#1656 – Stitched

Years ago I used to play practical jokes on my friends on a fairly regular basis. Some of them were funnier than the others but for the most part fairly harmless. The only problem is that nobody really had much interest in prancing me back. This started to freak me out. I felt like I was building up such a karma deficit that by the time they all decided to cash it in it would be fatal for me.

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6 thoughts on “#1656 – Stitched”

  1. I’m not the kind of person who plays practical jokes on people that much. The only practical jokes I can remember having done were to program funny little error messages that would say something completely ridiculous, like “Your computer is infested by ants!”.

    1. kingklash says:

      Look up the “Long Start-up Sound” prank on Zug. Although you might have to use a different tune, due to the current sound isn’t what Windows XP uses, it’s still a good one to keep in mind. And the tune used is actually fairly decent.

      1. It’s a very good idea, but I’m not sure of what to do in order to change the startup sound in my computer (it is a Windows Vista). I can change all the other sounds, but there is no option where it reads “Startup sound”.

        Maybe if i change that little sound that plays when the computer has finished loading after the startup? I actually came to think of that little sound at first, because I almost never hear the real startup sound anyway. I leave the computer to its fate while it’s rising from the grave… Ehm, I mean when it’s starting up.

    2. Anon_omis says:

      Sir or madam, if you did that to me, I wouldn’t be mad. I applaud your creativity

  2. Patrick says:

    Ha! With friends like these…

  3. Dzelda says:

    I dont prank. I get revenge.

    Thats why people dont prank me.

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