#1214 – Headache

It’s a good thing that office chairs don’t normally have an ejection button. There have been many occasions that I would have used it. Or hit the button on someone else’s chair. That’s when the whole “working on the 6th floor of a 20 story building” thing really gets in the way.

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12 thoughts on “#1214 – Headache”

  1. Schmordy says:

    It seems Biff didn’t know ALL of the functions on his chair.

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    Judging from the clock I’d say he’s been there for a while.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Gwid says:

    Your comment reminds me of a riddle. You enter an eight story building. It takes 2 minutes to climb one staircase, you want to get to level eight. How long does it take you? And no, there’s no elevator. I’ll stick the answer at the end of this if you happen to care 😛

    Ugh. 20-story-buildings. I’d never work in one of those, too crowded, inside and out. Well, more so on the outside, but still. And, of course, if I work on the top floor and the lift is crammed full…

    Today’s Biff? I never realised his shoes were green until about a year ago, this just accentuated that.

    As for the answer to the riddle:
    If you guessed 16, you’re wrong – you don’t need a staircase to get to the first floor.

  4. Kitkun says:

    Well, that’s one way to get sick time.

  5. The Dukenator says:

    *back at the Air Force* “Can’t believe we sold him that chair. We didn’t need it anymore, but he was gullible.”

  6. MaskedMan says:

    Trying to get a jump on the rush to the parking lot, Biff learns an alternate meaning for ‘jump jet.’

    Yanno, the first ejection seats didn’t use rockets. They used cut-off five-inch naval shell casings. Looks like Biff got a hold of a *really* surplus chair!

  7. Sarah says:

    Man, when I was in the Air Force we didn’t even have enough chairs for our office, never mind a surplus

  8. at least he didn’t buy a copy of james bond’s car then he wouldn’t have to use the elevator he would just eject himself through the 6th floor window

  9. Spicynoodle says:

    I wonder what other magical abilities Biff’s chair possess…

  10. Radical Edward says:

    Well, this is funny. I always wanted to escape working as an intern, especially if I couldn’t use the high-speed stapler.

  11. BrainpanSonata says:

    Today I read an article about the new Lev-Jet water-powered jetpack, and all I could think was “Biff probably already owns one of those.”

  12. MaskMan says:

    @BrainpanSonata; Owns..?! Biff probably INVENTED those!

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