#1570 – Conceal

I knew a few people years ago that always wore hats. No matter what the situation or weather. Hat time. It must be like some sort of security blanket after awhile. You feel exposed without it.

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11 thoughts on “#1570 – Conceal”

  1. Awesome says:

    I always wear a hat. Nothing that awesome though. Normally just a baseball cap. It has more to do with my extremely sensitive eyes than anything else.

  2. I always wear a hat as well, but my hat of choice is a leather cap. I’m so used to wearing it, that it somehow feels wrong to feel the wind in my hair.

    And what is Biff looking at? At first I thought it was a Steampunk style phone, but then I thought that it might be a mirror or something. But then again, why would a mirror have an antenna?

  3. mjm202036 says:

    I typically wear a hat every day to protect my bald head from sunburn. The sad part is after six years at the same company, if I don’t wear the hat now, people think I’m a new employee walking around lost in the hallways.

  4. wrincewind says:

    i always wear my grey herringbone trilby. it’s great in any weather, keeping my head warm and dry, and the sun out of my eyes. it does feel a little bit odd leaving the house without it, even if i don’t need it – the same feeling you get when you realise you’ve left your wallet inside.

    Also, i usually wear a longcoat in bad weather. combine the two, and i spend far too much of my life looking like a hardboiled 50’s style detective.

  5. kingklash says:

    I hardly wear hats. My noggin is jussst a might too big for most off the rack noggin covers. Either I pay extra for larger sizes, or just luck into decent-fitting headgear.

  6. scott says:

    I’d like to wear a hat every day, but I think I’d have to be 70 or have cancer to pull it off without people thinking I was failing at being a hipster. I’m not too healthy looking though, so I may just be able to bluff that I have cancer. Then I could wear my hat and as a bonus appear very courageous. hmmmm….

  7. jammit says:

    I have shrapnel embedded in my forehead that makes wearing a hat difficult.

    1. kingklash says:

      You could wear a fridge magnet.

  8. pbarnrob says:

    I started wearing a ball-cap (with mission logo) on travel, since too often, I’d have to drive a rental car into the sun, on strange roads, and like mjm202036, have a growing bald spot, and on meds that warn against sun exposure. Found a blue-white-tick engineer cap (first in the store next to Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland) that fit my old cover block, so now, with a mission pin and an old chevron, it’s become a trademark much like mjm’s; people see me bareheaded and do a double-take.

  9. Poison says:

    Whenever I go out, I always have to put on a bandana. I started wearing them about a year or so ago just because I thought it looked cool. Now, my bandanas have become my little security blankets.

  10. wheatley14 says:

    I didn’t know biff was in team fortress.

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