. Zimmie says:

    Weird timing for this comic, my fiance has spent all weekend being eaten alive by those flying vampire bugs!

  2. I have only been bitten by mosquitos (or whatever else it could have been) twice. I never noticed when it happened, but both times I got a red, swollen area on my arm, about an inch or so in diameter.

  3. utuy says:

    Ahhh… last summer. All the fun camps and games, all the paintball that came with so many mosquito bites… wait. Last year while I was playing paint ball. One of the places was a forest. And the rules changed for the forest. You were aloud to hit someone with a paintball at point blank range. Some had auto guns too. So it was either get eaten by a million mosquitos or get hit with twenty paint balls. My decision? Get eaten alive. After that I got about thirty mosquito bites all in around the same spot. It was all along my shoulders across my chest and back. It was like a big strip of red bumps that itched like crazy. We had to get a family portrait a couple days later.

  4. kingklash says:

    At least the skeeters didn’t go for his head.

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