I think the cantina scene was always our favorite as kids. Mainly because of all the creatures. Big ones, small ones, cool ones and creepy ones. I remember I even liked the music and would sing the melody all the time. One of my early favorite Star Wars toys was my little Hammerhead figure. I even had a nightmare about him where he was real instead of a toy. He was still the same size though because he was a baby. Then suddenly his dad came to rescue him. This version was 40 feet tall and tried to step on me. Luckily all of the Star Wars figures have a little hole in the bottom of their feet to fit onto pegs sticking out of vehicles and such. The dad had this same hole and I made myself as thin and straight as possible and fit perfectly into that hole. He thought I was squished and walked away with his son leaving me behind.

Today’s Maximumble has had enough.