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  1. LordZargon

    Could it be… Star Wars week?

  2. Redwalz

    I hope that it is

  3. Cryosyde

    I believe it might be, LordZargon. Gonna be a good good week.

  4. vlad3163

    2 ideas:
    Kids in Florida / Louisiana: Pretending they were on Dagobah training to become Jedi
    Kids in San Francisco / Pacific Northwest: Pretending they were owning/chilling on a city in the clouds

  5. Chuck

    I was 9 years old when the special edition was released. I was Han Solo, despite being a girl. -looks at gravatar handle- Not much has changed.

  6. Maskman

    A touch too old to get into the ‘fighting on Hoth’ fantisies. Instead, my group entertained ourselves giggling on all the things Luke did wrong in the snow.

  7. Nightvaj

    This happens to me more often than it should. I really should find a more discreet place for my secret base.

  8. J. G.
    J. G.

    As a guy from Los Angeles, we spent most of our time pretending we were on Tatooine, taking out Sand People with our (paper) lightsabres.

  9. MD King
    MD King

    I have been reading for the past week after i heard about Biff from a friend and i finally caught up. Chris it is a really funny web comic. Congrats on passing 1,000. I espeically like the April Fools comics

  10. Chris

    Thanks MD!

  11. Radical Edward
    Radical Edward

    Well, I remember watching the first Star Wars films with my aunt when I was 9. That day, after Star Wars ended and The Empire Strikes Back was started, it started to snow, so I went outside, but I nearly froze myself. So everyone tried to warm me up right about the scene where one of the characters was frozen in carbonite.

    Yes, I nearly risked the reputation of my aunt’s baby-sitting skills by going out in the snow on a late March day that was so close to a blizzard that previously ravaged part of New Jersey.

    (I did grow up without snow when I moved to Washington state. It would be a RARITY to see snow here. Mostly rainy wet Christmases.)

  12. Centaur71


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