#1122 – Reed

About 2 times a year I need to receive a package at my house that needs to be signed for or they take it back and I have to wait another day to get it. It’s such a rare thing but why then have I missed multiple packages because the delivery truck arrived when I REALLY couldn’t stand up and run to the door?

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17 thoughts on “#1122 – Reed”

  1. Mad David says:

    It’s the same with truly important phone calls; you only get them that 1% of your life that you can’t get to the phone.

  2. Stranger says:

    With the number of times such things have happened, I am strongly considering installing a telephone in all the bathrooms.

  3. The Dukenator says:

    @Stranger Why not in the shower as well?

  4. Gremlin says:

    Has anyone said Fantastic 4 week? Because that’s what it looks like from here 😛

  5. Led says:

    @The Dukenator

    There are some showers you can buy that has built-in phone, radio, TV, etc 😀

  6. Stranger says:

    @ Dukenator

    All the showers are in the bathrooms, so I could reah ’em.

    On the other hand, a few phones on the trees outside could be quite handy too.

  7. DOlz says:

    So he’s reaching through the toilet he’s using? Eeeww!

  8. i.half4 says:

    OK then… Four days a week? Still need a sub theme then…

    Red hot Biff, Ghostly white Biff,
    Biff plays The Adams Family Thing on a mission?
    Please tell me the package delivery was not meant to suggest Brown.

  9. i.half4 says:

    …You could combine Mon/Tues to suggest the man in black.

    Johnny Sue?

  10. Stranger says:

    Fantastic Four, five days per week…

    Perhaps Dr. Doom?

  11. StickChicken says:

    Or the Silver Surfer perhaps..

  12. Moogle says:

    Anybody else have this remind them of Majora’s mask?

  13. onex says:

    I like the Biff comics, but were the Fantastic Four not able to turn off their powers in the comic books? I’ve only seen the two latest movies, where they could.

  14. Linzleh says:

    Since I work for the particular “brown” shipper Biff is alluding to, I can understand his problem, but… most drivers keep to a specific time schedule so they can be anticipated; you can track your package online and plan for the delivery; or leave a Post-It note on the door for the driver to leave the package or knock longer….

  15. Chris says:

    I’m not referring to “Brown”, they always just leave stuff on my front step.

  16. akigawa says:

    oh god. It’s toilet guy.
    (from majora’s mask)

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