#1301 – Jammed


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I think there are a lot of adults that continue to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I stopped somewhere in my teenage years. I would try it out again every few years but I think I just had a natural aversion to bread. Sandwiches have a surprising amount of bread in them.

Today’s Maximumble is demanding.

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8 thoughts on “#1301 – Jammed”

  1. mythical creatures week

  2. Mark says:

    Is grape jelly suppose to be red? Or, is that blood?

  3. Kree says:

    Yeah I know what you mean, what’s up with that thing with the bread? Now I can’t stand the kind of sandwiches I used to make as a kid.

    Thankfully my desire to eat croissants and other such pastries has not dropped one bit 🙂

  4. Maskman says:

    Fortunately, when the bread gets to be too much, there’s always a spoon…

  5. Only one man would DARE give me raspberry…


  6. Chris says:

    5 points to Strong Like Seamus!

  7. LBD says:

    Toaster waffles are much better for making sandwiches than slices of bread. Once you learn that, you can enjoy sandwiches again.

  8. Jenny Creed says:

    Biff is jelly-jammed. I nearly fell off my chair when I got the comic title. xD

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