#1085 – Trickle

Most of the bad ones that come to my mind involve food. It’s hard enough to replicate an actor’s face on an action figure it’s impossible to do it in the form of a cookie or pasta shape. Please just stop trying. What is your favorite bad idea movie merchandise?

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20 thoughts on “#1085 – Trickle”

  1. Zephir says:

    The ninja turtle ice cream bars, while not movie merchandise, are what comes most to mind, thanks to that one demotivator.

  2. Yuugian says:

    The Jar-Jar Lollipop, perhaps the most disturbing character/food idea ever.

  3. Chris says:

    @Yuugian – Yes! Please suck on my candy tongue!

  4. i.half4 says:

    OK, I had to cheat and use Google. The top hit was a Guardian article about replicas of Bella’s engagement ring from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Prices ranged from Forty Pounds to 1,300 for real diamonds and gold.

  5. @Zephir: I once saw one of those where the eyes were horribly-aligned. The picture was called “Retarded ice cream”. One eye pointing up, one eye trying to escape the bottom of the mask.

  6. Baughbe says:

    The ET light-up finger. Disturbing on SO many levels.

  7. CasualOtaku says:

    Back when they made the vibrating Nimbs 2000…how that one made it to shelves without someone thinking it wasn’t the best idea is beyond me.

  8. Andy says:

    Anything that ends up in a happy meal..come on, is it possible to make a kids movie now without a zillion cheap, made in China, little toys that come home and end up piled in dark corners?

  9. MaskedMan says:

    CasualOtaku and Andy have hit two of my pet peeves. Another is ‘replica’ weapons from any fantasy or action flick. The Rambo knives got increasingly more stupid as time went on, and do I *really* need to see a thousand fanboys at a con, all ‘armed’ with cheesy ‘Sting’ knock-offs?

  10. Wuvsy says:

    I had one of those Jar Jar lollies! I think we still have the thing around here somewhere. Oh, nostalgia!

  11. Maskdt says:

    There’s a Twilight tie-in that’s essentially a life-sized decal of Edward’s silhouette that you’re supposed to stick on your bedroom wall along with the words “Be Safe.” Sorry, but I wouldn’t feel the least bit safe waking up in the middle of the night with some guy’s shadow hovering in my room. Brr.

  12. Radical Edward says:

    the barbie dolls modeled after Twilight’s characters are another bad idea. Shiny plastic is harder to make than the regular plastic.

  13. grapy says:

    those little buzz light year blasters that shoot blue darts that disneyland sells the darts wont even travel 20 feet

  14. grapy says:

    either that or the toy story 3 shirts ewg those are creepy well creepier then those bush pointing a finger at you poster

  15. Alphanumeric says:

    I got a free phantom ring when I went to see “The Phantom” in the theater.

  16. Twilightfairy says:

    Twilight toiletries. And i mean the really intimate ones.. like pads and..rubbers. Yes they exist. Google has the pics.

  17. Ray A. says:

    I bought an Inception book of mazes. Took me three weeks to work my way back out of it … 😉

  18. Ledish says:

    @ CasualOtaku

    Ahh, yes… Saw a woman who wrote an article commenting that those brooms would fit her 19 yr old daughter better than the 9 yr old one 😀

  19. YukiYukimura says:

    hmm… hard one…
    do movie games count?
    because they suck. seriously.
    hmm… what else….
    …i cant think… my mind is blank…
    What about board games of films (*and tv programs*)?
    Pfft… my mother has the da vinci code game.
    its basically prob. nothing to do with da vinci code.
    and… i know monopoly is a great series, and so is the game of life, but do we REALLY need a version for EVERY EFFING POPULAR TV PROGRAM OUT THERE?
    Or bopard games of the program at all? I know that its a good show, but we don’t want to spend our spare time between watching your show playing your game which is boring and is extremely weird!

  20. Arcan says:

    Isn’t Twilight itself a crime against humanity?

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