#162 – Slippers

In case some of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday readers missed the announcement on Tuesday, Biff is now being updated 5 days a week! More Biff for your buck.


0 thoughts on “#162 – Slippers”

  1. Rigel says:

    that looks like the spanish inquisition kind of slippers.

  2. Chris says:

    Our cheif weapon is surprise!

    Surprise and fear… fear and surprise…

  3. DeiMiles says:

    Haha, wow… genius concept. I wonder if they hurt…

  4. Patricide says:

    I’ve just finished wading my way through the Biff-topia that is your archives and I have to say Chris you’ve got style 😉 But Biff’s style beats all, I mean GREEN shoes? Come-on, thats awesome!! I’ll definately be bookmarking you and checking back mate. I’m pretty sure I found the site from a banner above Yirmumah…but I could be wrong.

    Though as for today’s slice of Biff pie, it just makes me hotter looking at it :P. Its the middle of summer here, me being an Aussie and all…stupid heat…its hot…

  5. Chris says:

    DeiMiles – I think the pain would depend on how long you left them on. 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Patricide, I’m glad you like the shoes. 🙂 It’s still not cold here even though it usually is. It’s probably not good for the environment but it has been great on my heating bills.

  7. TKort says:

    holy crap I caught up to the front of the comic!! yay! Hopefully you put up more new ones than Blastwave :). From the sounds of the comics so far you are doing a lot so I shouldn’t have a problem there hehe. It goes without saying that I love the comic, but I’m sure it feels nice to hear, so, I love the comic! I will probably email out to my buddies to read it and I will definitely bookmark it so I can come back and read more and leave more innane comments! Toodles!

  8. Chris says:

    Thanks for all the comments you left TKort, and thanks for spreading the word. I love seeing hits in my traffic log from email and people posting Biff on various message boards.

  9. Wind-Up Monkey says:

    Genius. Pure and simple genius.

  10. Leo the Mouse says:

    Now I want those. Heh.

  11. Chris says:

    Thanks Wind-Up Monkey.

    Leo, do you live someplace that is currently chilly? It’s supposed to be cold here but it isn’t.

  12. LavaBall says:

    Later he would want to step on the ice after he removed them,The hot fires gotta hurt his foot LOL.

  13. binraker says:

    i hope he has a family size box of blister plasters and that he’s using a carbon neutral fule.
    It must also be hard to walk in those things.
    keep up the good work

  14. Chri says:

    wow, chris, you’ve outdone yourself, and it’s kinda funny, just the comments, they seem to follow a pattern of people loving you and you thanking them, this must be the most tireing part…..it’s gret nt being abl to splel

  15. I am Satan, I am Jesus Christ says:

    Just finished reading all the comics and im amazed at how funny and unique they are. This is definately going in my favorites. Im glad i saw the banner on Blastwave.

    Im in Colorado and its snowing yet again. Freezing. I really hate this blizzard.

  16. StrplingWarror says:

    I want those! Im in Washington (State not DC…) and I HATE THE RAIN! Its cold and wet and miserable. Some warm slippers would be awsome.

  17. Chris says:

    Thanks Jesus/Satan, good luck with all the snow, I don’t envy having to deal with that.

  18. Yukamara says:

    I wish I had some… XD

  19. Dustin says:

    I love The Book Of Biff.
    So much.
    Thank you. 😀

  20. Chris says:

    You’re welcome Dustin 🙂

  21. I am Satan, I am Jesus Christ says:

    Forgot to mention before that another reason i like this comic is that you (Chris) seem so nice and actually talk with and thank the readers.

    I really wish i had those right now though. Just got in from shoveling.

  22. Chris says:

    My feet seem to stay warm enough when there is actually snow here to shovel. It’s my back that suffers the most. :/

  23. prometheus says:

    I have some slippers like that,but instead of wood fires, they use nuclear fission. Downside, it’s more expensive, but the plus side is that now my feet are like built-in nightlights.

  24. phill says:

    hm, mabye he needs better eyebrow clippers

  25. Chris says:

    phill, that’s what they look like after they are clipped!

  26. rolly_chair says:

    Not steam-powered?

    His eyebrows kinda look like antennae from the side…

  27. DeiMiles says:

    Question: I have been wondering since #1 – is that a moustache, or his mouth?

  28. phill says:

    damn, i’ve been trying to grow one like that… hasn’t worked out yet =(

  29. Chris says:

    that crazy line is his mouth. That’s why it disappears when his mouth is open. 🙂

  30. Rachael says:

    I only found this comic a few days ago and I’ve read them all now. Awesome work.

  31. Chris says:

    Thanks Rachael, I’m glad you found it.

  32. Chri says:

    diizzzaaaaaaam, I need a mouth like that

  33. Dadi says:

    Just found this comic, read all of them! Loved the unique style you’ve used for this character and the creativity for each strip! I’m bookmarking this site as of today! ^^

  34. Sqee says:

    omg XD I love Biff. I was clicking random comic ads when I found this. Most defenatly being bookmarked!

  35. Chris says:

    Thanks for the bookmark Sqee!

  36. SteC says:

    My first time on this site! (*?*)
    I LOL’d a lot at this picture.

  37. Chris says:

    Welcome to this crazy place SteC!

  38. Zydd says:

    Patricide: Do you ever feel strange watching Northern Hemisphere TV programming during their winter? I mean, seeing the snow on the television, then looking outside to see it boiling hot?

  39. Ragnar says:

    “It runs on steam, Marty!”

