#1616 – Noggin

I went to the hospital once or twice as a kid taking the first class ambulance ride. Pretty sweet. The first time I drove myself to a hospital as an adult was a much different experience. I was surprised that I had to wait to be called. Fill out some forms. Wait again. Get interviewed. Fill out more forms. Wait some more. This is not how it happens on TV!

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12 thoughts on “#1616 – Noggin”

  1. Miles says:

    You think that’s rough? Try going in, telling the receptionist (or whomever is at the check in place) that you’d been hit by a car and think you have a broken ankle. Made to WALK behind whatever desk to fill out paper work, then to WALK to get an X-ray. Then they call you back to get the splint or what have you put on, and flip out when you start walking there, because X-Rays confirm that, yes, you do indeed have a broken ankle.
    True story.

  2. I can only remember having gone to a hospital once, and that was because I had gotten a door slammed shut right on one of my fingers. Sooo, at the hospital I got bandage on my finger and some kind of painkillers, and I got an X-ray. Fortunately, my finger wasn’t broken or anything. Guess how long time all this took? …Six hours! GAH!!

  3. SwitchLord says:

    As a driver on an ambulance crew and through personal experience. If you are leaking something and making a mess you tend to get “served” faster at the ER. I guess ketchup or chocolate sauce running out of your pant leg would work.

  4. Katie says:

    I’ve been to the hospital a few times. The one that stands out is when I had to have a mole cut off my back when I was 16. The doctor thought (for some reason) that I would be less nervous if I had it done in a real OR instead of just in a normal room, and no one told the anesthesiologist what I was having done, so she was trying to put me under, all for something that could have been done in the doctor’s office in like 20 mins.

  5. kingklash says:

    Asthma as a kid, rheumatic Fever as a teen, Diabetes as an adult, aside from other circumstances, I’m pretty familiar with hospitals and ERs. My favorite moment was after I first started the monthly shots for the Rheumatic, they got the vial of penicillin-based meds for the shot out of the fridge, said that they have to warm it up first, or it will hurt like crazy when it’s injected. I’m not all that thrilled with needles to begin with, so that wasn’t comforting. They start taking vitals on me, then I see the nurse prep the vial for injection, which involves assembling stainless steel parts around the vial like a soldier putting a rifle together, topped off with a muscle needle, one of those long ones. *shudder* “Hmmm, your blood pressure seems a little high.” Really?

    1. Chris says:

      “I hope I did this right or it will REALLY hurt!”

      1. TheBrazilianGuy says:

        Worse. “If you don’t relax your arm, it will hurt A LOT! So relax!” Followed shortly by. “Relax! It’s ok! But if you don’t relax, your muscles may spasm and break the niddle inside you!”

  6. Canadian_Hillbilly says:

    Think I’ve sat in the local waiting room for a minimum of two hours and about 8 is the longest.

    Made the minimum with my worst injury, broke my ankle hopping down off a loading dock at work. Foot landed on the side of a little hole and i went the other way.

    Luckily or should I say unlucky, I am damn stubborn and made it on my own to the local hospital. Got all casted up, 5 days later got pissed off at not being able to do anything and cut the damn cast off.

    Doc gave me hell for walkin/hobblin on it but aint much a hillbilly can do sittin on his rear

  7. Crimson_regret says:

    11. Hours. In. The. Waiting Room. Unmedicated. With. A. Too. Large. Kidney. Stone!

    Yes, I’m still angry about it, how could you tell?

  8. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me chuckle.

  9. pix says:

    I remember once that I got imp ailed, It hurt, a lot, pulling it out didn’t help.

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