#1758 – Magnified

I always wondered if ants could really comprehend that humans existed. I think to them we are just a force of nature that they try to route around. That makes me wonder what is right in front of our faces that is beyond our comprehension and effectively invisible.

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8 thoughts on “#1758 – Magnified”

  1. boog says:

    Biff could spend the rest of his life trapped in a giant mason jar with some small trees and chunks of alien planet. Or in a giant 2 dimensional farm of tunnels and other Biffs.

    Though it seems more likely he will spend the rest of his life on fire at this point.

    Let’s watch.

  2. This makes me wonder just how big (or: how many times bigger than you) a lifeform has to be in order for you to be unable to comprehend that this lifeform exists. It also reminds me of a dream I had a long time ago, where some people explored a planet and saw what they first thought to be a chain of mountains… It was an enormous, ridiculously huge lizard, which happened to be the size of a chain of mountains! (They explored the planet by flying around in their spaceship, so they saw this creature from above)

  3. Will says:

    Isn’t that the plot of at least one H.P. Lovecraft story?

  4. jammit says:

    This reminds me of a story. A scientist and his sister created a complete universe in a dust mote. Looking at this “dust” mote under a microscope, they found a place that looked like it had life. After studying it for some time, they realized that not only was it life, but it was evolving. They were going to destroy the experiment after the test, but decided not to. Eventually the “dust” life started to act with determination, to choose and make their own environment. The scientists and his sister decided to help these little guys by writing a book of knowledge (very tiny book) and leave it with them. It was signed by the scientist and his sister “Gene sis”.

  5. kingklash says:

    “I’m the god! I’M THE GOD!”

  6. caffiend says:

    All hail the FSM!!!

    or the IPU if that’s your gig.

    1. kingklash says:

      “Whatever you conceive Him to be,
      Hairy Thunderer
      Or Cosmic Muffin.”

  7. Cole D says:

    I have always felt that cities were the smallest known macro-organism that we couldn’t perceive. Just don’t tell Boston I said that.

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