#1258 – Satellite

I’m constantly bummed out by clouds on days of interesting meteorological phenomenon. I only manage to get a really good one about every 5 years. I’ve seen a few meteor showers, a few lunar eclipses, the aurora borealis, a partial solar eclipse and a comet. That’s not too bad considering the amount of effort I usually put into such things is walking out onto the front step and saying “Nope, clouds.”

Today’s Maximumble has a peculiar predicament.

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17 thoughts on “#1258 – Satellite”

  1. Maskman says:

    If you want to see the sky, move to Montana. If you want to grow gill slits, live in Seattle.

  2. Cyndaquazy says:

    My location is usually free of sky-blocking clouds during interesting phenomenon.

    @Maskman: And if you want to grow a hard, scaly, heat-resistant skin, live in the South during the summer.

  3. Lilaeris says:

    @Cyndaquazy: Antarctica – The one and only real South

  4. Jackson says:

    I can’t help but wonder why Biff would want to blow up the moon.

  5. MaskedMan says:

    @Cyndaquazy; Having done that, I can only say: “Just so.”

    @Jackson; Presumably, because it blocks his view of Venus.
    [/Obscure reference]

  6. BFS says:

    @MaskedMan how dare you call Marvin the Martian obscure!!!!!!!
    cartoon network recently showed that exact episode of bugs bunny!

  7. Wizard says:

    There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom. Where was the earth-shattering kaboom?

  8. Dustin Wilson says:

    Awwww Saettle weather fail makes it into Biff…. sad day, but funny as all get out.

  9. bard says:

    no kidding I rarely see the moon and ive lived here all my life

  10. MaskedMan says:

    Ah, there is hope for the younger generation yet. 🙂

  11. Radical Edward says:

    I’m in Lynnwood, which is a commute away from Seattle. We do have clouds today.

  12. Blowing up the moon seems like the ultimate in attention-grabbing spiteful deeds.

  13. Acies says:

    that’s… pretty good O_O How do you see Aurora Borealis? I live in Canada + I feel like I really should be able to see it… but I have no clue where I need to go and when =/

  14. Takla says:

    I live North of Seattle. This my life.

  15. Mister Rik says:

    A lady moved from southern California to Seattle. It rained steadily for the first week she was there. Looking out her window, she spotted a young boy playing on the sidewalk, in the rain. She opened her window and said, “Hey, kid, does it ever stop raining around here?”

    “How should I know?” replied the kid. “I’m only six!”

  16. Hemlock says:

    I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Seattle actually has less rain than most of the east coast, and most of the dry days are in the Summer anyway just when you would want them. We only tell everyone it rains continually to keep all the Californians away. :p

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