#1797 – Defrost

Brain freeze scared me as a kid. There was a period of time that I got it a lot. I tried to slow down and eat slowly to avoid it but give in after a few minutes and suffer the consequences.

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10 thoughts on “#1797 – Defrost”

  1. I only got brain freeze a few times when I was a little kid, but I haven’t gotten it any more since then. This must be because I eat ice-cream so ridiculously slowly that all of it will have melted before I have finished eating it. (It’s not just ice-cream that I eat slowly… I always eat that slowly!)

    Biff looks cool with a flaming skull for a head!

  2. boog says:

    Biff wondered why he couldn’t actually eat any ice cream, as it kept melting whenever he would bring it up to his lips to try.

  3. Peter Wolff says:

    If Biff is really a robot, I’d point out that computer processors (their “brains”) tend to “freeze” when overheated …

  4. ZackDark says:

    I have yet to experience a brain freeze…
    Any ideas how to force it to happen?

    1. I think you can force it to happen by eating ice-cream way too fast (or too much at once). The ice-cream has to be very cold, it won’t work if you eat slowly (like me) or if the ice-cream has already started to melt. I don’t think you’d ever want to do this again after having tried it, though…

    2. Take a bite of some ice cream and hold it directly against the roof of your mouth.

  5. kingklash says:

    I’d put just the head on a t-shirt, just to confuse people.
    “Ghost Rider?”
    “No. Brain freeze.”

  6. Marscaleb says:

    Biff learns that his coffee-flavored ice cream is too hot.

  7. Madeleine says:

    How do I get to page 1798? The link to there is broken in various places …

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