#1037 – Whirl

Why am I always trying to use a fork to stab a cherry tomato that has been greased up with salad dressing? Such a futile exercise. You can always tell if you are at a fancy restaurant by checking to see if the tablecloth is made of fabric and if they serve a tomato harpoon with your salad.


17 thoughts on “#1037 – Whirl”

  1. flame says:

    Arrrrr I will get you next time tomatoooo

  2. Vrominelli says:

    Okay it’s terrible food week.

  3. AwakeAgain says:

    I once saw a Gentleman with Parkinson’s Disease trying to lance a lone cherry tomato from his plate, with no success. A metaphor for life?

  4. Fafnir13 says:

    I love these “moment after” comics. There’s always a second where I’m trying to figure out just what happened. That little delay makes it all the funnier.

  5. MaskMan says:

    Whole cherry tomatoes are ammunition, not food. And they serve them such convenient launcher-spoons right there at your plate.

    No, I’m NOT allowed in most restaraunts in my town; why do you ask?

  6. MaskMan says:

    BTW: Love the Mashed Potato Devil’s Tower. Attention to detail, that’s the thing!

  7. biggo says:

    Hah. A couple years ago I wrote a parody song about a spherical salami.
    Unfortunately for you Merkins, it’s in Italian, so I won’t link it here .-D

  8. baughbe says:

    Careful Biff, those aren’t capers beside your potatoes!

    Cherry tomatoes are a lot easier to deal with once you have flattened them with a hammer.

  9. Eddie says:

    I like how you always draw mashed potatoes in a little plateau. What movie is that from? Was it close encounters? Subtle jokes like that make your comic cool!

  10. grapy says:

    the only food worse than rotten food is grandmas beans and the best food is my other grandmas food mmm pears that have been sitting in sugar since lunch

  11. grapy says:

    ok maybe i dont prefer rotten food that was a joke but my grandmas have different descriptions of good food one is good for you the other is tastes terrific

  12. Sheherazahde says:

    Mashed Potato Devil’s Tower from ‘Close Encounters’

  13. Mewthicus says:

    Most restaurants have toothpicks somewhere. REALLY classy places actually SLICE them. o.o When I was management at pizza place, I took the time to quarter or slice the cherry tomatoes for the salad bar. ‘course, that was years ago, when I felt some pride in making pizza and sandwiches for very large, unintelligent, and stereotypically rude customers. *unenthusiastic fist shakery* Power to the mythical middle class.

  14. reynard61 says:

    Actually, there *are* spherical steaks. They’re usually served with a spicy tomato sauce and go with this long skinny pasta called “spaghetti”…

  15. figgyleaf says:


  16. -2! says:

    @ reynard61
    putting meat balls in the same class as stake is like saying if you took the bits that Chris drew outside of the panel then got erased (not counting 1000 week obviously) and made comics by smashing them together that they would be just as funny.
    @ comic
    Okay once again you make a reference to my Game I am making completely unintentionally…
    This time it is a reference to an enemy/creature in my game the Wqtmgh. These creatures have a exactly spherical head and there is a domesticated version that is used for meat. Particular the valuable meat in its head which is steak meat!

  17. Doctor Why says:

    It’s all about speed instead of strength. Watch old videos of Bruce Lee punching his finger through soda cans. You just do it so fast that it doesn’t know what hit it. Practice with that tomato and we’ll move you up to cans later.

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