#118 – Friday


38 thoughts on “#118 – Friday”

  1. haggis on the brain...againagain says:

    wheres his head?

  2. prometheus says:

    on the floor, obviously

  3. Pickleduck McWeaselpants says:

    So, Biff is an action figure, then? >_

  4. Meneh says:

    I believe he’s related to the Crash Dummies.

  5. Jeff The Ninja says:

    An action figure. Man , Biff is an awesome name for an action figure.

  6. Genericguy13 says:

    can his last name be STEELE

  7. Eirikr says:

    Why not just use an IV? That’s what all the normal coffee junkies do.

  8. Imoba says:

    True, but that would be less funny

  9. DMC_Run says:

    He might want to use a funnel, for faster pouring…?

  10. Keith says:

    Notice how the coffee isn’t quite pouring into the neck-slot-thing. Burns are the number one risk of drinking coffee without your head on.

  11. Greywolf says:


  12. kristijaan says:

    greywolf:- some ‘re’-assembly required. it would, after all, self destruct regularly

  13. zantarath says:

    Biff is definitely related to crash test dummies.

  14. The Hebrew Hammer says:

    How about a coffee enema. I saw it in a movie…the concept, not the event…eww

  15. Rono says:

    biff must be highlander, and related to mel gibbson

  16. Mint Sharpie says:

    I wish I could do that… Except it would have to be on Mondays. Fridays I can get through. Mondays, not so much.

  17. Screw-off head. Awesome.

  18. DemonRex says:


  19. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    An even faster way would be to position the coffee maker so it pours it directly into his neck, no coffee pot necessary.

  20. Radical Edward says:

    I wish I could take energy drinks that way…Then, I won’t have to deal with some of the bad aftertastes

  21. MetMan.EXE says:

    The screw-off head is sold with replacements.

  22. Rachel says:

    chris must be part cockroach. cockroaches can lose their heads and live for like 2 weeks. (they die of starvation)

  23. Marthion says:

    I would buy a Biff action figure. Especially if it had “Smells Like Hotcakes Action!”

  24. Zeioinsanity says:

    Since no one is saying anything about them the action figure would need to hammer shaped matches….

  25. Plankster says:

    The action figure would also be covered in lead paint after being made in China.

    Or it would be proudly made in America…by robots.

  26. Chester says:

    I knew it! He’s Hollow!
    though I suspected that since the short haircut one…

  27. the Scarf says:

    I think he may be some sort of crash test dummy crossed with roach genes….

  28. KatzeWerfer says:


  29. Lunatika says:

    That’s exactly how I feel, but on mondays.

  30. Torg says:

    I guess his head went to play with his brain. Those eyebrows must be prehensile.

  31. dtanza says:

    Biff`s mom was a Crash Test Dummy his dad was a human who had his DNA spliced with play-doh and his grandfather lived underwater before deciding to go to the surface.

  32. Crazy Magnet says:

    Okay, the combination of Crash Test Dummies and superheroes in the comments has forced me to listen to Superman’s Song on repeat. Yay Brad Roberts! (Those of you who don’t like 70’s music should just move along. Nothing to see here.)

  33. biffbaff says:

    lol…that is so true

  34. Joanassie says:

    Marthion, I can’t say “Friggit” for 2 weeks now!

  35. afjuvat says:

    He got dandruff again. It’s particularly bad on Fridays.

  36. Romano Giovanni says:

    I just do like Dave Letterman and set up a Jolt Cola IV right into my veins.

  37. BrainpanSonata says:

    This makes sense now! Biff is the cousin of Buster from Mythbusters!!!

  38. Pix says:

    Who whants to make an biff action figure!

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