I used be be horrible at remembering where I parked my car after going to a big mall or seeing a show at a club downtown. It happened enough that I came up with a system that has yet to fail me. At a mall as I’m walking down the lane of the parking lot towards the building I make note of a unique structure. “Okay I’m heading towards the Sears logo with the big crack under it.” It’s a weird enough thought that when I come out I can remember to put my back to it and now I’m facing the row with my car.

When I’m parked on some random street downtown I make sure to turn around and look in the opposite direction every time we hit a crossing or make a turn walking to the show. I look for something unique each time. That way I have a bunch of still images in my head that I will see again on the walk back. “Wait, do we turn left or right here? Oh yeah, there’s the store with the purple door. This way.”

Today’s Maximumble is prized.