#1206 – Enclosed

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Over the years I had lots of little airplanes and rockets that really weren’t very good indoor toys. That didn’t always stop me from trying. Fortunately I limited myself to rubber band or battery powered devices. It is kind of a thrill to get a balsa wood plane to successfully navigate a long hallway before crashing into the cabinet right next to your mother.

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8 thoughts on “#1206 – Enclosed”

  1. GX348 says:

    Aha, so it’s Spy Gadgets week. “The name’s Bond. Biff Bond.”

  2. if i had one of those the day my sister tried to drown me i would be alot braver than i am now

  3. Schmordy says:

    However, further training is required to be able to turn it off so you don’t fly off into space and out of the spymaster’s jurisdiction.

  4. Space Butler says:

    I love how Biff’s still wearing his green converse shoes with his fancy spy getup.

  5. Baughbe says:

    Gotta find those shoes

  6. mastermenthe says:

    At first I wondered why the jets were facing forward.
    Then I realized they would burn his stylish gear if they were pointed downward!

    …Has anyone seen Psychoduck, recently? I miss his comments.

  7. Cari says:

    The duck has not spoken

  8. Gwid says:

    Ah, the remote-control flying planes and helicopters. My brother even once got a flying remote-control UFO. Like most things, they all break at the hands of my other brother once he gets his hands on the remote.
    “Hey! Let’s see how high it can go before it loses the remote’s signal and falls to its death!”


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