#161 – Leak

When I first moved into my current house the faucet in the bathtub leaked. Since it was leaking into a drain and not onto the floor it was one of those things that are easy to put off. But it sure felt good when I finally got it fixed. I had learned to live with the leaky sound but the silence after it was gone was beautiful.


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  1. DeiMiles says:

    Haha, poor Biff… great concept, Chris. I have often wondered what would happen if you left the faucet run over too long…

  2. Chris says:

    Well hopefully you’ll never find out in real life.

  3. calan ree says:

    gives new meaning to the term water-bed. the upside is he can just lean over if he gets thirsty during the night. 😛

  4. Munky says:

    Downside is that there’s about 10 or more electric gizmos in the water that will probably kill you in electric death 😛 Upside number two is that you dont need to worry about drowning then 😀

  5. Chris says:

    Yeah, somehow I don’t think Biff is worried about electrocution.


  6. Chri says:

    gee, hardcore wetting the bed

  7. Chris says:

    …but the water is blue. 🙂

  8. Otacon says:

    That makes me want to be a plumber, but that has nothing to do with the comic…oh well. Nice one though I liked it.

  9. Chris says:

    Hahah, ok, that was rather cryptic.

  10. Otacon says:

    Sorry I happen to do that from time to time. Call it impulse behavior or just a random observation and now i will shut up.

  11. Wind-Up Monkey says:

    All real, all true, and based on real events!

  12. Ragnar says:

    Wet eyebrows. I hate that.

  13. Evil necro of death says:

    Three words. OH. MY. GOD.

  14. Tim says:

    How come my bed doesn’t float like that ;_;

  15. Knownimus says:

    Yes, it’s another person from one of those banner ads…they’re addicting.
    Love your comics, they’re jeenyis. And you update much more often than is usual…

    This one’s probably my fave though XD

  16. Kqurota says:

    He could have left the faucet on or he could have a pipe leaK or he could have a pipe burst or he could have frozen pipes and all the extra water came out the wrong end.

  17. Chris says:

    Thanks Knownimus. This one was fun to draw.

  18. Jetman123 says:

    It’s a good thing the matress floated O_o

  19. Jetman123 says:

    Actually, I just thought of something. As soon as the water covered up the faucet… wouldn’t it be unable to put out any more water? If I remember correctly, once the pressure is equal on both sides – which it isn’t normally, since the water pump is pushing it out of the faucet via higher pressure than the outside air – which it would be since the water would be pushing back just as hard as the pump was pushing water out of the tap.

    But of course, since when has Biff had any regard for physics? Just saying, I’m glad it wouldn’t go higher than faucet level in real life 😛

  20. darktrb says:

    after I get used to any noise that is constant and slightly annoying, I actually need that noise to exist for me to get anything done. Like I cant sleep without the news radio on (WBUR for me).

    but anyhoo, loving the comic, found my way here from B and G,

  21. Chris says:

    Hey, welcome darktrb. Yeah I know a few people that need white noise like a fan of some sort to sleep.

  22. Endless says:

    >But of course, since when has Biff had any regard for physics? Just saying, I’m glad it wouldn’t go higher than faucet level in real life

    Actually, because the faucet is actively pumping the water, it would continue to come out. Albeit at a slowwr rate

  23. kenshin620 says:

    three things

    1. Amazingly, Biff hasn’t hit his ceiling fan yet

    2. That must be his fifth bed by now…

    3. there wasn’t a leak, Biff had a bad dream and accidently bent water out of the fascet


  24. bAT L. says:

    Jetman123, what if the leak was on the floor above?

  25. zantarath says:

    Of course, he was bending water.

  26. Female Fox Furry says:

    Jetman123, sideways gravity (Because leaks on the floor above aren’t cool). If it was just a leaking faucet, normal, wouldn’t it go down the drain? Knowing Biff, he could have tried mixing his water system with… His vaccum or something… But, my theory is still sideways gravity. It floated sideways until there was too much, and flowed… Something. o.O

  27. Twilight says:

    I’ve been woken up by the ceiling before. But that’s because my brother kicked the bottom of the top bunk and launched me into it haha.

  28. Ben says:

    it would’ve been funnier if he woke up outside (being that the water busted out of the house and biff rode it on his matress like a water slide)

  29. Oddly Frozen says:

    one time when i was little and my parents were gone i made a matress water slide, they were super pissed when they got home

  30. Avarie says:

    I think its the eyebrows that really got me reading this comic. XD

  31. Mint Sharpie says:

    Wheeeee! I just picture him opening the door, riding the wave all the way outside and down the street, then getting his tounge caught in the mailbox again. XD

    Love the “comic-is-world” effect in this one, and the floating lamp is absolutely fantastic.

  32. Zombie Jesus says:


  33. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    He never would have been woken by the ceiling if he was still sleeping in the matress.

  34. Adam says:

    I left a tap on filling the bath when I was a kid. It didn’t make my bed float, it just soaked through the floor and made rain in the garage.

  35. DemonRex says:

    Looks like a water main break.

  36. Miranda says:

    Biff will now have to do some unintentional skinny dipping to get free.

  37. Hoboapple says:

    Too bad he goes to sleep naked…

  38. Garrett says:

    I love how he is woke up by… the top border of the comic!

  39. Rachel says:

    way to long.

  40. Ben says:

    There is a great little kiwi movie that is somewhat similair to this.
    A tap in the house starts leaking and the occupants just “ignore” it.
    They all pretty much die.

  41. LydiaRaven says:

    Actually, something sorta similar to this happened to me.
    thankfully, I was not in that house (or sleeping on that bed) when it did.
    During hurricane Katrina, my dad’s house got flooded, and at the time, my bed was an air matress.
    So we come back after everything, and find that everything is completly soaked, except for the things on the air matress, because the air matress floated above the water.

    It was kinda funny. My biology notes were saved because they had been on the bed

  42. KayRis says:

    Low ceilings strike again!!

  43. the Scarf says:

    of all the things to save…biology notes….too bad you didn’t have…like…everything else on there…

  44. Elkian says:

    The pressure would have to be greater PUSHING INTO THE PIPE, which could take a while.

  45. Torg says:

    Otacon, no! Don’t be a plumber! They get attacked by evil turtles and mushrooms and sentient bombs and stuff!

  46. cayra says:

    Waaah, Biffs poor holy sneakers!

  47. Nokore says:


    ..Well, hello, Mr. Ceiling. Imagine meeting you here.

  48. Kyle says:

    Green Shoe alert
    Ohh i love finding green shoes, just yesterday i saw a kid coming out of a shoe store with GREEN SHOES

  49. Random Girl! says:

    When my sister was two or so she stuffed cotton balls in the sink drain on the ground floor and then left the water running. Six hours later, there was standing water throughout that entire storey.

    (I dread to think what might have happened had we been on holiday at the time — although if Biff had been, the consequences would undoubtedly have been even more drastic!)

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