#1181 – Bleed

When I moved away from home to go to college it suddenly dawned on me that I had no idea how to do laundry. Our laundry machines were in the basement at home and it never occurred to me to go down there and take note of what my mom was doing. The first 5 or 10 times I drove myself crazy reading the tags of every piece of clothing I had and sorted everything into many different piles. I gradually realized it didn’t matter that much. Now all my clothes and towels are dark colors so the part of my brain that used to have to deal with laundry sorting has been reallocated to picking out fruit at the grocery store.

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18 thoughts on “#1181 – Bleed”

  1. -2! says:

    I fortunately got the mysterious non-preshrunk cotton that didn’t shrink. Otherwise the shirt I am wearing now would not fit me.

    I do darks and whites, but only because our laundry machine is small enough that I can’t do them together.

  2. Chuck says:

    You let your mom do your laundry until college? I hope you have since apologized.

  3. Noir The Sable says:

    It looks like Biff is tickled pink by his Santa job.

  4. Azkyroth says:

    Heh. I figured out laundry easily enough. The one thing that tripped me up was “red is a ‘dark’ color.”

  5. Grug says:

    Ho ho ho! Merry Biffmas!

  6. grizzler says:

    Funny, this. I somehow always get away with mixing light and dark…

  7. Gwid says:

    I was about to comment on how the hat jumps irregularly up, but then I realised that yesterday’s comic would probably be responsible.

    That has never happened to me with laundry. Laundry is basically dump everything in, wash, hang up, get off, sort, and put away. No sorting into colours and delicates and all of the other suggested stuff. And it works fine (or so I would like you to believe).

    Merry Biffmas! I would offer to give you something for B-mas, but since virtual cookies aren’t good real-life presents, I severely doubt you’d want anything I could offer… Then again, getting presents (even virtual ones) from random strangers would probably be creepy. I’d add “Jaws” music if I knew how it went, but I don’t, so… Um… Yeah. This conversation wasn’t awkward; it would need at least three more pigs, seven more geese and two more chickens to be awkward. I swear.*coughs nervously and shifts eyes back and forth*


  8. Polymorph says:

    I was staring at this for an hour before I realized the problem was the parts that were supposed to be white instead of grey. My laundry never does that, and I lump everything in.

  9. YukimuraYuki says:

    I used to do thre- no, FOUR washes, whites, darks, towels and red/green.
    Why four?
    I had to wash the clothes of 3 schoolchildren (*incl. me*), 1 adult and 1 adult obsessed with clothes (*guess again, it was my step-father.*)
    I always had to do the washing, as my mother is the kind of person who makes the kids do all the jobs, rooms, floor, washing, dishes, the lot.
    Also, I am not sure why she made us do a red-green wash.
    I dont have any red clothes now, so I just stick the greens with the darks and leave it at three.
    Also, we had a lot of showers, so we needed a seperate wash for towels.
    Also, I am rambling on about my life like you actually care.


  10. YukimuraYuki says:

    @Polymorph – The pink beard, anyone?

  11. Catty says:

    Am I the only one who thaught of Arthas’ frozen throne from this scene?

  12. MaskMan says:

    At one base, some jerk had run a dye load in the washer before me – Ruined half my Working Whites. After that, I always ran an empty load before putting any real laundry in the machines.

  13. -2! says:

    @ Chuck

    My mother wouldn’t let me do laundry until university. She makes so little she needed mine to round out the load.

  14. Baughbe says:

    You know, there are video games for sorting laundry.

  15. Acies says:

    my parents also did the laundry before i went to college, i’d just help fold clothes or “hit the start button after you throw in your dirty socks!” once in a while.. i’d include my clothing in their bin so there’d be enough clothing to be sorted into dark vs light colours

    when i went to college, i realized i didn’t have enough clothes on my own to divide into 2 piles.. so it was actually a lot easier to learn to do laundry on my own because i’d just dump everything in. Never had a problem~ maybe because most of my clothes were bought before coming to college and their colours are already all faded =3

    now i’m occasionally home for holidays and my whole family would do laundry together and this has become my mommy’s fave “family bonding time” XD

  16. tekaramity says:

    Is it unusual that I would more readily approach a Santa audacious enough to sport a pink beard?

  17. Polymorph says:

    @YukimuraYuki It’s pink? Sorry, I’m colorblind, it looks grey to me.

  18. Arcan says:

    At first glance I thought this was the return of the cotton candy disguise.

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