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Candy canes are one of the most dangerous things I was given freely as a kid. I was never warned that I would be fashioning such a weapon. They were just handed over with no instructions. They must be prohibited in prisons.

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8 thoughts on “#1696 – Cheeky”

  1. What, do candy canes take on a pointy shape after a while? I don’t know anything about this, because I have never eaten a candy cane. The only candy cane we have here is made of Fimo clay.

    1. Psymon says:

      As you suck on the end, you tend to move the candy cane in and out. This means the end is in your mouth longer than any other part of the candy cane, so it dissolves at a correspondingly faster rate.
      The differing rate of dissolution causes the remaining solid to taper, resulting in a stabby piece of candy.

  2. Anon_omis says:

    I have made my tongue bleed using a candy cane

  3. kingklash says:

    Some of the cheaper canes will get all lacerate-y because the red stripes will melt long before the main white portion. But the real dangerous candy that you could turn into a blade was the old-school Jolly Ranchers. Long, flat, translucent sticks of hard candy that eventually formed tanto-like short blades of doom.

  4. Hawke531 says:

    I could never reach that point….. any candy (or food for that matter) that goes in my mouth recieves an instand crunch, it takes an awful amount of brain power to not chew then swallow for me. Gum lasts an average of 5 seconds before I swallow and candy canes just get chomped till they are gone. It is also why I never eat jawbreakers :P.

  5. infrapinklizzard says:

    Round butterscotch candies become sharp on their circumference after a while in the mouth. As a child I once swallowed one of these round razors and it got stuck halfway down. Now I’m known as “Nearly-Headless Nick”. Well, not really, but it sure did hurt for the minute or so that it took to get it the rest of the way down.

  6. pbarnrob says:

    I know the fix for the pointy end, but it requires paying attention when it starts getting that way; CRUNCH!

  7. Tech says:

    I recently had a nightmare about doing that…

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