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Today I enjoyed a nice dinner at home with my family. I swallowed a big mouthful of food but it didn’t quite go down smoothly so I reached for my glass of water. A fly was perched on the rim, directly on the moist spot where my lips had been a few minutes earlier. My immediate thought was “How many times has this happened in the past without me noticing?”


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  1. Gamegeneral says:

    I was always told to check for bees in my soda can. F*cking paranoid because of my mom.

  2. MaskedMan says:

    Having actually swallowed a hornet (miraculously, it didn’t sting me) via a straw in a can of soda, I think perhaps your mother had a point…

  3. Cloud W Omega says:

    four times

  4. Forte says:

    @MaskedMan Good god, was it still alive as it went down? That can’t have felt pleasant…

  5. YukiSnowflake says:

    I finally reached the end of the archives….
    …I guess that means less reading Biff for me….
    …unless I decide to buy one of the books…

  6. Sven says:

    They do say that on average a person swallows about 8 spiders each year (mostly while you’re asleep). 🙂

  7. MaskedMan says:

    No… No it didn’t feel pleasant at all. Worse was when I realized what was happening, as it started to climb back up…
    :: shudder ::

    Needless to say, if I leave my drink unattended outside for even a few seconds, I check the straw before drinking.

  8. Qqtt991 says:

    Once, my brother left the car door open while we were out on the side of a lake. When I came back, there were a total of three dead wasps in my soda and one flying around in the car. Dx

  9. tailman says:

    that thing about spiders is a myth. it was first mentioned in a research paper as an example of “little known facts “that everyone believes without question. it was then spread to many fact books and internet sites. can you say irony?

  10. grapy says:

    i have no history of swallowing bugs but just yesterday i was shooting a bee out of the air with a water jet and then there hundreds of bee wings buzzing inside my rooms wall in the middle of the night

  11. Cyndaquazy says:

    Arthropod (or arthropodan material) digestion is one of the grossest subjects I’ve encountered so far.

  12. Ameil159 says:

    did biff freak out over this? after all, he does have a there’s a spider on my head drill. 😉

  13. Daniel says:

    YukiSNowFlake, yeah I finished reading the archives a while ago, I’m kinda sad that I’m going to have to wait everyday for one new comic.

  14. Thane of Eurmal says:

    When I was a kid, drinking a fruit nectar, a bee flew in and I drank him.

    Well kinda. He stung my tongue. And that’s all the story I get from my mom. She won’t tell me where it went from there, and I was too young to remember…

  15. AdmiralMemo says:

    @Sven That’s just an urban legend.

  16. ArmoredT says:

    I used to keep glasses right side up in the cupboard. I stopped after I swallowed a spider that had been living in one of them!

  17. Radical Edward says:

    That’s nothing, I spotted ants in the kitchen. It was a baby-sized one. Probably got lost on the way back to the colony. My parents are planning to lay down traps when they can.

    Still, I guess that is unsettling.

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