#1420 – Stain

I think my worst laundry incident was when my girlfriend at the time did my laundry for me so that she could also wash a pair of her jeans. A pair of jeans that had a stick of cherry lip balm in the pocket. It probably would have been okay if she discovered it before putting it all in the dryer. I had melted lip balm streaks embedded in all of my favorite clothes. Formerly my favorite clothes.

Today’s Maximumble likes candy.

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13 thoughts on “#1420 – Stain”

  1. Sven says:

    I have so far managed to avoid ruining clothes in the laundry. I have however once made the mistake of putting a Windows Mobile PDA (this was in the pre-iPhone days) in the laundry.
    Miraculously, it survived! After drying it out thoroughly by packing it in dry rice (which helps absorb the moisture) for a day, it worked perfectly. Only the battery life was slightly worse.
    Somehow I think most modern smartphones won’t fare so well if subjected to the same treatment. 🙂

    1. reynard61 says:

      I ran a couple of SD chips through the wash a few months ago with no ill effects. Those things are built to last!

  2. Azkyroth says:

    I notice you mentioned “at the time.” I understand completely. :/

  3. ZeoViolet says:

    Did this twice, once with something red giving me a nice pink shirt to wear afterwards (I don’t remember what clothing caused the red) and the other was losing a white article of clothing amidst some blue jeans. Hello, new blue article of clothing. Amazingly, both times it dyed evenly without streaks.

    The weird thing is, those happened many years ago and anymore I routinely mix whites and colors and never again have I had any sort of bleeding occur. Maybe I’ve just gravitated to colorfast clothing.

  4. Pyro says:

    was in a play a year ago, opted to bring my stage clothes home to wash them myself, rather than risk them getting lost or something. Anyway, when I showed up for the next performance, it turned out that the girl helping backstage had washed everyone’s clothes along with a purple sweater (also a piece of stage clothes), which bled slightly into everything. As a result, everyone’s clothing but mine had a purple tinge to it.

  5. Maskman says:

    At the barracks in Orlando, some inconsiderate jerk washed something red, that ran fiercely. And didn’t run a cleanup load afterwards.

    Ruined almost all of my working white uniforms (thereafter working PINK uniforms) when I used the same machine.

  6. My dad did the laundry two times when I was a baby (mom told me), and both times the white laundry had mysteriously changed its color. Once it became pink, and the other time it became yellow.

    A white towel became a lovely light blue color recently, when mom washed it together with my dark blue bathrobe! (which we had dyed blue in another washing machine earlier – on purpose)

    Aaaand, this is not about accidentally dyeing something another color in the laundry, but I have a Digimon plushie that sings when you squeeze it. Mom forgot to remove the “voice box” from it when she washed it in the laundry, and somehow my Digimon started to sing better after having been in the laundry! It sang with a warped demon voice before, probably because of low batteries, but maybe it felt a bit better after going for a swim in the laundry…? 🙂

    1. Pyro says:

      hehe, those things are always the best when they run low on batteries, doesn’t matter what it is. When I was a kid I had a car that would speak slower and sloowweeer every year, voice getting deeper all the time, it’s hilarious.

  7. I don’t buy white clothes and I don’t buy red tones; I wash all my clothes together in a lump and sit back and gloat when my friends talk about this strange “sorting” ritual. *grin*

  8. jammit says:

    My socks and underwear are blue. Meh.

  9. kingklash says:

    “Squid In Your Jeans Pocket”, is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  10. ladyamethyst83 says:

    I washed my fiancee’s cell phone once. the screen didn’t work but the phone still did. I have to check his pockets of everything now.

  11. Radical Edward says:

    Although not essentially laundry, I do have a techno-fail tale to tell.

    My father once accidentally put his early smartphone into his coffee. He had to go buy a new phone which, coincidentally, was necessary in that his contract said he could upgrade and because it happened, he’s got a nice phone!

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