#1713 – Strung

I broke a shoelace during a Boston winter and didn’t know what to do. I remembered all the places I had bought shoelaces in the past but they were all suburban stores. I was in downtown Boston surrounded by super high end shops like Brooks Brothers. I gingerly walked to public transportation through the ice and snow and found new laces at a grocery store. Hooray for Stop & Shop.

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9 thoughts on “#1713 – Strung”

  1. Morris Keesan says:

    Other than grocery stores (“supermarkets”), I usually find laces either at my local 5&10 (yes, my neighborhood still has one), or at one of those mega-drugstore chains, such as CVS, Walgreens, or Rite-Aid.

  2. That pose looks somewhat awkward. What if Biff walks (skips, hops or whatever) around like that all day?
    “Hello, I would like to buy some new shoelaces!” And then he hops around on one leg, trying to find the best shoelaces…

    I haven’t broken a single shoelace ever, so I haven’t got any interesting shoelace stories to share with everybody.

    1. I’ve never broken any either, but I did buy some red and black ones at Payless to break up the color on my black-on-black skate shoes. My little sister was more than happy to take the black laces off my hands.

  3. kingklash says:

    My problem isn’t really breaking laces as much as laces that won’t stay tied. But, thanks to the Internet, I learned that if you pass both loops under in their natural directions, as opposed to just the one, even the most Houdini of shoelaces will stay tied, and will still undo by tugging the loose end like normal.

  4. boog says:

    I recently broke a shoelace and went into a nearby department store looking for laces. I asked a salesman where they kept shoelaces. “Don’t have any.” What? “We don’t sell shoelaces.” But you sell shoes. Selling things that go with shoes would be easy money. Are you afraid of making money or something?

    Next time I buy shoes I know not to go there, or I’ll need to make an extra trip elsewhere to get any other shoe-related items I might need.

  5. Roborat says:

    I first read that as: Hooray for Stop and Hop.

  6. jammit says:

    I get mine at any military surplus store. Even if they don’t have shoelaces, they have plenty of para-cord. If you ask nice, the store owner will probably cut you off some and heat seal the ends for free.

  7. Phoenix of Chaos says:

    You think breaking a shoelace is bad? Try disintegrating one. Seriously, my shoelace (on the very shoe I’m still wearing thanks again to velcro) is halfway through breaking down into the component threads. I’m scared of just how much is there.

  8. pbarnrob says:

    Do they still make a Velcro add-on for shoes and boots, that you lace onto both sides (just the once, ever) then just flap the Velcro together and walk away? Or did they ever (or was that the acid talking?)

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