#1801 – Beaten

I sometimes have the brain power to accomplish what I need to in a day but I sabotaged myself with lack of sleep. “Let’s see, I’ll mow the lawn next! Oh but I’m hungry so first I’ll eat this big lunch… and close the shades… and curl up under this blanket… and…”

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6 thoughts on “#1801 – Beaten”

  1. Well that’s just heartless!

    …Why do I imagine Biff slowly gliding on the floor like some kind of snail? But instead of slime, he leaves a trail of his own blood behind him.

  2. LongshotLink says:

    It seems to me like his heart crawled out of his chest and up the wall. Wow. And that wordplay was spectacular.

  3. I imagine the heart with little red spider legs, now tucked into the corner of the ceiling, fearing someone coming along with a broom to knock it down.

    1. kingklash says:

      Don’t forget the looooong eyebrows.

  4. pix says:

    O gosh, that looks violent

  5. Marscaleb says:

    This page made me laugh out loud

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