#1103 – Bite

It’s a little embarrassing sometimes when the dog will be bugging me for awhile and I start asking her “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I’ve taken you for a walk… I’ve played with you… I’ve given you a bunch of scratches… what. do. you. want?” And then I realize her dinner time was 2 hours ago.


18 thoughts on “#1103 – Bite”

  1. ladyamethyst83 says:

    my cat does that too. what are you meowing and rubbing against me all the sudden? oh you’re hungry/thirsty.

  2. The Dukenator says:

    It even happens just when you fed the critters, they look at you wanting more.

  3. MaskedMan says:

    Better the sofa than the Gungerlock. 😮

    The smaller dog has an infallible alarm clock – It always goes off two hours *before* meal time. The big (95#) dog just walks up and swats me with her paw when I’m late with the food. At least *her* clock is set correctly…

  4. The Dukenator says:


  5. neza says:

    Our dog just eats whenever. She always has a bit of food in her bowl, since she likes to eat at weird times in the middle of the night. But she does get a sort of cereal treat at our dinner time. She’ll stand at the kitchen door for an hour, glaring at us, and then staring at her bowl.
    She know’s, man. :[

  6. Miles says:

    My roommates have pets… but they may as well be mine for all the care given her dog and cat. I think she’s bathed them twice in the six months I’ve been here. Feeding? Yeah, that’s me. Water? Me again. Dog should go for a walk? You guessed it, me. Which actually kinda sucks since we are out here in the desert, and it would be cruel to take a dog for a walk in 115F weather, so I have to wait until some point after midnight in hopes the temperature drops below 100F. Im July, the dog, she wasn’t walked so much I fear.

  7. tekaramity says:

    One time, my brother’s futon tried to eat the dog. It almost succeeded.

  8. reynard61 says:

    This week on “The Book of Biff”: When Good Furniture Goes Bad!

  9. Rifpit says:

    I’d pay twice the rent to be Biff’s roommmate

  10. Acies says:

    @ Miles: Aww.. that’s nice of you =) Hopefully the animals realize who’s their real friend =) My friend’s brother has a cat and the brother’s girlfriend has a dog… somehow my friend and her mom are the one who take cares of both the cat and the dog. But the animals knows that and is a lot nicer to my friend than to the brother =3

  11. -2! says:

    Last year the person I was living with had a Dog that was not that bad at coning out extra dinners and breakfasts.

  12. YukiYukimura says:

    I never had a dog or cat… that I can remember, anyhow…
    I DID, however, have RABBITS.
    30 of ’em.
    Trust me, when you have 30 rabbits, you do NOT want to clean them out after not cleaning them out for a month (*holiday, my friend somehow didn’t clean them while looking after ’em. I don’t blame her*)

    I have a LOT of relatives with pets.
    My nan has a dog. My aunt has a dog. My other aunt has a dog, a cat and occasionally a hamster. My OTHER other aunt has two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, and had a rabbit. I think I will stop here.

  13. Cari says:

    My cat becomes manipulatively affectionate at feeding time.

  14. corjoth says:

    oh dear biff has let the couch get hungary again>.>

  15. Miles says:

    At one point a couple months back I somehow got my head cracked open down to the bone and badly concussed (no idea how, I just say I was Ninja’d). I woke up on the couch, and we theorize that the cats and dog conspired to put me there in hopes of saving the one who brings food,

  16. Twilightfairy says:

    Guess i’m the only one who had birds as pets growing up. Even then my dad was the one who took care of them most of the time. They hated me.

  17. Radical Edward says:

    Wasn’t it the loveseat that had hunger issues?

    I usually feed the cats when my parents are away on holiday. They usually try and trick us into feeding them multiple times. We had to cut back because one of the cats weighed in at 14.4 pounds.

  18. Marscaleb says:

    I’ve fed the couch before…
    With my brother!!!

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