#1041 – Stretch

I still remember old school door-to-door salesmen coming by when I was a little kid. They had big suitcases that unfolded into a miniature store display. The only thing that I can specifically remember my mom getting was a pair of Superman dolls for me and my brother. I wonder if she ever got any of the classic stuff like a vacuum cleaner or spatulas.


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  1. PTTG says:


  2. Steriema says:

    I’ve never seen them. I’ve known of a milkman who passed by every day, but he didn’t try to sell his milk. He just sold it. If you catch my drift.

  3. i.half4 says:

    It takes persistence to sell hay-loading doors in this day and age.

  4. reynard61 says:

    I remember that my mom once let the local Sears store send a sales rep to our apartment to demonstrate some vacuum cleaners*. She didn’t buy one (at least not immediately), but she did get him to sweep our floors. (My mom was *so* clever!)

    *This was way back in the 1960s when they still did that sort of thing.

  5. MaskMan says:

    Door-to-door Kirby Vacuum salesman when I was a kid. No sale, though. Never did get to see a Fuller Brush salesman.

    @i.half4: *snerk*

  6. baughbe says:

    Door to door potato chips and cookies. Charles Chips man we miss you. We bought chips in giant tins that musta held about 20 gallons if you filled them with water. How did we go through so much? 5 kids, that’s how.

  7. suicidal larry says:

    We had a woman who would come round my nans selling seafood, the crab lady strange thing was i have no idea where it came from.

  8. vogerl says:

    that’s…. GENIUS!

  9. Cuzn Jimmy says:

    I had some old roommates who started selling Kirby’s door to door a few years back. Hard work for shat money, I was only making $200/ week at the time and I was the only one bringing in a steady paycheck.

  10. Mewthicus says:

    Girl Scouts definitely don’t count as door-to-door salesmen, namely because most of them just get their parents to guilt their co-workers into buying insane amounts.
    I knew a guy that went door to door selling some kind of carpet steamer thing. He said their basic sales pitch was to get the person to let them clean a small patch of carpet to demonstrate.. but only the small, very visible patch in the center of their living room. One guy threatened to call the cops if he didn’t clean the rest of his living room carpet. Apparently some ladies tried to pay in the horribly stereotypical male fantasy style. I don’t know if I believe the latter.. though he was really, really pretty.

  11. Kyle says:

    Never know those kind of men. And they are not Supermen “dolls.” They are action figures

  12. grapy says:

    if there that persistent then howcome there isnt a ladder huh

  13. -2! says:

    BOOK OFF BIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just got Book of Biff number 2 for my Birthday today! Hooray!!! 😀
    (well a paper saying it was ordered its not though the international shipping yet) (well back though if it is still made in Canada)

    So excited!

  14. Chris says:

    @-2! – Happy Birthday!

  15. Micah says:

    Biff must be a great jumper.

  16. -2! says:

    @ Chris
    Thanks. Now only 3 more Birthdays and I should have all four. But by then you will have well over 4 out. On the topic of this comic I have found door to door sails man don’t really exist any more. Although one of the characters from my game has a rocket powered flying house for among other reasons this same reason.

  17. AdmiralMemo says:

    Wow… A rare Biff-less comic. 😀

  18. Alakar says:

    …This wont deter the elevator salesman. I know from experience.

  19. Albert says:

    This reminds me of Secondhand Lions.

  20. kenotooth says:

    Knowing Biff, there’s probably a collapsible escalator inside that extends when he uses his key fob to open the house

  21. Radical Edward says:

    I have dealt with people who try selling me stuff door to door. I think this divine retribution is only just because I was the last generation to sell cookies door-to-door. (Nowadays you have to sell cookies at the front of the supermarket) But usually the people who come door to door are religious zealots or people who work for political figures

  22. Valdrec says:

    Actually, knowing Biff, he just charges the wall.
    Probably for indecent exposure.

  23. akigawa says:

    Referencing to another one of the comments here…A kirby vacuum sounds AWESOME. I want a vacuum of the pink blob that has a speaker with the inhale sound. That, and the swallow sound for when I turn it off. then maybe the spit sound for when I empty it. :3

  24. Tech says:

    Never had the misfortune of a door-to-door salesman or Jehovas Witness show up, but I always tell myself “if they try the foot-in-the-door trick, you can get away with punching them because they’re tresspassing.”

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