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  1. Maskman

    Wood he win? Wood he finish? Wood he even get started..? Enquiring minds wood like to know!

    Part of being a kid is running into things. If you can slam into something as part of a wild race, better still. Best of all is when you can slam into a body of water at top-speed. 🙂

  2. bob

    Planted? I thought this kinda thing would be called rooting…

  3. SirIcewater

    Don’t worry, he will make it. I’m “rooting” for him.

  4. Rhiakath

    “the race is over on that tree, next to the cliff. ohhh. hmmmm. ok, you won..”

  5. 2-D Man
    2-D Man

    I’m stumped as to how he’s going to win.

  6. Nicoli20

    I don’t think Biff will be able to leaf that position for a while.

    I tried to stop myself…

  7. Cari

    Biff is turning into an ent.

  8. Space Butler
    Space Butler

    The puns!!!!

  9. Steve

    wooden you know he’d lose?

  10. Trueblaze

    Didn’t anyone ever tell Biff it’s impossible to run while sporting wood?

    -_- ya I know sorry had to add one more

  11. Centaur71

    Or, how to get tree’d off really fast!

  12. Radical Edward
    Radical Edward

    This actually reminds me of an obscure cartoon called “The Lollipop Dragon”. Near the end of the cartoon, the evil wizard turns into rotted tree by benevolent spirits in a forest of mirrors. It was punishment enough for imprisoning the dragon.

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