#1369 – Appetite

When I was a kid I would occasionally be given food with something in it I wasn’t supposed to eat. “Oh, that’s a bay leaf dear, don’t eat that part.” Now I overcompensate. When I’m out with someone and they introduce me to new foods I question everything. “Is this part edible? Is this supposed to be purple? Do I use a spoon for this? Is my hair on fire?” I need an orientation video for new restaurants.

Today’s Maximumble makes future plans.

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7 thoughts on “#1369 – Appetite”

  1. Waiter, there’s a hair in my gerbil.

  2. Cuzn Jimmy says:

    While I’ve never caught my hair on fire our waitress did one time. She bent over and her long hair touched a lit candle. We were impressed cause she calmly set the drink tray down, then proceeded to pat out her hair. She didn’t even spill any of our drinks. We gave her one heck of tip after that. Bonus: it was at a strip club

  3. MaskedMan says:

    ‘Inedible’ bits are part of life, when you have enough pets. Dog hair is a condiment. Shed cat fur is a fashion accesory. After a it, you stop noticing.

    Gerbils, of course, are cat food.

    1. Cari says:

      And fish are furniture.

      1. Maskman says:

        Of course.

  4. fluffy says:

    USUALLY if a (decent) restaurant puts something on the plate, it’s edible. There are a few exceptions to that, though, such as the husk wrapper around a tamale. Legend has it that Jimmy Carter lost the vote in New Mexico because he didn’t know not to eat the corn husk.

  5. Centaur71 says:

    Appetizers anyone? perhaps some RAT-tatoulle?

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