  40. Evil necro of death says:

    I definitly dont need those. it would be good, but this winter it was like previous years autumn and autumn was like the summer :/

  41. Bladey says:

    Those would be great for me. My computer is downstairs. I’ve also read all of your comics. Great style. I love the humor.

  42. Chris says:

    Thanks Bladey, I have seen some USB slippers that you plug in to your computer to warm your feet. They are probably a little safer than Biff’s solution.

  43. Gordy says:

    I just finished reading all of your comics, Chris, and your a humoous genius. This deserves a fifty karat two ton gold trpohy of you, even though theres no such thing as a fifty karat gold statue of you. I’m definitley book marking it.

  44. Chris says:

    Thanks Gordy, I think I may need to cut down a few trees for that trophy. :O

  45. AG says:

    Considering, the other comics I read like Questionable Content, I kind of find it hard to believe that you’ve been doing this for twelve years now and only have 162 comics up here.

    The eyebrows and eyes in this comic remind me of a slightly satanic butterfly, toss in the steam-powered slippers and it’s almost like biff is channeling a demon relaxing at home.

  46. Domi says:

    I was impressed with the very accurate depiction of Mousetrap a few comics back, though I was rather unimpressed with the game itself. If any tiny piece of plastic is a fraction of a millimeter out of place, the whole thing fails and turns into explosive ground hamburger meat.

  47. Domi says:

    It is also worth mentioning that, upon comic(al) review, my best friend can no longer eat breakfast or use drinking fountains due to fear of biffian mishap.

  48. Chris says:

    AG – Biff was originally published as a black and white photocopied mini-comic back in 1994. I would draw up 10 comics and then make them into a book. Try and sell it for a month or 2 and then draw another 10. Those are comics #1-20. Then I started using Biff as a subject for four of my illustration and fine art classes in art school. These are comics #21-60. Then in spring 1995 I graduated college and moved to Boston. This is when I drew comics #61-100. It was also starting in the spring of 1995 that I first published Biff on my website with comics #51-100. Back in 95/96 comics on the internet weren’t a very big deal. I got busy with working my day job to pay off my student loans and Biff kind of fizzled out. I drew another 12 or so comics but never published them on the website. I was going to publish #1-50 on the website at this point and I even went so far as to redraw #1-10 but I never had the motivation to do it.

    Flash forward to 2006, I decided to relaunch Biff as a webcomic. I went back and colored all the old comics and redrew #11-20. So that’s why it has taken me this long to draw so few comics. But now with 5 comics a week it will only take me a few more months to eclipse the first 12 years of output. 🙂

  49. JenniN says:

    It is 1 A.M. and I just finished reading through the whole thing because I couldn’t sleep.

    I’m going back to bed now, and will probably be able to sleep, but… Weird dreams await me.

    … Sweet. 😛

  50. Chris says:

    Well when you wake up you’ll only have one new comic to read so you’ll have to find something else to do. 🙂

  51. thetomman989 says:

    I’d buy a pair

  52. Kqurota says:

    Oh really?

  53. zantarath says:

    OW. Just OW. I also live in colorado, and I wouldn’t have minded them this december.

  54. Chunky says:

    Reminds me of the thinking cap.

  55. CynicalSavant says:

    oh that Biff, such eccentric ideas…

  56. Ben says:

    i simply despise slippers, they leave my feet with a cold sweat and it’s just nasty.

  57. Mint Sharpie says:

    My mom needs a pair of these. Actually, isn’t this one of the very, very few ideas that could possibly work?

  58. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Rigel – That’s a quote from the Devil’s Panties webcomic!

    My mom needs these in the SUMMER! She’s cold no matter what!

  59. DemonRex says:

    Are they fleece-lined?

  60. Miranda says:

    Reminds me of my Grandparent’s house. They use this iron stove all year round, in Texas.

  61. Miranda says:

    I just realized this is the one that’s at the top of the page. I think this is one of the best drawn Biff’s.

  62. Smitehammer says:

    Does he wear these while thinking of bonds?

  63. Hoboapple says:

    He should just dip the slippers in his heated bath tub…:P

  64. Rachel says:

    so true. now i use a blanket. you know what else no one suspects? NO ONE SUSPECTS THE ALL MIGHTY PINKSTAR! (my warrior cats fan-made cat)

  65. unknowledge says:

    he should wear his steam hat with those shoes then all he needs are a pair of steam pants and a steam shirt then he can have the entire steam wardrobe

  66. Elkian says:

    *glares at own frozen feet in superthick socks*

  67. teres says:

    is it just me, or do those slippers look like they’re not removable? I mean, metal slippers with rivets… Warm, but… how do you get them off?

  68. KatzeWerfer says:

    sounds like my kind of slippers

  69. Sydney says:

    did u know that they make USB slippers that have the cord connect from a computer to the slippers and warm them? It’s pretty useless and wastes tons of your battery power. The things people will buy, eh?

  70. Renan says:

    i definitely want one of those.

  71. Soltueur says:

    Steam powered hats, steam powered shoes…

    Biff is good with steam, it seems

  72. MrD says:

    It’s actually cold enough for him to not wear a T shirt!

  73. Kyle says:

    Don’t forget to fill them up with coal every 2 hours, they also come in extra large containers for 5 hours non-stop.

  74. Toafan says:

    just one thought:
    did Biff invent these using his steam powered thinking cap?

  75. Placebophilia says:

    Oven slippers FTW!!!

    This winter, i’ll make that comic my background pic. Thank you so much, Chris!

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