#1209 – Trunk

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I was outside walking through my neighborhood one day when I heard a mysterious sound. It was maybe some kid with a toy machine gun? Some sort of power tool? It was this weird rapid fire metallic sound. I finally followed it to the source and discovered a woodpecker happily drumming away on one of the metal exhaust pipes coming out of the roof of my house.

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9 thoughts on “#1209 – Trunk”

  1. its more annoying when they are pecking on a bucket while its on your head

  2. Schmordy says:

    It’s a wonder they can survive walloping their beaks on a tree or other similar object. Do they get a constant supply of ibuprofen or something?

  3. tekaramity says:

    That is a classy disguise, that is. The hands take it over the top.

  4. malcar says:

    I had a similar issue at a camp that I worked at. They kept on pecking on various metal objects at 6 am every morning. We eventually ended up padding things so that we could sleep. It turns out it is their way of declaring there territory.

  5. caffiend says:

    heh.. wonder what biff’ll do when a giant eagle lands and attempts to incubate his head?

  6. Gwid says:

    I’ve never seen a woodpecker.
    It’s more kookaburras.

    Love Biff’s hands.


  7. AmanoYuki says:

    …never seen a woodpecker…
    …infact, I’m pretty sure the only birds we get around here are pidgeons and seagulls…

    …in hindsight, I am not sure why that was facepalm-worthy…
    oh well.


  8. Radical Edward says:

    We get crows, pigeons, seagulls and an eagle or two (We living in the breeding grounds).

    To answer how woodpeckers don’t get headaches, They have a spongy membrane that is cushioned between the beak and skull.

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