#1311 – Dunked

Non-stick pans are great but the surface wears off eventually until it gets to a point where it works worse than a standard pan. The bad news is that you end up eating all the little bits of the coating as it wears off. I suppose that’s why I’m rarely constipated now.

Today’s Maximumble passes the time.

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9 thoughts on “#1311 – Dunked”

  1. Azkyroth says:

    Two words.



  2. Mark says:

    So, Biff’s made of Teflon?

  3. Lisa says:

    I still remember the time my Dad got really annoyed at the ‘burnt stuff’ all over the pan, and scrubbed it all off. It must have taken him an hour, to ‘clean’ my mum’s brand new frypan.

  4. dartigen says:

    Cast iron pans ftw. If they get used as much as they do in my house (that is to say at least once a day, sometimes twice or three times if people can be arsed scrubbing them) they are even self-oiling! You still have to season them a bit first and be careful not to store them in the damp, and dry them completely when you wash them, but they are pretty good.

  5. Maskman says:

    I wonder what ingesting non-stick coating does for artery disease..?

  6. Mez says:

    One of my favourite Biffs!

  7. mewthicus says:

    ingesting Teflon is super bad for you… x.x;

  8. Kulian says:

    Teflon could also come off in the wash as well, but yeah we probably eat some.

  9. Marscaleb says:

    At least now you can make an awesome drow elf for cosplay and larping!

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